GU Co., Ltd. Fluffy lounge wear “Marshmallow Feel” A new color appears on the “West Ribbon” type that has become a hot topic on SNS!

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Fuwamoko Lounge Wear “Marshmallow Feel” A new color appears in the “West Ribbon” type that became a hot topic on SNS!
The Christmas gift BOX that is perfect for gifts will also be sold only until Wednesday, December 25

“YOUR FREEDOM Freedom to Renew Yourself” is a brand message from YU, and fluffy momoko is also a popular loungewear “Marshmallow Feel Set (Waist Ribbon)” New colors “Light Purple” and “Beige” will appear . This product, developed in a dull color, is accented with a simple but luxurious ribbon applied to the waist.
Marshmallow feel is warm and comfortable even in cold winter, so many people say that they can’t let go once they wear it. During the period until December 25 (Wednesday), you can also give them in the “Christmas Gift Box” * 1. Marshmallow feel is also available for men and kids and can be worn by families.
* 1 Sold at GU stores and online stores nationwide (90 yen + consumption tax) [Image 1d11182-92-356150-5.jpg
・ Marshmallow feel set (waist ribbon) ¥ 2,490 (+ consumption tax) (Light purple) (New color) * Center
(Beige) (New color) * Right

[Image 2d11182-93-398437-1.jpg

・ Christmas gift box ¥ 90 (+ consumption tax) * Ends as soon as it is gone (second image from right, right image)
(* The contents of the gift box are images)
“Marshmallow Feel” WEB page:

For more information about this release(Japanese):

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