KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Taiwan’s youkai are hot! A ghost spot that you’ll want to visit after your trip to Taiwan, given by a haunted bible, Mysterious Yu

Taiwan youkai are hot! A ghost spot that you’ll want to visit after your trip to Taiwan, given by a haunted bible, Mysterious Yu In the special feature “Yokai Tengoku Taiwan” of “Mystery and Yu” vol.003, you will be impressed by the mysterious charm of the specter heaven “Harley Island” Taiwan!

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuki Matsubara) released the entertainment magazine “Kai to Yu” vol.003, a entertainment magazine for ghosts.
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In April 2019, the world’s only ghost magazine “Kai” and Japan ’s first ghost story magazine “Yu” were merged to create “Kai to Yu”. In the second issue of the first issue, the special issue of “Mu, Mystery and Yu”, which collaborated with the “Mu” editorial department, was very popular.
The third issue of this magazine features a special feature on the “Taiwan” specter movement that is very popular for sightseeing in Japan!
* From the special feature “Yokai Tengoku Taiwan” in “Mystery and Yu” vol.003, “Taiwan ghost gentleman’s record” by illustrator small G. (Sentence / Sentence / Photo)
Painted by Illustrator, G.L <, resident in Taiwan! "Taiwan specter gentleman's record" [Image 2

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“Taiwan monster legendary place I want to stop with when traveling” (Kenji Murakami / text and photo)

Address / Taipei City
Access / walk from MRT Bannan Line / Yongsanji Station
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▲ � 廖 廁 Aoyama Shrine. Not only here, Taiwan’s cocoons are very lively at night. In 1854, during the Qing dynasty period, plague spread around Taipei and many people suffered. The plague epidemic was regarded as the work of the ghosts that lived in old wells. People from Qingfang Fujian Province solicited God Aoyama from their homeland, and the epidemic was cured. People say that Aoyama-gu was the beginning of Aoyama-gu Shrine, officially scolding Aoyama-oh, as Aoyama king exterminates a spooky monster that spits poisonous mist.
Or, when the fishermen of Qing Guan Fujian brought a god statue of Aoyama king from Aoyama shrine in Huanan, Quanzhou, they suddenly became unable to move where Aoyama shrine is located. It is said that it was made.
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▲ 廖 廁 Aoyama king, enshrined by the Aoyama Shrine, is Mae King. It is quite black.
King Aoyama, also known as King Mae-an, is said to be a deity of Zhang, who was a general of the grandchildhood of the Three Kingdoms period (there is another theory). It has that. As a result, people who moved to Taiwan would have come to believe in Taiwan, where epidemics are widespread.
According to the legend, there is an old well where a spider monster lived under this cage, but no one knows its location.
! W! Vz Not only at Aoyama Shrine, but looking at the walls around the town, it is very interesting to observe Taiwanese people’s faith. Because there are a lot of foreign tourists, even if you stop by, you won’t be praised. If you are planning to go to Taiwan, I would like to recommend you to go after a little research on how to make a visit with a kite. There must be more interesting discoveries than visiting without knowing anything.
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▲ � 廖 廁 A bill at Aoyama Shrine. In the bottle on the right is a folded bill in front. If you put the folded bill in a special case, it will be a charm.
Please continue with “Mystery and Yu” vol.003.
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“Mystery and Yu” vol.003 December 2019

List price: 1,980 yen (main unit 1,800 yen + tax)
Release date: December 19, 2019
Format: A5 size
Product form: Magazine
Number of pages: 370 pages
Magazine code: 6248813
ISBN: 9784041080603
“Mystery” and “Yu” come together! Entertainment magazine for ghost lovers! “Mystery and Yu” No.3 features Taiwan, which is booming in the youkai boom.
● Special Feature Youkai Heaven Taiwan
[Interview] What are you saying “Taiwan youkai and youkai movement” [Travel] Kenji Murakami “Taiwan monster legendary place to visit when traveling” [Interview] Tsujigami, NL, Konami “What is the Shohoku region Ibun workshop?” [Mystery story] 瀟湘 神 “Fear lurking in mountains”
[Contribution] Ryuhei Ito “Taiwan and Japanese” Yokai “, compared to … Propagation of concept, identity granted”
[Contribution] Taku Hayashi “Taiwan in Asia”
[Reprint] Takekichi Hikage “Casting Body”
[Contribution] Masao Higashi “The great writers fascinated by the island [Interview] Song Song “Yokai / Kaidan Literary Circumstances in Taiwan” [Travel] “Yokai Matsubayashi Youkai Village Report Connecting Japan and Taiwan Youkai Culture”
[Essay] Haruna Ikezawa, Junji Ito, Makoto Shiina, Akiyoshi Higashiyama
● Novel
Natsuhiko Kyogoku, Arisu Arisugawa, Fumi Kondo, Otoichi, Shinkichi Matsumura
● Manga
Daijiro Morohoshi, Yosuke Takahashi, Rensuke Oshikiri
● Discussion / Essay
Hiroshi Aratsuki, Kazuhiko Komatsu, Masao Higashi, Katsumi Tada & Kenji Murakami, Kamon Nanami (new series)
● Gravure
Shikimi, Hideo Haga, Taketoshi Sato, Taiwan ghost men’s record, new collection of drawings from the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, monster pilgrimage
● True story
Miwa Chisa, Yoshida Sugaki, Oda Isuke
● Haunted Friends Association Plaza
Interview Hirotaka Adachi Movie “Shiraisan”
Interview José Sanardi “South American Youkai Encyclopedia”
Dialogue Daijiro Morohoshi x Kensato Sato “World Tradition”
Contributed by Tatsuya Honjo “Showa / Heisei Occult Research Reader” Report Yukie Miyamoto “Mysterious Inn”
etc ……
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“Mystery and Yu” vol.001 May 2019
“Mystery and Yu” vol.002, September 2019
Is also on sale!

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