Complete renewal of the Natura Kart hybrid EC platform that connects exhibitors of wellness products and Japanese users around the world

Complete renewal of the Natura Kart hybrid EC platform that connects exhibitors of wellness products and Japanese users around the world
Cart Co., Ltd. (Representative: Masaharu Hashimoto, Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) has completely renewed naturacart on November 1, 2019.
As a hybrid EC platform that connects exhibitors of wellness products around the world with Japanese users, it will be a place where more people can easily meet the products that suit them and buy them with peace of mind. “Concept” “Product Information / Container”
Renewal has been drastically renewed in all aspects of “enrichment”, “search / comparison function” and “design”
Renewal background
Natura Kart has been handling organic and natural products mainly through manufacturers and buyers around the world since the site opened in September 2016.
However, while running the site
“I want to take something good for my body / I don’t want to take something bad for my body”
“More health / Beautiful”
In order to realize the strong needs of such users and respond appropriately, we decided to place “wellness” -related products (supplements, health foods, skin care) at the center of our product lineup.
Along with this, the concept, function, and design have been renewed. Renewal points
1. Concept “FIND the BEST”
The new concept “FIND the BEST” has two meanings.
One is to share the best health knowledge and products that Natura Kart has found.
The other is that users can meet their best while using Natura Kart. With more than three years of site operation, we have increased contact with manufacturers and researchers around the world, and we have gained information on global standards of wellness. We deliver world wellness information and carefully selected products that are not confined to Japanese common sense.
[Image 1

Site top after renewal
2. Product information enrichment
Product information has been enriched so that users can select the products that suit them.
【Major changes】
・ Additional details such as “product features / mechanism” and “consideration to the body” in the product description.
・ Clarify features such as “unused raw materials” and acquired “certification” ・ Addition of “friendly elements” to show that it meets special needs such as pregnant women and vegans
・ For nutritional supplements and food-related products, be sure to include the “Nutrition List”.
[Image 2

Explanation of features / mechanisms / Explanation of consideration for the body 3. Expansion of wellness-related content
We will strengthen the dissemination of wellness-related information content, including the latest wellness trends, brand stories, explanations on raw materials, materials, and manufacturing methods obtained from manufacturers and researchers around the world. [Image 3

Featured content such as wellness trends / TIPS related to raw materials and materials
4. Enhanced search and comparison functions
We added a “search function” that allows you to operate intuitively according to your purpose and worries, and a “comparison function” that allows you to smoothly compare the specifications of multiple products.
[Image 4

Search by purpose / Search by body / Comparison of specifications of multiple products

Please see the site after renewal from the following.
■ Naturacart
Where the best knowledge and products are gathered from all over the world
* Supports only smartphones
[About cart Co., Ltd.]
Management: Front Board Director / Co-Founder & CEO Masaharu Hashimoto Director / Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer Yu Yumoto
Director / Chief Operating Officer Kozo Ochi
Location: Los Gatos2F, 5-27-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business description: Web business planning, development, management URL: (available only from smartphones) [Contact for inquiries regarding this release]
Chief Operating Officer Kozo Ochi
Tel: 03-6433-2966

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