Greens Green Co., Ltd., an agricultural production corporation in Niigata, cultivated moss in collaboration with JR East. Received Excellent Award at JR East Startup Program 2019.

Greens Green Co., Ltd.
Greens Green Co., Ltd., an agricultural production corporation in Niigata, cultivated moss in collaboration with JR East. Received [Excellent Award] at JR East Startup Program 2019.
Collaborative development of “Effective use of railway underpass by moss cultivation”. Utilizing the characteristics of moss, we have demonstrated environmental purification functions such as herbicidal effects at our facilities along the railway and greening promotion.
Greens Green Co., Ltd. (Akiha-ku, Niigata City, Representative Director: Seiya Sato), who has obtained a patent for “Snagoke Sheet (* 1)” that cultivates Snagoke in a sheet form using non-woven fabric without using soil, Adopted as a startup program (* 2) hosted by. Utilizing original moss cultivation technology, “Effective utilization of railway underpass by moss cultivation” was started in cooperation with JR.
At the 2019 presentation held on November 28, the company won the “Excellent Award” after the Grand Prize. “Surprised by the unknown functions and possibilities of moss. We can expect from the
international goal“ SDGS ”” and “The future spreads from moss and railways to the world. The program has 262 proposals from across the country, 21 of which have been adopted. The company is the only company selected in the agricultural industry. The demonstration will continue until the end of March 2020.
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[Collaboration] “Effective use of under moss cultivation under railway overpass” ・ Implementation site: Niigata / Koriyama Station underpass, around Kawasaki Station and other company facilities
・ Period: November 2019 to the end of March 2020
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[1] Effective use of free space held by JR East
-Cultivation of moss cultivation using shaded areas under the elevated- The unused land under the local overpass, which was difficult to utilize, was verified as a cultivation area for moss. This hassle-free moss cultivation, and can be expected to help increase income for farmers and welfare workplaces near the area.
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[2] Promoting greenery in JR East stations and facilities
-Verification of space decoration of moss for beautification and environmental purification-
With original technology that can fix living moss on the wall, moss art is installed in the waiting area of ​​the station. It can be expected to “maintain moisturizing effect” and “prevent infection”. Moss art can be expected to have effects such as “deodorizing effect”, “air cleaning effect”, “indoor humidity adjustment (prevention of virus infection)”.
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[3] Weed countermeasures such as JR East’s trackside
-Weeding measures for the company’s own site beside the track- Enormous weeding costs were spent on countermeasures against weeds along the tracks, and there were problems such as poor visibility of signals due to weeds and malfunctioning of human sensors. Using moss to control weeds, we verified the effectiveness of outdoor weed control. Air cleaning effect can also be expected.

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[* 1 What is Snagoke Sheet]
Snagoke grown in a sheet using a special non-woven fabric without using soil. Exports are possible because soil that is a problem in quarantine is not used. Lightweight when dry, ideal for
transportation. Cut and place in a pot for bonsai. If you lay down as it is, it will be in the moss garden. If you put it on the wall, it can be used for many purposes.
Spreading it as a substitute for natural moss also helps protect natural moss. [* 2 What is JR East Startup Program?]
A program that seeks business proposals from venture companies and people with various ideas, utilizing business resources and
information assets of stations, railways, and group businesses, and creating business through collaboration. Held for the first time in 2017, a total of 42 proposals have been adopted so far. We conducted field trials in a wide range of fields such as the railway business and the IT business, and some of the efforts have come to practical use. In addition, he won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the 1st Japan Open Innovation Awards 2018 sponsored by the Cabinet Office.
[Inquiries regarding this release]
Shinya Sato Director, Greens Green Co., Ltd.
□ E-mail □ Tel 0250-27-1628 □ Fax 0256-36-1172 No. 18-5, Akiba 3-chome, Akiba-ku, Niigata City, 956-0532, Japan

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