Capcom Co., Ltd. An emergency announcement! ”Resident Evil RE: 3” will be released on Friday, April 3, 202 0!

Capcom Corporation
Urgent announcement! ”Resident Evil RE: 3” will be released on Friday, April 3, 2020!
Jill and Nemesis are back in Raccoon City! In addition to the campaign mode that remakes the masterpiece “Resident Evil 3”, this is a luxurious one that contains two battles “Resident Evil Resistance”!

[Image 1

The main art of “Resident Evil RE3”
[Image 2

Nemesis is drawn in the art of Z Version
“Resident Evil 3 Last Escape” is the last day of “Resident Evil 2” and can be said to be a complete edition.
Many fans have been waiting for remakes, and since “ Resident Evil RE: 2 ” depicting the same Raccoon City incident was released in January 2019, the voice has grown further .
The newly created “Resident Evil 3” “Resident Evil RE: 3” will finally be released! *
Scheduled to be released on Friday, April 3, 2020.
[Image 3

The day before Leon and Claire visited, the story begins in the same city as Resident Evil RE2.
Latest video released today!
“Resident Evil RE: 3” Promotion Video
[Video 3:]

“Resident Evil RE: 3” Special Developer Message
[Video 4:]

“Resident Evil RE: 3” is a compilation title. A luxurious book with 2 works! [Image 4d13450-1236-506782-1.jpg
The online work “Project Resistance” was previously announced as a working title.
At the same time, the existence of a campaign mode was mentioned in the same work, but the true identity was a work that newly created “Resident Evil 3”. The online work has also been officially announced under the name “Resident Evil Resistance”.
“Resident Evil RE: 3” is a luxurious compilation title that includes two works with the same theme, “Raccoon City and Escape”. Survival horror aiming at survival from the extreme and asymmetrical battle horror where “strategy” and “cooperation” spark. Please enjoy two survival horrors.
[Image 5d13450-1236-998080-2.jpg
In the campaign mode, Jill ’s story of Raccoon City escape is drawn. [Image 6d13450-1236-415211-4.jpg
Can you escape from the death test site? Or can you stop it? “Resident Evil Resistance” in asymmetrical battles. We plan to deliver a follow-up report including information on new characters around noon on the 11th.
Resident Evil RE: 3 Campaign Mode
Raccoon City is located in the Midwest. Their daily life was about to be transformed by the pharmaceutical company Umbrella. The first thing I noticed was the police special unit S.T.A.R.S. The truth of the missing incident at the Western building in the Arkrey Mountains is a biohazard due to a biological weapon t-virus leak, and the S.T.A.R.S. Slightly remaining members of S.T.A.R.S. find out that the cause of the incident is at Umbrella. But even in the Raccoon City, developed under the influence of Umbrella, even police organizations were caught. The accusations and the accusations, which were dealt with and pressured by each, were crushed. However, no matter how much it was repaired, the gear that once went crazy could not be returned. The city is starting to undergo “man-eating disease” mutations, and ferocious wild dogs are poised. Various minor mutations can spread under water and irreversibly dye. Cow to critical point
The countdown was progressing without being known.
[Image 7d13450-1236-301448-6.jpg
Jill continued to investigate alone.
[Image 8d13450-1236-136985-5.jpg
Jill renews his determination to survive
Jill Valentine
Raccoon Police Special Forces S.T.A.R.S.Alpha Team, Jill Valentine, responsible for rear security. She was trained in Delta Force and was an excellent member of the skillful dexterity, good at unlocking and explosives disposal. However, a dark cloud appears in her life after an incident. The troops who visited the Western-style building in the investigation of the missing incident were attacked by dead and monsters, and were destroyed with a few left. All enemies encountered were created by t-viruses. Surviving, she continued her own
investigation to accuse Umbrella, the virus developer. However, suddenly he was ordered to wait at home from the upper level and received monitoring regardless of day or night. The city has prospered under the umbrella company. Adhered and controlled in every field, even police organizations were no exception. She decides to escape. I have the collected investigation materials at hand. If you have this, you should be able to send Umbrella’s evil to the world
was. But Jill doesn’t know yet. The strongest messenger has already been released to erase everything
[Image 9d13450-1236-265322-8.jpg
Jill Valentine
[Image 10d13450-1236-861713-11.jpg
[Image 11d13450-1236-724256-3.jpg
“Tracker” can be said to be the protagonist of this work. Details of this work have not yet been revealed.
[Image 12d13450-1236-988723-13.jpg
Raccoon City where citizens become infected and become zombies. The city is accelerating and confusing.
[Image 13d13450-1236-963266-15.jpg
Brad Vickers, a member of the S.T.A.R.S.Alpha team. Jill ’s fellow friend. [Image 14d13450-1236-233639-12.jpg
Jill Valentine was ordered
[Image 15d13450-1236-845319-14.jpg
Carlos Oliveira, Umbrella mercenary where Jill meets.
[Image 16d13450-1236-170174-16.jpg
Jill searches for clues to escape in the city where the infection is spreading, but it can’t continue without rejecting the zombie citizens.

In the afternoon of December 11, we will deliver a follow-up report with more screenshots of “Resident Evil RE: 3” centered on new information on “Resident Evil Resistance”! Please stay tuned. [Image 17d13450-1236-509022-9.jpg
The main art of “Resident Evil Resistance”. You can see a new survivor. [Image 18d13450-1236-275311-17.jpg
Face off with zombies. Mastermind and survivor sparks
[Image 19d13450-1236-365071-18.jpg
Please look forward to the follow-up report of the new survivor
■ Product Name: Resident Evil RE: 3
■ Scheduled release date: Friday, April 3, 2020
■ Supported hardware: PlayStation (R) 4, Xbox One, PC (Steam)
■ Sales price:
PlayStation (R) 4 package version: 7,800 yen + tax
PlayStation (R) 4 COLLECTOR’S EDITION: 24,800 yen + tax
Download version (PlayStation (R) 4, Xbox One, PC): 7,091 yen + tax * Package version and COLLECTOR’S EDITION are only available on PlayStation (R) 4 version.
■ Genre: Survival Horror
■ CERO rating: D (for those over 17 years old)
* “Resident Evil RE: 3 Z Version” for 18 years old and over will be released on the same day
■ Official website (scheduled to open on December 11):

For more information about this release(Japanese):

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