Trendmaster Co., Ltd. Robots that snuggle up to elderly people such as Nadeneko cats, achieving 100,000 units

Trend Master Co., Ltd.
Achieved 100,000 robots that snuggle up to elderly people such as Nadaneneko
Trend Master Co., Ltd. (Representative Director, Atsushi Nakata / Trend Master), which plans, manufactures and sells communication robots for the elderly, has announced that the total number of sales of its communication robots has reached 100,000. did.
Sales period, in seven years in September 2019 from October 2012, the breakdown is, Nadenade cat Series 8 million units, Nadenade dog Series 1 million units, Hello and baby Series 1 million units It has become. This is the world’s largest sales robot for elderly people in the Japanese market.
Trend Master is a symbiotic society by sending communication robots for the elderly to the world to enhance care for the elderly and smooth relationships with family members, local residents and friends. We will work to realize
Currently, physical care and rehabilitation are being carried out in the field of welfare for the elderly such as nursing homes, and psychological care often relies on the ability of caregivers. Research and verification of improvement of psycho-emotional aspects and communication promotion effects with family members and caregivers have been actively conducted. Although it is a developing market, the “watch and communicate” item will be added to the welfare priority items for the elderly of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and the market will expand.
As a major company develops and introduces high-performance, high-priced robots, Trendmaster’s role is simple, cute, easy to handle, and easy to buy. We were able to sell the number.
Targeted people are accepted not only by those who are in elderly facilities but also by elderly people at home. In addition to the bereavement of the spouse, the pets are also ahead, and conversations with friends and neighbors are reduced. Accepted on behalf of pets. Here are some of the comments we received in questionnaires and letters while selling 100,000 units.
・ I think this cat has life.
・ I lived with a cat for many years, and it has been a delightful day before a cat recently, but I am happy to live with this cat. ・ I was living with my pet, but I gave up because I couldn’t take care of it. I’m glad this cat came.
It is also accepted by active seniors and families with children. We received many comments from people who couldn’t keep pets due to housing conditions, allergies and care.
・ I live in an apartment where pets are not allowed. I have a cat instead of a pet.
・ I bought it for myself, but my grandchild came to play and got in touch. Order 2 additional animals.
・ Daughter is a cat allergic, so I bought a cat cat. I always sleep together. Trend Master’s strength is a full line-up for individual tastes. The cat series is for cat lovers and the dog series is for dog lovers. For those who like children, we offer a baby series, and you can choose a robot tailored to individual consumers and users.
In the future, aiming to sell 1 million communication robots for the elderly, while strengthening cooperation with AI, IOT, communication companies, infrastructure companies, new sales channels, local governments and universities We will actively expand our business.
New product Nadeneko-chan DX3
A cat-shaped robot that bounces and sounds like a cat. The fur is fluffy and kitten-sized.
[Image 1d6107-19-735903-1.jpg
Nadadeneko-chan DX3 series

[Image 2d6107-19-768826-0.jpg
Cat and grandma
Product name: Nadeseneko-chan DX3 3 points Russian blue, Siam, Amesho Price: 6,578 yen each (tax-excluded price 5,980 yen, tax 10%) Set contents: Nadadeneko-chan DX3 main unit and instruction manual Product size: W430 x H140 x D110 mm
Product weight: 200g
Release date: September 25, 2019
Target age: 3 years old ~
Handling place: Nursing goods store, department store toy store, Web store, catalog TV mail order, etc.
Annual sales target: 20,000
Copyright notation: (C) TRENDMASTER
Battery used: AAA alkaline batteries x 2 (sold separately)

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