Hitas Co., Ltd. Held in Kochi, a new age community “100 people Kaigi” with 100 guests!

Hitas Co., Ltd.
A new age community “100 people Kaigi” that will be dissolved by 100 guests will be held in Kochi!
-Held at Kochi Startup BASE (R) on January 15th. Call for Participation-
Kochi Startup BASE (R), run by Aichis Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, representative director: Ryo Hara / Takeshi Ozawa), is a person who thinks about how to be in the town and works nearby. The 11th time of the “100 People Kaigi” initiative in a new era to create loose connections between each other will be held on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.
[URL] https://100ninkaigi-vol11.peatix.com/
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[100 people Kaigi vol.11 this way]
“ 100 people Kaigi ” that connects people loosely by rediscovering the way the town should be and its value, triggered by 100 people working in the area
“Kochi” has been held since January 2019 with Kochi Startup BASE (R) as a base to call a wide variety of people who live and work in Kochi. By touching the way of life and work of 100 people, the usual scenery looks a little different and new discoveries and encounters are born. There is one rule.
Disband when the number of guests reaches 100.
Each time, five people talk about their way of life and their thoughts. [What is 100 Kaigi?]
INTO THE FABRIC Daisuke Takashima started out when he realized that “There are people who have never talked even if they worked for the same company”. It started as a community activity to make loose connections between people. Beginning with the launch of “100 Minato-ku 100 Kaigi” in Roppongi in 2016, it has spread throughout Shibuya, Shinjuku, Sagamihara, Tsukuba, Yunnan and other parts of the country.
[Summary of 100 people working on kaigi vol.11]
Event name: 100 people Kagi vol.11
Date: January 15, 2020 (Wednesday) 19: 00-21: 00 (Open: 18:45) Venue: Kochi Startup BASE (R) (Kochi Pref. 90-1 Minami-Goza 90-1 Kochi Ashiya Shoten 3F)
How to apply: Apply for the web page (https://100ninkaigi-vol11.peatix.com/). Participation fee: 1,000 yen (including tax) with drink * Prepayment is required.
Sponsored by: CHA CAFE ASUNARO
[Vol.11 Guest Profile] * In alphabetical order by name
Masashi Okabayashi (O-SHIKOKU Godo Kaisha representative / hospitality coordinator)
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After graduating from university, returned to Japan after working in education in New Zealand and England. After that, he joined a travel agency nationwide and worked as a sales, planning, management, human resource development, Kochi branch manager, Shikoku center manager, etc.
Retired early in 2016, and worked as a regional coordinator for the entire Kochi prefecture (central, western, eastern), supporting the creation of Kochi’s natural, human and cultural attractions as tourism products. Currently working as an international coordination business and tourism advisor for each region.

Junko Kobun (Kochi Startup BASE (R)? Operation Staff)
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Originally from and living in Nankoku City. After graduating from a rehabilitation college, he worked for 17 years at a local psychiatric hospital as an occupational therapist and a dementia care specialist for the elderly with dementia and alcoholism. As a result of infertility treatment, I started thinking about “what I really want to do” while facing myself with “What is my happiness?” In addition to being involved in farm management of his own family after retirement, he will take advantage of the perspective and occupational therapist experience of working women of the same generation who are raising children, individual mentoring, community activities, event planning and management at KSB.
Mr. Yoshinaga Takeuchi (employee of Nobil Inc.)
[Image 4

Born in 1992. Born in Kochi City, she grew up in the Niyodo River. After graduating from the Kochi National College of Technology, he worked for a construction consultancy in Suita City, Osaka. For 3 years, engaged in consulting work for sewer facilities in western Japan, gained valuable experience and made a U-turn to Kochi. After moving to Kochi on a business trip, he changed his job to a foreign life insurance company when he wanted to connect with people closer and freely think and work. After having experienced a sour and sweet experience for two years, he re-employed as an employee of Kochi venture company “Nobiru” from June 2019. Plays sales, public relations and SE roles.
Masato Maemari (Representative of Tosa’s Talk Space)
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Born in Tokushima in 1993 and raised in Kochi.
When I traveled around Japan on a motorcycle from the age of 18 to 19, I was exposed to various people’s values ​​and way of life. After going around Japan, he was influenced by the NPO representatives he met while working on event planning and started an exchange-type free space in Kochi. Originally diagnosed by a doctor at a communicable disorder (SAD)

Matsuura Harusen (FAJ Shikoku Salon (caretaker))
[Image 6

Kochi was born in Kochi.
WWW was born in college, and the relationship with the Internet began with the construction of a laboratory web server. After working for a local IT company, engaged in provider management and system
development, experienced depression in rough fields, and after remission, become a self who can enjoy manufacturing with friends, so many communities such as agile, facilitation, public cloud etc. Participating in “External Monosashi” is being expanded.

[About Kochi Startup BASE (R)?]
Kochi Startup BASE (R) is Kochi Prefecture’s first co-creation startup support facility. Opened in Kochi Ashiya Shoten, in addition to new business creation seminars and entrepreneur development programs, workshops utilizing LEGO (R) SERIOUS PLAY (R) methods, seminars aimed at career advancement, coworking space And event space. In addition, we are developing various projects aimed at creating opportunities to realize our own way of life and work.
URL: http://startup-base.jp
Facebook (@KochiStartupBASE): http://www.facebook.com/KochiStartupBASE Twitter (@ ksb_2018): https://twitter.com/ksb_2018
Instagram (@ ksb_2018): https://www.instagram.com/ksb_2018/
【Company Profile】
H-tus Ltd. (English notation: H-tus Ltd.)
Head office location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Ryo Hara / Go Ozawa
URL: http://htus.jp
Business description: Co-creation value creation using workshop, ideason, and hackathon methods
-Realizing a society where social innovation continues to occur in all fields of the world through co-creation-
◆ Regional activation
◆ Product / Service / Business Model Creation Consulting
◆ Human resource education
◆ Co-creation platform creation, planning and management
◆ Planning and operation of startup support facility “Kochi Startup BASE (R)” (in Kochi Ashiya Shoten)
◆ Planning and operation of Kochi Startup BASE (R) (in Kochi Ashiya Shoten)
◆ Planning and operation of Well Being Living Lab from the nursing care area in Sendai. Establishing a human resource development support platform
◆ A list of program services such as the Business Creation Human Resource Development Program, Acceleration Program, and Next Generation Leader Development Program that Practices SDGs can be viewed from the following.

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