AI “COREVERY” for robots started to be offered-Technology exhibition at the 2019 International Robot Exhibit ion Exa Wizards booth-

Exa Wizards Inc.
AI “COREVERY” for robots launched -Technology exhibition at the 2019 International Robot Exhibition Exa Wizards booth-

Exa Wizards Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Atsushi Ishiyama, hereinafter referred to as Exa Wizards) started providing AI “COREVERY” for robots on December 12 (Thu). A technical exhibition of COREVERY will be held at the Exa Wizards booth at the 2019
International Robot Exhibition (iREX2019) held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 18 (Wednesday) to December 21 (Saturday). Implement. ?? Intelligence for robots with the power of AI-Realize motions adapted to situations, conditions, physical properties, etc. that could not be implemented by programming-
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So far, Exa Wizards has been developing technology aimed at making it possible for all robots to supplement human work in response to the declining labor force accompanying a super-aging society. Based on multiple different types of data acquired by various sensors that replace vision, touch, and hearing, AI develops multimodal AI that allows robots to perform appropriate actions. We have realized highly difficult tasks such as “weighing liquids and powders”, “assembly work that requires force adjustment”, “salad preparation” and “folding towels”, handling irregular and flexible objects by robots. It was. “COREVERY”, which has been launched this time, can be learned and executed by various robots according to the usage situation, even if the user does not have AI or programming knowledge.
?? COREVERY Features-Various movements can be learned manually, and accuracy is improved by continuing retrospective learning-
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1. No AI or programming knowledge is required, and various movements can be learned “manually”.
By using AI control, it is possible to make the robot learn the operation manually, so even those who do not have knowledge of AI or programming can easily set the operation.
2. Since the situation, state, and physical properties can be recognized, it is possible to deal with certain flexibility. For example, when weighing liquids, the work learned in a beaker can be reproduced in another container (such as a cup), and the work learned in glycerin can be reproduced in another liquid (such as oil). Is possible.
3. In order to reflect on the work and continue learning, the more you use it, the closer it is to the ideal movement.
By continuing to learn motion data, it is possible to improve work accuracy and shorten work time, etc. By continuing to use it, the robot will approach the ideal movement.
?? COREVERY usage example-Can be used in various scenes such as substitution of simple work and reproduction of the motion of skilled workers-
1. Alternative to simple work (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.) As an alternative to simple work such as “continue shaking test tubes for blending”.
2. Drone inspection (inspection, maintenance)
Use drones to detect rust, cement, and rust on buildings, factories, and plants. 3. Gripping, cooking, and serving food (food)
Capable of gripping, cooking and serving meat, fish, and other foods that do not have a fixed shape.
4. Reproduction of expert’s movement (manufacturing)
Robots enable skilled workers to perform operations such as polishing and grinding.
5. Substitution of work in hazardous environment (industrial waste disposal site)
Hazardous work such as crane handling of large amounts of industrial waste is also automated.
6. Cultivation and harvesting of agricultural products (food) Appropriate cultivation is realized in the same way as people, taking into account the growing situation of crops.
[2019 International Robot Exhibition Exhibition Overview]
Name: 2019 International Robot Exhibition [INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2019 (iREX2019)]
Dates: December 18 (Wed)-21 (Sat), 2019 10: 00-17: 00
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Hall A Hall (1-2-33 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo / 2 minutes walk from Tokyo Teleport Station) Booth No .: A-32
Organizer: Japan Robot Industry Association, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Official site:
[Outline of Exa Wizards Inc.]
Company name: Exa Wizards Inc.
Location: Sumitomo Hamamatsucho Building 5F, 1-18-16 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: February 2016
Representative: Satoshi Ishiyama, President
Business description: Industrial innovation and solutions to social issues through service development utilizing AI

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