Mindwave Inc. Can you care for your skin? Questionnaire survey on beauty It turned out that women in their 2 0s and early 30s expect the most from the face pack…!

Mindwave Inc.
[Can you care for your skin? Questionnaire survey on beauty] It turned out that women in their 20s and early 30s expect the most from the face pack…!
Rinse to a transparent skin.

“Can you care for your skin?”
From now on, I would like to pay special attention to drying and moisturizing the skin for the winter.
However, there are many women who sell new products every month every season, and don’t know what to choose!
Therefore, Mindwave Co., Ltd. (https://www.mindwave.co.jp/) conducted a questionnaire survey on “beauty” targeting women in their 20s and early 30s nationwide. If you love beauty items or want to know about popular beauty methods, please check it out.
[Survey Outline: Questionnaire on “Beauty”]
■ Survey period: Tuesday, November 5, 2019 to Thursday, November 7, 2019
■ Investigation method: Internet survey
■ Number of surveys: 1,104
■ Survey target: Women in their 20s and early 30s nationwide
■ Monitor provider: General Research
More than 40% of women answered “green” as the color that seems to have an effect on beauty! Things that are likely to be effective
●●…! ?
[Image 1d36074-23-580066-0.png
At the beginning, when asked the question “Which color do you think will be effective for beauty?”, The answer was “Green (44.7%)”, followed by “Yellow (21.9%) ) ”“ Blue (17.4%) ”“ Red (16.0%) ”. Many people feel that green products are likely to have a positive effect on beauty. There are many green ones, but what kind of things do you think will be effective?
[Image 2d36074-23-352163-1.png
Therefore, when asked the question “Which of green products do you think is good for beauty?”, The most common answer was “Kiwi (35.2%)”, followed by “Avocado (28.1%)” and “ This was followed by “Green tea / Matcha (19.5%)”, “Broccoli (11.2%)” and “Cabbage (6.0%)”.
Kiwi and Avocado have become boomers for a while and are ranked high. In fact, Kiwi is known for its very high nutritional value among a number of fruits, and Avocado contains a lot of beauty ingredients that are essential for toning your skin, such as vitamins and minerals. . In addition, Japan’s unique green tea and matcha tea, which is ranked third, is said to be effective for beauty.
So how many women actually know that Matcha contains beauty-effective ingredients?
Next, about 30% of women answered “I know” to the question “Do you know that Matcha is an effective ingredient for beauty?”.
[Image 3d36074-23-497516-2.png
Matcha tea contains extremely high nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, theanine, and catechin, and is said to have anti-oxidation, bactericidal and relaxing effects.
The catechins contained in Matcha have a bactericidal action, so they are effective for “acne prevention”. In addition, because it has the effect of not making melanin, it also serves as a “stain prevention”. In the world, people with high health and beauty awareness are recognized as “matcha” in English, and along with chia seeds and quinoa, they are attracting a great deal of attention as superfoods. Nowadays, it seems that there is a beauty item using matcha tea, so it is attracting attention.
Therefore, when asked the question “Have you ever used a beauty item made of Matcha?”, “Yes” was 14.5% and “No” was 85.5%.
Beauty items made with Matcha are not yet widely known.
The reason may be that few women know that cosmetics contain effective ingredients, as the previous survey revealed.
The most anticipated face pack is “High beauty effect (45.3%)”! Speaking of familiar items as one of the beauty items, you can list face packs. Many people may have used skin to prevent skin problems with dullness and dryness.
Then, when I asked the question “Do you use a face pack?”, Nearly half of the women answered that they were using it.
[Image 4d36074-23-485462-3.png
In addition, when asked “how often do you use it?” For those who use face packs, the percentage of respondents who answered “Once a week (33.3%)” was the highest, followed by “ “Once (25.1%)”, “Once every 3-5 days (19.1%)” and “Everyday (12.5%)”.
[Image 5d36074-23-295045-4.png
Finally, when asked the question “What do you expect most from the pack?”, The answer was “High beauty effect (45.3%)”, followed by “Continuing price (42.5) %) ”,“ Good fragrance (6.1%) ”and“ impact of SNS (4.7%) ”.
Many women seem to expect beauty benefits and stable prices. What was surprising in this result is that there are a certain number of women who care about whether or not SNS looks good.
I want all of the price, beauty effect, fragrance and impact … Face pack for greedy
The above survey revealed that women in their 20s and early 30s expect their packs.
But isn’t it true that you want all the price, beauty, fragrance and impact? There is a face pack that has everything for such a greedy.
That is “Matcha de beautifying skin
(https://www.zeitakubihadado.jp/#concept)” handled by Mindwave Inc. (https://www.mindwave.co.jp/)!
It is a face pack using matcha, and the first thing I want to pay attention to is its impact.
How much impact is there!
★ I actually tried using matcha de skin
First apply in the bathroom
[Image 6d36074-23-135961-33.png
Reading a book while packing …
[Image 7d36074-23-817150-34.png
Drinking green juice …
[Image 8d36074-23-730304-35.png
Take a selfie with Instagram! ?
[Image 9d36074-23-930366-36.png
The impact is great!
By the way …
[Image 10d36074-23-735879-37.png

In this way, you can get lost in green!
To me who can shine more with the power of nature. “Matcha de beautifying skin” [Image 11d36074-23-742344-38.jpg
The face pack “Matcha de beautifying skin
(https://www.zeitakubihadado.jp/#concept)” handled by Mindwave Co., Ltd. (https://www.mindwave.co.jp/) has problems with your skin. Recommended for women.
Matcha de beautifying skin is nice to use 100% organic matcha that is free of synthetic colorants, parabens, sulfates, mineral oils and alcohol, but it is also well received for its green and high impact visuals.
Matcha powder gently removes old keratin containing melanin, and moisturizing green tea extract and hyaluronic acid soften and moisturize the skin, removing skin dullness, leading to a youthful and transparent skin.
The scent of sweet tea milk is also sweet and the comfort is outstanding! If you are looking for a different face pack, please get a clear skin with “Matcha de beautifying skin”.
Acquire 3 “Matcha de beautifying skin”!
・ Flushing face pack Customer satisfaction No. 1
・ Fashing face pack Quality satisfaction No. 1
・ Washing face pack you want to use as a repeat No. 1
(Latest 2019 general research survey)
■ Mindwave Inc .: https://www.mindwave.co.jp/
■ Matcha de skin: https://www.zeitakubihadado.jp/#product
■ Contact: https://www.mindwave.co.jp/contact/

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