Sumitomo Chemical invests $ 2M in NanoScent, Israel’s AI x odor IoT development

Sumitomo Chemical invests $ 2M in NanoScent, Israel’s AI x odor IoT development-Realizes strategic capital and business alliance using Aniwo’s innovation advisory service
Sumitomo Chemical’s first Israeli investment project realized using Aniwo provided service

Aniwo Ltd. (Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel, Representative Director: Terada, Himeji, Aniwo) Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and Chief Executive Officer Shinichi Iwata) (Chemical) has invested $ 2M in a strategic capital and business alliance with AIS / Odor IoT development startup NanoScent Ltd. (Headquarters: Mizugab, Israel, CEO: Oren Gavriely, NanoScent) I will inform you.
■ Sumitomo Chemical-NanoScent-Aniwo collaboration
Innovation advisory service provided by Aniwo
Sumitomo Chemical has set “ Change & Innovation 3.0 For a Sustainable Future ” as the slogan of the medium-term management plan from April 2019, contributing to the acceleration of innovation, dramatic improvement in productivity through digital innovation, and the realization of a sustainable society Aiming to do. In this management plan, “Healthcare”, “Environmental impact reduction”, “Food” and “ICT” are placed in the priority areas, and Aniwo will provide focusing on Israel, which continuously creates innovative technologies in those areas. Started using the service. We promoted startup collaboration in the Israeli innovation ecosystem, and this collaboration with NanoScent was realized. In the future, using the odor sensory IoT sensor developed by NanoScent and the AI ​​data analysis platform, we will conduct demonstration experiments and support in a wide range of fields such as healthcare, industrial IoT, food tech, and digital marketing.
We are planning to develop services.
■ Comments from each company
Satoshi Okamoto, General Manager, Engineering & Research Planning Department, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
“With the great cooperation of Aniwo, we have successfully invested in NanoScent. The collaboration with NanoScent is the key to our next-generation healthcare solution that we are focusing on now. We believe that “visualization of physical condition” can be realized early. In addition, NanoScent’s technology capable of sensing odors, which are a collection of various volatile chemical substances, with high accuracy has a high affinity with existing business areas of Sumitomo Chemical, and has never been seen in fields other than healthcare. I hope we can provide value to customers. ”
NanoScent, CEO Oren Gavriely said:
“After about a year of joint research with Sumitomo Chemical, we decided to invest this time. We are a startup that performs odor sensing using nanotechnology from Technion University. The company develops products with partnerships with US consumer goods
manufacturers, and the collaboration with Japanese companies is partly different from the culture of Israel, but joint research with the Sumitomo Chemical team can demonstrate a complementary relationship. I believe that Aniwo’s close support in Israel during the process has made a significant contribution to the realization of this
collaboration. ”
Aniwo, Head of Japan, Executive Officer Hideaki Matsuyama, in charge of business development, stated:
“We are very honored to have contributed to Sumitomo Chemical’s first investment project for an Israeli startup. Israel has health care as one priority area and has more than 1,000 related startups. Innovative technology is born, and I feel that the speedy movement from the demonstration experiment of the Sumitomo Chemical team, including Mr. Okamoto, to the business collaboration is indispensable for the success of open innovation. We would like to apply our knowledge gained in the project including other projects to other Japanese companies to create a lot of new value.In addition to the
collaboration between Sumitomo Chemical and NanoScent, I hope you’ll pay attention. ”
About NanoScent
NanoScent Ltd. (Head office: Mizgab, Israel, CEO & Co-Founder: Oren Gavriely) was founded in 2017. Develop an odor IoT platform that enables highly accurate odor detection, using nanotechnology and original AI algorithm from Technion University as core technologies. Based on the concept of Scent Recognition as a Service, the company develops not only odor detection hardware but also software. In addition to collaboration with Sumitomo Chemical, we are conducting demonstration experiments with major European automakers and major US consumer goods manufacturers. In 2019, he won an award in the climate change category at CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics technology trade fair.
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About Aniwo
Established in 2014 as the first Japanese-backed VC backed startup in Israel. An innovative advisory service that provides one-stop coverage of research, strategy planning, and collaboration execution, utilizing a unique database and local network of approximately 6,000 Israeli startups. He also develops business for Israel startups, marketing & PR services, and human resource development across borders. Has a track record of providing services to more than 80 top players in each industry, including communications, security, electronics, healthcare, automobiles, and materials.
・ Aniwo service overview:
・ Company name: Aniwo Ltd.
・ Establishment: October 2014
・ Representative: Founder & CEO Terada Hisahi
・ URL:
・ Location: 144 Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv, Israel (Israel)
4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Shiroyama Trust Tower (Japan)

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