TBS TV Co., Ltd. Popular monsters such as Red King and Pigmon appear in VR! TBS / Tiffon will release VR conte nt “Kaiju no Sumika VR Adventure” next spring!

Tokyo Broadcasting Holdings Co., Ltd.
Popular monsters such as Red King and Pigmon appear in VR! TBS / Tiffon will release VR content “Kaiju no Sumika VR Adventure” next spring!

TBS TV and Tiffon will be releasing a full CG VR content “Kaiju no Sumika VR Adventure” next spring as a joint project that will allow you to experience the world of “Science Picture Book Kaiju No Sumika”. A total of 12 popular monsters such as Red King, Pigmon, Alien Baltan and Eleking appear! Deliver a powerful experience. In late March 2020, it will be first deployed at Tiphon-operated VR theme park “Tiphonium Odaiba”, etc., and then it will be introduced at domestic and overseas facilities.
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Kaiju no Sumika VR Adventure develops Tsuburaya Productions’ original science fiction picture book Kaiju no Sumika as VR content. We receive full cooperation from Tsuburaya Productions.
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With Tiffon, which has strengths in xR (VR / AR / MR) content production, the appearance of Tsuburaya Kaiju, which is popular among a wide range of generations, is realistically expressed in the VR world. Create powerful content. TBS TV and Tiffon will continue to expand the content not only in Japan but also worldwide.
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■ “Kaiju no Sumika VR Adventure” Release Information
Introduction date: Late March 2020 (planned)
Installation location: Diver City Tokyo Plaza 5th floor VR theme park “Tiphonium Odaiba” etc.
-Scheduled to be rolled out sequentially at domestic and overseas facilities and events
■ What is “Kaiju no Sumika”?
Tsuburaya Productions monsters and aliens appeared in the work for various reasons. What they were trying to convey to their people through their actions … There are questions about universal issues that we humans cannot avoid, and that is why listening to that voice It may be important.
“Kaiju no Sumika” is a work that captures the world where such monsters and aliens live together as they are without being hostile to anyone.
■ About Tiffon Co., Ltd.
With the aim of creating new entertainment focused on xR (VR / AR / MR), we are developing location-based MR content and operating facilities at the magical theme park “Tiphonium”. In the past, we have also developed the Zombie Booth series, a zombie transformation AR app that uses facial recognition technology. After being selected from Asia as the only Disney Accelerator, it will receive investment from Disney in the US, and will receive a large investment from TBS in the spring of 2019. The Tifonium Santa Monica store will be opened in Los Angeles in the near future.
* Tiffon Corporation official website: https://www.tyffon.com/en/ [Contact]
TBS Television Co., Ltd. In charge: Production Department Production Department 2 Katayama, Media Business Department License Division Morii, Business Department Division Yasuda (email:
Tiffon Corporation Contact: Nakazawa, Nishikawa, Yoshimura (email: pr@tyffon.com)
Tsuburaya Productions Web Inquiries
(C)? Tsuburaya Pro (C)? Kaiju no Sumika VR Adventure Production Committee (Tsuruya Pro / TBS / Tiffon)

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