D-up Co., Ltd. Born from “Takema Protest Rights Battle” by 11 Popteen exclusive models Natural eyelash “FO LLOWME”

D-up Inc.
Born from “Takema Protest Rights Battle” by 11 Popteen exclusive models Natural eyelash “FOLLOWME”

D-up Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Mitsuru Sakai) is a false import eyelash produced by the popular fashion magazine “Popteen” exclusive model “D-up Eyelash FOLLOWME (following)” Will be released at Don Quijote nationwide from the end of December 2019 (except for some stores), and on January 22, 2020 (Wednesday) nationwide variety stores, drug stores and so on. [Image 1

The “D-up false eyelashes production rights battle” was held by 11 Popteen exclusive models. Starting with the magazine of Popteen August issue (released on July 1, 2019), we have been engaged in hot battles on various media such as YouTube, Twitter and TikTok while involving readers. Three people, “Nonnon”, “Neontsuel” and “Honobi”, won the reader’s support. The birth of a new producer from “Popteen”, the spark of the false eyelash boom 10 years ago.
In 2008, PopteenOG models produced “False Eyelashes” one after another, starting with “Tsuke Eyelashes” produced by Ai Maikawa, who was active at Popteen at that time. The false eyelash boom was spurred. Popteen models that resonate with teens will create a new boom this winter.
“Natural Eyelash” and “Foromy” that create “natural but cute than usual” were born from the perspective of the trend leaders. False eyelashes = flashy is an old story. The aim of the women was “just like their own eyelashes”.
The foromy is an exquisite “feeling” that cannot be made with mascara or eyelash extensions, and it gives you the eye you want to be.
Feature 1. “Naturally perfect” with self eyelash finish
Realizing the natural finish as if the number of self-eyelashes increased between the ultra-fine hairs and the random bundle that reproduced the lashes of the eyelashes. It is easy to match with any makeup, making it an “immediate” eye.
Feature 2. With false eyelash adhesive & tweezers
Comes with mini size of “Fixer EX 552” and “Tweezers for False Eyelashes”. All the necessities for false eyelashes are available, so even beginners can enjoy false eyelashes right now.
Feature 3. Manufacturing without compromise by skilled craftsmen “Foromy” is hand-knitted by skilled craftsmen one by one, and all the detailed processes are finished by hand. Emphasizing the quality that comes from handmade, we pursue the natural finish without compromise.
[Product name] D-up eyelash FOLLOWME
[Retail price] 1,200 yen each (excluding tax)
[Contents] 2 pairs
[Release Date] Launched sequentially from late December 2019 * Don Quixote pre-sale (excluding some stores)
Official website http://d-up.co.jp/eyelashes/followme/
[Image 2d13846-48-852140-1.png
▼ About “D-up Eyelash”
No.1 brand in false eyelash sales share. * There are currently over 130 eyelashes designed in-house.
There are abundant collaboration results such as popular models, artists, apparel brands and characters.
* Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd. Beauty Appliances & Cosmetic Goods Marketing Trend Data 2014-2015 Tsuke Eyelash Related Products Manufacturer Share 2013
▼ About “Popteen Tsukema Battle byD-UP -Please let me produce D-UP Tsukema-” Battle period: July to late August 2019
Participants: 11 Popteen exclusive models
・ Summary announced at PopteenTV on Sunday, June 30
・ Tuesday, October 1 Announcement of results at PopteenTV
“Popteen Tsukema Battle” is a gachinko battle in which Popteen’s top models fought for the “Fake Eyelash” produce right. Only 3 of the 11 exclusive models can acquire the production right. The three winners who won the support of readers and won brilliantly were involved in product development as producers of “Fake Eyelashes” scheduled to be released in December 2019, and served as image models.

[Image 3d13846-48-360838-2.jpg
Popteen exclusive model
Left: Nonnon (sound)
After going through the Nico ☆ Petit and Nikola signage models, she became a Popteen exclusive model in the spring of 2019. Reigned in the TOP class of the next generation model in reader popularity ranking. Of course, it is a high school girl model whose cuteness is very popular among readers.
Center: Neontsuel (Neo)
Super influencer high school girl with more than 3.6 million followers on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube. In summer 2019, the first style book “Neo WORLD” was published. It became a three-fold overprint in less than a month.
Right: Honobi (Nanahana Honoka)
Appearing in “Wolf-chan is not deceived” broadcast on AbemaTV in the summer of 2019, the popularity and popularity rises all at once! The fashion sense is outstanding, and the popular high school girl model who is also a regular in the fashion collection.

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