X-LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN Co., Ltd. “Fantasy God Area -Another Fate-” Christmas phantom “Saint Festiv al ☆ Idol Muse” debuts!

“Fantastic god -Another Fate-” Christmas phantom “Saint Festival ☆ Idol Muse” debuts!
Genjin Battle Event “Blue Bird Happiness” and “Buffin’s Gratitude” to receive limited head avatars!

Animetic Fantasy MMORPG “Another Fate-” is an update on Wednesday, December 11th, and “Sansei Matsuri Idol Muse” has been introduced as an adventure partner. In addition, we will inform you that we have held a phantom battle event “Blue Bird Happiness” where limited pets can be acquired and an event “Buffin’s Gratitude” that you can get a limited head avatar.
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■ Christmas phantom “Saint Festival ☆ Idol Muse” debut!
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“Sansei Festival Idol Muse” (hereinafter “Muse (Xmas)”) is now available as “Phantom God”, a reliable partner for adventure. Muse (Xmas) is a powerful phantom god that fights with the skill to reduce the movement speed of enemies and the skill to give friends the effect of absorbing a certain amount of attack damage as HP. A muse dressed in a new outfit will be a great power of the player’s messenger of origin. Please welcome your friends and enjoy the adventure. [Image 4

Nativity Festival ☆ Idol Muse
-A 10-line BOX with a bonus BOX with a triple appearance rate is available! The appearance probability of “Muse (Xmas) / Key of Origin” or “Muse (Xmas) / Key Fragment” required to make a muse (Xmas) companion is 3 times that of the normal “Muse (Xmas BOX)” “Muse (Xmas) 10 BOX” with “Muse (Xmas) SPBOX” as a bonus will also be sold for a limited time.
● More deals! A lineup of 20 luxurious DX BOXes with 3 SPBOXs! “Muse (Xmas) 20 Series DX BOX” comes with 3 Xmas SPBOX as a bonus, and in addition to that, “Muse (Xmas) can fulfill part of the“ Phantom of the Phantom ”” communication mission with Phantom God. ) Campaign Set ”and“ Phantom God Benefits / Selection Box ”, which can be acquired by selecting one useful item, can be acquired with a 25% probability.
● Campaign to receive bonus items for Xmas!
If you meet the specified conditions during the target period, you can earn items related to Xmas.
[Conditions and benefits 1.]
Every time you purchase a total of 5 items from “Muse BOX”, “Muse 10-box BOX” and “Muse 20-box DXBOX”, you will receive a “Muse Xmas Portrait (Small)”.
[Conditions and benefits 2.]
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Decorate the housing with a portrait of Xmas! * The illustration is an image. There is a possibility of adjustment in the itemization. [Sales / Campaign Period]
From Wednesday, December 11, 2019 after regular maintenance
December 31, 2019 (Tuesday) 23:59
[Phantom God Introduction Page URL]
■ Phantom God Battle Event “Blue Bird Happiness” held!
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A limited-time dungeon “Blue Bird Happiness” has appeared in Genjin Battle. Inside the dungeon, “hawks and hunter hawks aiming for treasure” will stand as enemies. Let’s challenge to get event-limited pets and rare items!
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Defeat the hawk and hunter hawk that aim for treasure!
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Limited pet hunter hawk
[Event period]
From Wednesday, December 11, 2019 after regular maintenance
Until December 25, 2019 (Wednesday) scheduled maintenance
● A limited-time event “Buffin’s Gratitude” is held!
On the map “Melid Hill”, the travel merchant ’s NPC “Buffin” seems to be in trouble. Help Buffin to get event-only head avatars and buff items!
[Image 10

Travel Merchant / Buffin
[Image 11

Limited head avatar, Nemu Nemu Squirrel Mogu-chan
[Event period]
From Wednesday, December 11, 2019 after regular maintenance
Until January 8, 2020 (Wednesday) regular maintenance
● Experience value of dimension hall is doubled now!
The “experience value” earned at “Dimension Hall” has doubled for a limited time. Take this opportunity to challenge the Dimension Hall and grow your favorite character!
[Event period]
From Wednesday, December 11, 2019 after regular maintenance
Until December 25, 2019 (Wednesday) scheduled maintenance
[Event introduction page URL]
■ Uncle Sailor Marine and Rose Blade are here!
[Image 12

In addition to the rainbow roulette that can be used to acquire rare items, the female avatar “Uncle Sailor Marine”, the weapon avatar “Rose Blade”, and the vehicle “My Stage” are now available. In addition, there is a lineup of “Phantom God Tickets” that can be acquired by selecting one of the phantom gods “Kronos” or “Verdandy”. In addition, we also sell “Xmas Sale Set”, a great item set at G Mall, and the Genjin Birthday Box. Please do not miss it.
[Image 13

Uncle Sailor Marine
[Image 14

Rose blade
[Image 15

My ☆ Stage
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