Uncertainty about the future, such as the “20 million yen problem after retirement” arouses the anxiety of y oung people! ? 70% of young people are worried about their lives, especially interested in “stable income”

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Uncertainty about the future, such as the “20 million yen problem after retirement” arouses the anxiety of young people! ? 70% of youths are worried about their lives, especially interested in “stable income”
The most attractive welfare system is “salary compensation in case of illness or injury”

Advantage Risk Management Co., Ltd. surveyed job hunting students and young business persons (new graduates 1st to 3rd year) this summer, focusing on the selection of companies and their awareness of benefits. From the answer results obtained from 824 people, the following became clear.
[Points of the survey results]
・ The important points when selecting a company are the business itself (“work content”, “salary, salary increase, promotion”, “working hours”), and then “welfare”. There is also a tendency to place emphasis on the work environment, such as “corporate atmosphere” and “valuing employees”. On the other hand, the tendency to focus on “company profile” such as company name was low.
・ About 70% of people feel anxiety in their lives, and among them, there is a high level of anxiety about “stable income” (52.1%). Next, “Future Career” (47.0%) and “Future Money Plan” (39.0%).
・ The most attractive welfare system was “Compensation for salary in case of sickness or injury” (54.7%). This was followed by “Corporate pension system” (45.1%) and “Provision of company-owned company housing and single dormitories” (44.1%), followed by the actual support system. On the other hand, those who gave choices to individuals, such as “Assistance for leisure” (25.8%) and “Use of cafeteria plan” (19.1%), resulted in low points.
・ The recognition of “GLTD (Group Long-term Disability Income Compensation Insurance)” is less than 20% (15.1%), but more than 7.5% of companies that have introduced GLTD are attractive. Although recognition itself is low, its content is positively perceived. [Discussion]
It has become clear that young people place emphasis on welfare benefits when choosing a company for employment. Among them, there was a strong tendency to attach importance to compensation. This is thought to be due to concerns over the pension system and the fact that future prospects are difficult to make. The fact that companies are seeking support for stable work can show changes in how companies interact with employees.
In recent years, efforts have been made to promote health measures and women’s active participation as companies, such as the acquisition of “White 500” and “Kurumin Mark”. In this way, I was able to see how it has led to an increase in the attractiveness of the company for younger generations.
Remodeling the welfare system in accordance with the times will also be an important issue for future recruitment and retention of human resources.
[Investigation method]
■ Survey purpose
Expectations for companies based on surveys such as the importance of young people in selecting employers and awareness of benefits Consider.
■ Survey target
Job hunters and adults 1st, 2nd and 3rd years
■ Number of respondents
824 (103 each in the above segment)
■ Investigation method
Internet survey
■ Survey period
July 26, 2019 (Friday)-July 28, 2019 (Sunday)
■ Implementing entity
Advantage Risk Management Co., Ltd.
■ Survey implementation
Macromill Co., Ltd.
【Survey results】
Q. What points are you focusing on when choosing a company? (Any number) (n = 824)
[Image 1d24618-85-816347-0.jpg
Q. Are you anxious about your life? (n = 824)
[Image 2d24618-85-952318-1.jpg
Q. What do you feel anxious about? (n = 824)
[Image 3d24618-85-889817-2.jpg
Q. What benefits do you find attractive? (Any number) (n = 824) [Image 4d24618-85-847710-3.jpg

Q. Do you know a system called “GLTD” that compensates your salary up to retirement age when you are unable to work due to illness or injury? (n = 824)
[Image 5d24618-85-661296-4.jpg
Q. “GLTD” can be joined by companies as a welfare program. Do you think companies that have such a system are attractive for employment? (n = 824)
[Image 6d24618-85-538463-5.jpg
■ Reference: About GLTD
This system compensates the monthly income up to the maximum retirement age when an employee is absent due to illness or injury. ・ A company (group) becomes a contractor and bears a certain insurance premium. * Compensation details vary depending on the company’s contract plan, such as an employee (staff) paying insurance premiums to add compensation.
・ If you retire due to continued illness or if you return to work and you have lost more than 20% of your income compared to before taking leave, you will be covered.
• Leaves due to mental illness are also covered. (Up to 2 years in principle). Our company was founded in 1995 as a specialized agent for insurance for employees who take time off from work, “GLTD (Group Long-term Disability Income Compensation Insurance)”. Currently, there are 600,000 subscribers (as of the end of September 2019).
■ Advantage Risk Management Co., Ltd. (Head office: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinji Torigoe)
Established in 1995 as a specialist agency for insurance for employees who take leave, “GLTD (Group Long-term Disability Income Compensation Insurance)”.
In 2002, Japan began providing the first EAP (employee support program) service for stress prevention that incorporates stress checks in Japan, and is now improving engagement through the mental support program “Advantage Toughness” that complies with the stress check mandate. And solutions to meet the challenges of organizations and individuals with the aim of improving mental toughness.
In 2010, the company’s organization / human resource development and education / training business centered on “EQ theory” was transferred from EQ Japan Co., Ltd., and “EQ improvement training”, EQ and stress tolerance can also be measured. Employment inspections such as “Advantage Insight” are also provided. The company is developing a comprehensive health management platform business that captures both mental and physical axes to improve productivity and support risk countermeasures.
In December 2017, designated as the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
■ For inquiries regarding GLTD services: Planning Promotion Department TEL: 03-5794-3871

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