Release from shaking stress! A new sensation active tote bag “FIXTOTE” that can be fixed to the back, not a backpack or a tote, is now on sale at Makuake!

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[Release from shaking stress! ] A new sensation active tote bag “FIXTOTE” that can be fixed to the back, not a backpack or a tote, is now on sale at Makuake!
A new concept of “active tote” that is neither a backpack nor a tote!
Clontip Co., Ltd. has started pre-order sales of “FIXTOTE”, an active tote bag with a new sensation that can be fixed to the back at Crowdfunding Makuake on December 11, 2019.
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Suddenly, are you a Tote? Or backpack?
Do you have this experience?
“Luc has both hands free, but he gets in the way of a crowded train and sweats his back.”
“Tote is easy to use, but it is stressful to shake or fall off the shoulder when walking.”
[Image 1

[Image 2

[Image 3:] FIXTOTE is a completely new tote bag that was developed over 8 years, based on Newton’s physics and product evaluation tests at Tokyo Institute of Technology.
A patented strap secures the bag to the body. Freedom was born in both hands without shaking or falling when walking or running. With its comfort and simple design, FIXTOTE can be used not only for commuting / commuting to school by bicycle or motorcycle but also for festivals and travel.
[FIXTOTE (fixed tote)], it is a bag born from a new idea of ​​”active tote”. Makuake project URL:
Equipped with a patented strap! Secure the bag to the body

[Image 4:] [Image 5

Active tote [FIXTOTE] is equipped with a patented strap! As a result, the bag can be securely fixed to the body, greatly reducing the stress caused by shaking and slipping in conventional tote bags.
The reason why tote bags get tired in the first place …?
[Due to three mechanical factors]
1. “Bag weight” is applied to one point on the shoulder
2. “Shake bag” with shoulder as fulcrum
3. “Fatigue more” when the bag moves
[Image 6

* Supplement
While walking, the tote bag always sways back and forth and left and right due to the weight of the luggage. The more and stronger this “shake” is,
Each movement puts a heavy burden on the shoulder, which is the fulcrum, and if it continues to bear only on the shoulder, it can cause the body to lose balance.
“FIXTOTE” reduces the burden on the body based on ergonomics! [Three mechanical points]
1. The load is distributed and “shoulder burden is reduced by 38%” 2.Because it is fixed to the body
3. Because the bag does not move, “it is hard to get tired”
[Image 7

[Image 8

Analysis of subject and bag movement using a motion capture system and measurement of shoulder load using a small 3-axis force sensor. The ideal structure was developed by deriving three types of data: 1. The combined force of the load on the shoulder, 2. Bag swing, 3. Step length. As a result of the analysis, it was proved (*) that the stress on the shoulder could be reduced by up to 38%.
* There are individual differences in how to feel the burden reduction. We were particular about usability!

[Image 9

Black, gray, white from the left
Various parts and materials from all over the world were collected and prototypes were made many times to complete the details, including ease of use and details.
■ You can attach the strap in an instant!
[Image 10:]
■ With a magnetic buckle, it can be easily attached and detached without the need for force!
[Image 11:]
■ Accent color lining & convenient inner pocket that makes it easy to find luggage in dark places
[Image 12

■ Uses a strong and durable seat belt material for the handle [Image 13

Product Details

[Image 14

[Image 15

[Image 16

[Image 17

[S size]
Size (approx.) / Height 36.5cm, frontage width 32.5cm, bottom width 33.5cm, handle length 62cm
Weight / about 425g
[M size]
Size (approx.) / Height 41cm, frontage width 33cm, bottom width 34cm, handle length 66cm
Weight / about 485g
[Product spec]
Material: Nylon
Handle: polyester, cowhide
Bottom: cowhide
Strap: Polyester, cowhide, ABS resin
Strap length: 42-65.5cm (common size)
Country of origin: China

Return details
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About the project performer

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We at Clontip Co., Ltd., select a product with excellent originality and design that is full of charm and story to make life more enjoyable and comfortable. .

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