“Vegan Gluten-Free” Office Benefits Plan for Offices Appears from “snaq.me office”

Snack Me Co., Ltd.
“Vegan and Gluten Free” Office Benefit Program for Offices Appears from “snaq.me office” -Everyone can enjoy in an office with many foreign employees-

Snack Me Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Shintaro Hattori), with the mission of making snack time more valuable, is a vegan,
gluten-free version of the snack business for offices, “snaq.me office” The corresponding plan has started today.
Official website: https://office.snaq.me/
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Vegan gluten-free snacks that are beginning to be needed in Japan  Vegans that do not consume animal foods and gluten-free foods that do not use flour are now attracting worldwide attention. Originally, there were more vegans in India and other countries for religious reasons, but in recent years, vegan philosophies have spread around the world from the viewpoint of health and environmental conservation. In the UK, the vegan population has increased 3.6 times over the past 10 years. In addition, gluten-free foods are increasing for diet and health, and many breads made from rice flour have been developed. In Japan, there is a growing need for vegan and gluten-free foods, especially for foreigners. We also have inquiries such as “Can we handle vegan and gluten free?” In addition, recruitment of foreigners is indispensable for Japan’s declining birthrate and decreasing population. A vegan and gluten-free snack that has not yet penetrated Japan, but is becoming increasingly necessary as the number of foreigners increases.
So, we started a Vegan and Gluten-free plan for offices where all employees can eat snacks with peace of mind, even in workplaces where there are many foreigners.
An example of snacks delivered with the Vegan Gluten Free Plan There are more than 40 types of vegan and gluten-free snacks that can be delivered at “snaq.me office”. The types of snacks delivered each month will change, so you can meet new snacks and discover new preferences.
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[Example of snacks to deliver 1.] Golden Satsuma
Dried persimmon using red Haruka from Ibaraki Prefecture.
It is made by the method of reduced pressure and low temperature drying, and sweet potatoes are packed with the original deliciousness. There is no sugar, which is often used for dried rice cake, and the only ingredient is sweet potato. Sweet potatoes can also feel their original rich sweetness.
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[Example of a snack to deliver 2.] Fried brown rice
The raw materials used are simple brown oysters made of organic brown rice, vegetable oil and salt only. You can feel the firm taste of rice and it is especially popular among the snacks you deliver. It is recommended to chew 7 times more than usual to feel the sweetness of rice.
Free sample delivery and peace of mind for small groups
S can start from 10,000 yen so that it can be easily introduced not only by foreign-affiliated companies where many foreigners work, but also by small companies such as co-working spaces and yoga studios that are foreign customers. A plan is also available. In addition, we offer free samples to companies that are considering introduction. Please try with a sample before full-scale introduction.
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(Ducine Sign Japan Co., Ltd. introduced)
[“Snaq.me office” Vegan Gluten-Free Plan Overview]
1. Plan with return
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2. Purchase plan
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[What is snaq.me office?]
”“ Snaq.me office ”is a regular snack service for offices delivered by Snack Me Co., Ltd., which provides services such as the regular snack service“ snaq.me ”. There are about 100 types of snacks (about 40 types of vegan and gluten-free products only), and we will select and deliver different snacks every month.
・ About Snack Me
It is a 4th year snack venture that handles snacks that make the most of the deliciousness of ingredients. We are developing food-related services using the latest IT technology, including “snaq.me”, a snack box (subscription). We are working to realize the mission of “creating a new snack experience and making snack time more valuable”. Official site: https://snaq.me/
Location: 44-7 Nihonbashi Hakozakicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Imasu Hakozaki Building 8F Representative: Shintaro Hattori
Year of establishment: 2015
Capital: 50 million yen
Business description: Sale of foods such as snacks
Samples are also provided free of charge for companies that are considering introduction. Please feel free to contact us from the contact.
[Contact for inquiries regarding the introduction of “snaq.me office” and sample requests]
Snack Me Co., Ltd. Office Business Manager: Omoto
omoto@snaq.me TEL: 03-5875-8128
[Contact for inquiries]
Snack Me Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Hirohama
hirohama@snaq.me TEL: 050-5241-9655
[Examples of interviews]
At Snack Me, you can get information about the following, such as interviews and photos.
・ “Snaq.me office” case study
・ Food loss initiatives
・ About snack subscription (regular) BOX “snaq.me”
・ Employee, CEO interview
Others are also available. Please feel free to contact us.

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