Pal Group Holdings, Inc. russet × Fortune-telling 2020! “Moon Concierge Fortune-telling Special Ev ent” will be held at Rashit Marunouchi! !

Pal Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
russet × Fortune-telling 2020! “Moon Concierge
Fortune-telling Special Event” will be held at Rashit Marunouchi! !’s popular “Moon Concierge Fortune-telling” supervised by Mizuki Jinro can receive 2020 opening advice directly!
The ladies bag brand “russet” developed by PAL Co., Ltd. (head office: 3-6-1 Doshumachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan) is the magazine “FUDGE” published by Sanei Shobo Co., Ltd. Website [] (Https:// Popular content, “Moon Concierge Fortune-telling” event will be held at Rashit Marunouchi store.
[Image 1

Supervises popular content of, “Moon Concierge Fortune-telling” Talk show and personal appraisal to invite Ms. Mitsuo Goryo to have a happy spring,
Events such as a lottery where Rashit items and special appraisal tickets for Mizuki Jiro will win,
It will be held at the Rashit Marunouchi store for two days from December 20 (Friday) to 21 (Saturday).
■ Moon Concierge Fortune-telling
The moon concierge sent by Tsukiyomi, who controls the moon, wants to spend my life richly without using my own power alone, making good use of the power of the mysterious moon, according to the type of holy animal, A message that maximizes the power of the moon is delivered to the new moon and the full moon. Click here to find out your Holy Animal
■ Event details
[Russet × Moon Concierge Fortune-telling special event] 12/20 (Fri.) 21 (Sat.) 11: 00-20: 00
@Rashit Marunouchi store
1-12-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo New Yurakucho Building 1F112 TEL: 03-3217-2700
1: “Moon Concierge Fortune-telling” Personal Appraisal by Mizuki Jinro Special personal appraisal where you can ask Mizuki Jiro for happy advice for 2020.
Opportunity to hear next year’s luck-up advice!
12/20 (Fri.)
1.13: 00-15: 00 2.17: 30-19: 30
12/21 (Sat.)
1.12: 00-13: 00 2.15: 00-16: 00
★ Personal appraisals are limited to customers who purchase more than ¥ 10,000 (excluding tax) at Marunouchi branch on the day.
Please note that information will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.
★ Appraisal time is 10 to 15 minutes per person.
2: Special advice show and lottery by Mitsuki Jinro
2020 Happy Advice, etc., by Holy Animal Type of “Moon Concierge Fortune-telling” I will talk about the luck information that can only be heard here. In addition, there will be a lottery where you can win a personal appraisal ticket for Mizuki Jiro.
12/21 (Sat)
14:00 Talk show start
Lottery after talk show
★ Anyone can participate in the talk show.
★ Numbered tickets will be distributed from the time of opening. Please speak to the shop staff.
★ Lottery tickets will be given to those who participate in the talk show. 3: 10% OFF for all products
During the event, 10% off all items at Marunouchi store!
It is a chance to purchase limited items and pre-release items at a great price. Please also look at Christmas gift selection.
4: Advance release and limited items only for Marunouchi store Items on sale at will be released in advance at the Marunouchi store only.
Also, Marunouchi store limited items are released!
Marunouchi store pre-sale
[Image 2

¥ 16,000 + tax
[Image 3

¥ 15,000 + tax

Marunouchi store only
[Image 4

¥ 18,000 + tax
[Image 5

¥ 18,000 + tax

Moon Concierge Fortune-telling Rashit special site, and, Good luck bag by Holy Animal with warm support message from Mizuki Jiro We are introducing.
Please see here. See event details below.
[Rashit special site URL] [ Moon Concierge Fortune-telling]

Monozugram is a popular bag brand that focuses on functionality and lightness. Based on the concept of “value is beyond time,” we continue to propose products that can be the ultimate classic that will be loved forever. The brand started in 2000 and currently has 56 stores throughout the country. (As of June 1980)

PAL Co., Ltd. is an apparel and general merchandise planning, manufacturing and retailing company that develops brands such as Rasit, Chao Panic, Galaryda Galante and 3COINS.

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