Insect food “ANTCICADA” developed “cricket soy sauce” fermented with crickets. Started pre-sale at Crowdfunding until January 8, 2020.

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Insect food “ANTCICADA” developed “cricket soy sauce” fermented with crickets. Started pre-sale at Crowdfunding until January 8, 2020.
“ANTCICADA” (Representative: Yuta Shinohara), a team exploring the appeal of insect food, has developed “cricket soy sauce” made by fermenting crickets. Manufactured at the 91st-year brewery “Sasazuka Miso” (4th generation Yoshinari Noda) in Toyota City, Aichi
Prefecture. In addition, we succeeded in the development of “cricket mushrooms”, which are koji molds grown on crickets.
[Image 1

A cricket soy sauce.
Product Summary
● Product Name: Cricket Soy Sauce
● Product content: 100ml
● Materials used: Futahoshi cricket, rice bran, salt, water
● Offer location: Return of crowdfunding, ANTCICADA stores and events. Purchase at the crowdfunding page, which is currently challenging. (Https://
Development background
Cricket Soy Sauce is an insect fermented seasoning made by fermenting a special Japanese cricket using rice bran.
A protein rich in crickets was decomposed with the enzyme of rice bran to extract umami-like glutamic acid. After conceiving cricket soy sauce in 2017, trial production and development were carried out in various patterns, and commercialization was realized in cooperation with Kuramoto “Sasazuka Miso” in Aichi Prefecture.
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Prototypes with various patterns (photobyYoshinoriOdagaki)
The cricket we use this time is a domestically-made phthalophoric cricket that has a strong and fragrant taste. We used crickets grown with love at “Tokushima University (Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture)” and “Taiyo Holdings Co., Ltd. (Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture)”, which are conducting cricket farming research. A cricket that has been pretreated is combined with rice bran made from rice from Aichi Prefecture made by Sasazuka Miso and salt solution, and fermented and matured in a brewed kiso for about half a year. Finally squeeze the moromi and burn the liquid that comes out to complete the cricket soy sauce.
[Image 3

A cricket that is nurtured by thorough quality control
When you finish the preparation, we simply arrange the prepared flavors in an environment where microorganisms can work easily. Cricket soy sauce is made by rice cakes and yeasts.
The finished cricket soy sauce has umami and cricket-derived fragrance, has little habit, and can be used for various dishes. Apart from this product, research and development is continuing, such as the successful development of “cricket mushrooms” that have gonococci on crickets themselves.
[Image 4

Cricket mushroom research and development
Thoughts on development
We, ANTCICADA, love all the creatures that live on the earth, and work towards a world where animals, plants, and insects can face each other.
One of the major themes is “to dispel the concept of fixing insect food”. Insects tend to be preceded by bad images, such as gettery and pests, but I would like to propose a positive way to eat insects by facing the attractiveness as a food ingredient.
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Diverse members such as cooks and researchers
In this context, we are actively working on product development from the desire to provide an opportunity to enjoy insects at hand. As part of this collaboration, it has been developed to deliver the full appeal of crickets.
Based on the same idea, we added “cricket soy sauce” to the return of crowdfunding, which is currently challenging. Only this time, we will divide the manufacturing process and prepare two types of cricket soy sauce.
After squeezing the moromi, the clear “Usukuchi” type, which separated the turbidity, and the “Koikuchi” type, mixed with the crisp scented olives that settle after squeezing.
I hope many people will enjoy the charm of crickets.
Overview of ANTCICADA
In the spring of 2020, we will open the restaurant “ANTCICADA” in Nihonbashi Bakurocho. We want to convey the charm of insects as ingredients through cricket ramen and course dishes.
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● Location: 2-4-6 Nihonbashi Bakurocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0002
● Offer menu: Course meal using cricket ramen and seasonal insects (pairing)
● Instagram:
● Facebook:
Cloud crowding page: [Representative Profile] Yuta Shinohara / YutaShinohara
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Born in Earth in 1994. In 2018, graduated from Keio University School of Commerce. Insect food history 20 years. Currently living with thousands of creatures, developing and selling insect dishes, workshops, article writing, and guest appearances at lectures. Among them, the world’s first “cricket ramen” has received a great response and has been featured in many media in Japan and overseas. Also holds hunting license and forest guide qualification. With the motto “Food is not work, it ’s an adventure,” he runs around the earth every day. ・ Twitter:
Sasazuka Miso Overview
[Image 8d51705-3-838689-5.jpg
Sasazuka Miso is a brewery with a miso storehouse in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. Since the founding of the concept of “nurturing miso” with time spent together with microorganisms that live in breweries and kiso, we have continued to protect miso making of kiso aging and natural brewing.
・ URL:

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