H2L Exhibited at H2L, 2019 International Robot Exhibition. A dynamic display of a remote control robot being jointly developed with NTT DoCoMo.

Exhibited at H2L, 2019 International Robot Exhibition. A dynamic display of a remote control robot being jointly developed with NTT DoCoMo.
Remote control robot using H2L’s BodySharing (R)? Technology will be exhibited at the 2019 International Robot Exhibition

H2L Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kenichiro Iwasaki, hereinafter referred to as H2L) will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 18 (Wednesday) to 21 (Saturday), 2019. Will be exhibited. BodySharing (R) Robotics technology owned by H2L and NTT DoCoMo, Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuhiro Yoshizawa, hereinafter DOCOMO) aiming for commercialization in the spring of 2020, featuring high speed and low latency The robot will be operated remotely using the next-generation mobile
communication system, and the robot dynamics will be exhibited. [Image 1

◯ Robot operation using BodySharing (R)? Technology “BodySharing Robotics”
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq_JC-jDYCM]

■ Exhibiting remote control robots jointly developed with NTT DoCoMo H2L has strength in BodySharing (R), a technology that transmits not only sight and hearing but also body sensations including tactile sensation. This time, we will exhibit a remote control robot under high-speed, low-latency communication environment that is being jointly developed with DOCOMO.
This exhibition is intended for use in the 5th generation mobile communication system (hereinafter referred to as 5G) that DOCOMO aims to commercialize in the spring of 2020, and is expected to be applied in the tourism industry and construction field (*) .
* This content is from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and
Communications NTT Docomo undertaken as the implementing entity “Fifth Generation Mobile Communication that enables ultra-high-speed communication at an average of 4-8 Gbps in the environment of multiple base stations and multiple terminals outdoors. It is carried out as “consultation of investigation and study on the technical conditions of the system”.
[Image 2

■ About BodySharing
“BodySharing (R)? (Experience sharing)” means sharing the various sensations of the user with the body of the character, the body of the robot, and the human body. The senses here are not only visual and auditory senses but also various senses such as body position sense, weight sense and resistance sense.
In recent years, a variety of technologies under the control of “BodySharing (R)?” Have been studied, and remote work systems and tele-existence are examples of BodySharing (R)?
The feature of “BodySharing (R)?” Is not only one-way operation but also two-way information sharing. For example, people and robots collaborate to carry goods together, and remote people and people can share valuable experiences physically. In addition, research is being conducted on the sharing of one or more physical sensations that were not possible before.
H2L Co., Ltd. applies “BodySharing (R)?” Research and development results, “FirstVR” that estimates the sense of position and weight of hands and arms using an optical muscle displacement sensor, and is inherent to electrical stimulation in addition to sensing We propose hardware such as “UnlimitedHand” that presents the sensation, and at the same time, we are developing a lot of associated software. [related news]
H2L and DOCOMO collaborate to create new services using 5G with “Body Sharing Technology”
■ About “Torso Robot” and “Humanoid Robot Hand + Arm”
[Image 3

[Image 4

● About Torso Robot
A camera robot with 5 or 6 degrees of freedom that synchronizes with the gaze of a human sitting on a chair.
You can easily sit on a moving body instead of a human. Vibration measures and outdoor use are optional.
● About humanoid robot hand + arm
In the same appearance and size as a human, 14 to 16 degrees of freedom in the hand part and 7 degrees of freedom in the arm part are implemented.
In addition, it achieves an agile movement equivalent to that of humans, making it ideal as a robot for research on motion control and a communication robot.
[related news]
Started “BodySharing Robotics”, which links H2L BodySharing technology and robot arm. Started providing corporate SDK.
● About FirstVR
[Image 5

FirstVR is equipped with the world’s first active sensing technology that has been secretly researched and developed five years ago as a VR / AR product for beginners. When the FirstVR controller is wrapped around the arm, the 14-channel optical muscle displacement sensor group detects the movement of the muscle around the forearm (muscle displacement). By letting the AI ​​system learn these muscle movements in a short period of time, it has made it possible for beginners of VR / AR to easily detect movements of the user’s hands while
significantly reducing the setup time.
FirstVR includes “VR goggles”, “newly developed controller”, and accessories, so you can immediately purchase low-priced devices without purchasing peripheral devices other than your smartphone (iOS, Android compatible). You can now experience the latest technology VR / AR.
[related news]
H2L announces basic app with update function and app browsing function of device FirstVR that allows gesture input on smartphone.

[Kawabuchi Mechanical Engineering Laboratory]
[FirstVR official website]
[About H2L Corporation]
Established in July 2012. PossessedHand (R), a touch-sensitive game controller UnlimitedHand (R), and FirstVR (R) that allows you to experience VR with gestures on your smartphone easily. Our main product is research and development of technology to transmit tactile sensation to remote places. H2L is researching and developing two technologies to detect hand movements and to transmit tactile sensations by applying multi-electrode electrical stimulation to the arm.
Company information: http://h2l.jp

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