Nana Suzuki, “I want to show my husband!” With a bust-up success.

HRC Co., Ltd.
Nana Suzuki, “I want to show my husband!” With a bust-up success. “LUNA Natural Upnight Bra Challenge Project” results presentation held
HRC Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director: Hiroshi Nakazawa) titled “LADY GO! Challenge”, Nana Suzuki has been wearing a night bra for three months since September 2019, and has a bust of 2 We challenged to cup up.
As a result of the announcement, “Nuna Natural Up Night Bra Challenge Project” result presentation was held on December 11 (Wednesday) at the Jiji Hall, and Nana Suzuki was on stage.
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“LADY GO! Challenge” challenged by Nana Suzuki
On the day of the event, Mr. Chihiro Hayashi of HRC Co., Ltd. and Mikako Umebayashi, who is in charge of product development, who created the “LUNA Natural Up Night Bra Challenge” were also on stage. Mr. Hayashi stated that the theme of the product is “I will change. I will like myself now. I will cherish the connection with you forever.” He talked about the idea of ​​launching the project. Mr. Umebayashi explained the product of “LUNA Natural Up Night Bra”, explained the “ω (Omega) line”, which is important for bust up, and expressed his desire to be worn by those who are suffering from small breasts. I gave a product description. We also announced the LUNA shorts scheduled for release in January 2020.
Nana Suzuki who appeared in an adult image “I wanted to see it and chose a bold outfit”
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After that, Nana Suzuki who wore “LUNA Natural Up Night Bra” for 3 months and challenged bust up appeared. The outfit is a bit different from the usual cheerful impression, and the chest is loose and the chest is loose. “After trying this project, I felt like an adult-like outfit would look good, and choose bold fashion. I commented. Furthermore, “I was very confident since I challenged the challenge,” and I blushed my cheek, “You ’re so daring, today I ’m shy!”. “I was worried whether I could make 2 cups in 3 months”
From A to C, aiming for 2 cups, when asked about the same project held over 3 months, “ I was really worried about bust, so I was worried about 2 cups in 3 months “The true feelings at the time of the start. After revealing that I was able to help a woman who had a problem with bust, I looked back on the challenge period, saying, “I was able to spend night bra just like wearing a night bra. It was.
Mr. Hayashi, who watched over the progress of the challenge, said Mr. Suzuki, “I’m really looking forward to the measurement because I watched him keep training firmly at the gym and at home.” “There was an armor made only for those who are small and worried about the product, so that they can be properly cared for,” he said while intermingling the points of the product.
Mr. Suzuki said, “I wear it every day and sleep. There is no feeling of tightening and the design is cute and I am really glad to meet you. My life has changed.” “I feel like I want to show my breasts. The smiles have increased and I am excited.” “Luna Natural Up Night Bra” was renewed.
Nana Suzuki “I feel confident” measurement results live
After the talk with the person in charge, we moved to the measurement to showcase the results of this challenge for the first time. Nana Suzuki talked about her feelings, “I’m nervous …!”, But she smiled saying “But it’s said that people have changed, and a valley of dreams has been created!”
[Image 4d52319-3-938911-4.jpg
When the measurement was carried out by Mr. Hayashi while the venue was filled with tension, the result was 4cm up from 77cm to 81cm at the top, and the result was a C cup with 2 cups. The venue was applauded with MC’s voice, “It was a successful challenge!” As a result, Mr. Suzuki also expressed a joyful expression, “C cup was a dream dream, so I would like to report to my husband as soon as I changed from A to C. I’m happy!”
Nana Suzuki’s “bombshell pose” showcases “Dream C Cup” and ale to women After that, Mr. Nana Suzuki, who was confident in the success of the challenge, challenged adult women to pose. Although she was shy about the valley pose, saying, “A little too much?”, She showed sexyness different from the usual image, and the venue was temporarily wrapped in the sound of a camera flash.
“I succeeded in bust-up with the LUNA Natural Up Night Bra! Please give yourself confidence in the LUNA Natural Up Night Bra!”
Outline of “#LADY GO! Challenge”
“I want to be a woman that is longing for women !!”
This is a bust-up challenge project where Nana Suzuki, whose first complex is “small breasts”, is working hard for 3 months to get a beautiful style.
A Cup Nana Suzuki (as of September 2019) is wearing the “LUNA Natural Up Night Bra” for 3 months, and taking 2 cups with training and bra correction power, making a serious challenge to aim for the target C Cup It is. “LADY GO! Challenge” site URL: “LUNA Natural Up Night Bra” Product Overview
[Image 5d52319-3-288745-5.jpg
The “LUNA Natural Up Night Bra” used by Nana Suzuki in the challenge is a night bra specially designed for AAA to C cups.
Hand lift UP pad and double power net give volume in the center, so bra that can form a natural valley even for small breasts.
Creating an important foundation for bust-up. It is a special structure that thoroughly cares about the “omega (omega) line” that is the foundation that supports the bottom of the bust.
Outline of “LUNA Natural Up Night Up Bra”
Date: December 11, 2019 (Wednesday) 13:00 to 13:45 (12:30 to press reception) Venue: Jiji News Hall (5-15-8 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo Jiji News Building 2F) Speaker: HRC Co., Ltd. Chihiro Hayashi, Mikako Umebayashi
Guest: Nana Suzuki
Contents: Organizer’s greeting, introduction of plan outline, announcement of plan results, talk show, photo session, enclosure coverage

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