Doctor Cilab Co., Ltd. Dr. Cilab Announces 2019 trends in male beauty market! About|br| ●●% of skincare men ha ve recommended skincare!

Doctor Sea Lab Inc.
Dr. Lab Lab Announces Trends in Male Beauty Market Survey 2019! About
●●% of skincare men have recommended skincare!

In recent years, men’s cosmetics have attracted attention for male beauty and the market is expanding. Medical cosmetics (R) pioneer, Dr. C. Labo Co., Ltd. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomomi Ishihara) conducted a questionnaire survey on the recent male beauty situation.
●●% of people are doing skin care!
Despite the expansion of the male beauty market, 42.3% do not have skin care. Even if you include the answer that you want to start from now on, the result is 51.3%. Although the voice of wanting to become a man’s skin is growing, the reality that has not yet been put into practice has come to light. In addition, it turns out that even those who are doing skin care stop face washing and lotion. If the lid is not covered with gel or cream, the applied lotion will evaporate and dry out, causing damage such as that skin, powdered skin, and old skin. Understand the correct skin care method and put it into practice, and get skin that won’t lose its dryness!
Q: Do you have skin care? (N = 355)
[Image 1

Q: What kind of care are you taking? (N = 182)
[Image 2

Q: Do you want to be beautiful skin? (N = 355)
[Image 3

Survey overview: Web questionnaire / November 15-22, 2019 / 15-59 years old, 355 men
Dr. Ci Labo Recommended Items Released! 2019 is another month. Let’s greet 2020 with beautiful skin!
[Image 4

[Face-wash section]
A must-see for those who cannot foam well and are worried about pores 1. VC100 hot washing foam 120g ¥ 2,090
Shake well up and down and then push once to complete a thick foam like whipped cream! Perfect for those who do not lather well. Warmly warm carbonic acid * 1 cleansing with foam, persistent pore dirt, square plugs, dullness * 2 until clean.
[Image 5

[Face-wash section]
A must-see for those who are applying sunscreen and want to have smooth skin 2. VC100 Hot Peel Cleansing Gel EX 150g ¥ 3,036
W Cleansing gel that does not require facial cleansing. Of course it can be used for face washing. This also has a warming effect. Even if you apply sunscreen, there are many people who end up with just soap. This is easy to drop. The wash-out is smooth!
[Image 6

Dry, pore and dull. All round lotion!
VC100 Essence Lotion EX 150ml ¥ 5,170
Moisturizing lotion for drying, whitening lotion for stains. Do you have an image to separate lotions depending on your worries? I do not know what is appropriate for my skin troubles. Popular with men with a refreshing citrus scent!

[Image 7

Plus one for lotion. Even gel alone is OK! Apply a quick coat after washing your face. You can choose the right gem for your problem and skin quality!
[High-performance gel section]
Recommended! Lift care
1. Aqua Collagen Gel Enriched Lift EX
120g ¥ 9,130
[Image 8

[High-performance gel section]
For powdered skin. Moisturizing type
2. Medicinal Aqua Collagen Gel Super Moisture EX
120g ¥ 7,920
[Image 9

[High-performance gel section]
For sensitive skin!
3. Medicinal Aqua Collagen Gel Super Sensitive EX
120g ¥ 8,580

* 1 Carbon dioxide (propellant) * 2 Obsessed with old keratin

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