Kagawa Livestock Co., Ltd. “Premium bone ham” exceeding 7kg for hometown tax payment

Limited company Kagawa stock raising
“Premium boned ham” exceeding 7kg for hometown tax payment
Confident work delivered by the “Emperor Cup” award winning company “Kagawa Livestock” in Kawanan-cho, Miyazaki

Kagawa Livestock Co., Ltd. (representative: Masahiko Kagawa), a pig farming company in Kawanan-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture, Sales have begun. In addition to the overwhelming presence of a total weight of 7 kg, we are also careful about the selection of materials, and we have finished it carefully taking time and effort until processing. Beginning in November 2019, the city will continue to develop in Kawasaki Town, Miyazaki Prefecture with tax payments, and in the future, it will gradually expand its business at department stores and western restaurants nationwide, including in-house mail order. Please note that it is a limited-order production of 20 pieces per month. An oversized ham made entirely of half-boiled peach meat that can only be realized because of the fine and high quality “Miyabi pork” [Image 1d43543-2-412425-1.jpg
Kagawa Livestock’s pride of Miyabi pork is carefully seasoned by picking only the carefully selected bone-in part in its own seasoning liquid for over a week, then hanging it with a string and drying. Smoked and steamed for over 12 hours, resulting in a refined ham with condensed umami and flavor. The premium bone-in ham, which is useful as a hospitality material because of its taste and appearance, is perfect for seats where relatives gather and party food. Slice it and enjoy it as it is, or as an ajillo or salad, you can enjoy it again and again. Especially recommended is a luxurious thick sliced ​​steak, which is sure to satisfy you.
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Rakuten hometown tax payment
About Kagawa Stock raising and Miyabi pork
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Kagawa Livestock is a pig farming company founded in 1976 in Kawanan-cho, Koyu-gun, Miyazaki. Taking advantage of the local natural environment such as the sea, mountains, rivers, etc., it has been evaluated as a delicious, safe and secure pork with production that puts stress on pigs. Since the previous foot-and-mouth disease, hygiene has become stronger, and its thoroughness is one of the best in the country. Based on thorough hygiene management at a farm that has received “farc HACCP certification”, we have practiced a breeding method that does not put stress on pigs and have gained much acclaim as a company that produces delicious, safe and secure pork. . At the 56th Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Festival in 2017, he received the “Emperor Cup”, the highest honor. Miyabi pork is a proud pork that has all the experience, technology and confidence that Kagawa has cultivated. “Miyabi pork” was born this time, and it incorporates all the experience, technology, and confidence that Kagawa Livestock has cultivated so far.
Limited company Kagawa stock raising
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