Star Mica Holdings Co., Ltd. Star Mica Group forms business alliance with Tsukuba, a used and renovated condominium distribution platform

Star Mica Holdings Co., Ltd.
Business tie-up with Star Mica Group, Tsukuruba, a used / renovated condominium distribution platform
To accelerate the distribution of used condominiums. Utilizing the cowcamo platform

Star Mica Co., Ltd. and Star Mica Residence Co., Ltd., a group company of Star Mica Holdings Co., Ltd. (TSE1: 2975), which supplies renovated condominiums, is a distribution platform for used and renovated housing “cowcamo” A business alliance agreement was signed on Friday, December 13, 2019 with Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. (Mothers: 2978).
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(Left: Masashi Mizunaga, CEO of Star Mica Holdings, Right: Hiroki Murakami, CEO of Tsukuruba)
As home-buying generations tend to choose to purchase based on their own lifestyle, condominiums that are renovated and sold are becoming more popular. Meanwhile, there were two issues in selling renovated properties: design development that suits consumer preferences and accurate delivery of property information to highly sensitive consumers.
Through this alliance, Star Mica Group will jointly create a new renovation condominium sales system through Tsukuba’s largest media for renovation in Japan, “cowcamo”.
Utilizing the market data of cowcamo users with more than 120,000 registered users, we developed a design pattern based on consumer preferences. Purchasers will be able to choose from multiple design patterns to suit their preferences before renovating properties owned by Star Mica. Through the above efforts, we will further accelerate the distribution of renovated properties and challenge the creation of a new category of pre-interior construction + renovation. In the future, we will open the sales system itself to outside contractors and promote the business with a view to promoting the distribution of high-quality renovation condominiums throughout the industry. Diversified consumer needs and renovated second-hand apartment industry structure
The used condominium market is growing year by year. In the Tokyo metropolitan area, the number of second-hand condominium contracts has exceeded the number of new condominiums supplied since 2016. Possible reasons include not only the decrease in the number of newly-built condominiums supplied after the Lehman shock, but also the option to purchase renovated condominiums that can easily reflect each individual’s values ​​in the housing due to the diversification of lifestyles. there is.
Against this background, there are an increasing number of businesses that sell second-hand properties after they have been renovated in-house. On the other hand, operators are not always able to respond to diversifying consumer needs, and tend to create products that can be received by everyone, and as a result, consumer needs are not fully met. There was a situation.
Create a new sales system through a business alliance with Tsukuba In order to solve the above-mentioned problems in the industry structure, the Group will develop a design and purchase method that will make purchase purchasers happy by partnering with Tsukuba. [Image 2d51839-1-922545-1.jpg
Acquired approximately 1,500 second-hand condominiums per year (as of November 2019), and our group with the largest number of houses in Japan (as of November 2019) handles a total of over 6,500 properties and is rare based on sales transactions By planning renovation products with specifications and designs that capture user needs based on highly reliable data, purchase reviewers can select their favorite pattern from the multiple renovation patterns that have been prepared. You can purchase the property. In addition, by combining sales methods using VR technology, we support the realization of purchase studies with a specific image even before construction starts.
This service has already been started by both companies as a trial, and we will continue to develop packages that meet consumer needs by repeating improvements based on data obtained through sales. In the fiscal year ending November 2020, we expect to sell about 30 to 40 units annually, and we aim to develop new customer segments through this alliance.
-Comment from Masashi Mizunaga, Representative Director of Star Mica Holdings, Inc.-
By partnering with Tsukuruba, which has consumer contacts such as media and agents, we will grasp the needs of new customer groups and develop new buying methods to meet them.
Up until now, the Group has been developing businesses with the value of “Better life at a better price”, but will continue to promote the distribution of used condominiums by creating better value for consumers. We want to contribute to the development of the entire renovation industry.
-Comment from Mr. Hiroki Murakami, CEO, Tsukuruba Co., Ltd.- The Star Mica Group is a leading supplier of renovation condominiums with the best property stock in Japan. We expect the partnership to interact with the strength of the company’s property stock and the strength of data accumulated in cowcamo, which has established its own position as a distribution platform. Taking advantage of the strengths of both companies, cowcamo aims to become a platform that provides the best mechanism for users.
-Company Profile-
[Image 3d51839-1-517151-2.jpg
Under the mission of “Creating the future you want through“ Invention of the place ””, we are designing a place that combines design, business and technology. Main businesses include the renovated housing distribution platform “cowcamo” utilizing IT and the shared workplace business such as “co-ba”, which supports all challenges. .
Established: August 2011
Representative: Hiroki Murakami, Representative Director / CEO Masahiro Nakamura, Representative Director / CCO
Location: 1-5, Kameguro 1-chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 2nd Ikura Building 2F -Company Profile-Star Mica Group
[Image 4d51839-1-856719-3.png
“From“ making ”to“ making use of society ”
Purchase a family-type rental property with a limited number of buyers, and sell it with new value through renovation after the tenant leaves. We have led the “renovation condominium” market with a unique business model that brings the concept of finance to the real estate industry.
Aiming to provide a more convenient and comfortable lifestyle that meets the needs of the market, we are engaged in the planning and sales of high-quality renovated condominiums.
Established: May 2001
Representative: Masashi Mizunaga, Representative Director
Location: Shiroyama Trust Tower 28F, Toranomon 4-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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