What is the level of awareness and interest of travelers visiting Japan about the Olympics? FUN! JAPAN Announces Online Survey Results

What is the level of awareness and interest of travelers visiting Japan about the Olympics? FUN! JAPAN Announces Online Survey Results ……………………………………………………………………
Fun Japan Communications Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Daisuke Fujii; hereinafter referred to as Fun Japan Communications), which operates the No. 1 Japan-like community site “FUN! JAPAN” in the Asian region, We surveyed seven Asian countries in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and India about their awareness and interest in the coming Olympics and the impact on travel to Japan. Introducing “IMA”, a FUN! JAPAN reader who has more than 1 million people who are interested in Japan.
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The Olympics are finally coming next year. Will there be more visitors to Japan next year? decrease? FUN! JAPAN will boldly anticipate such anxious whereabouts.
-Survey outline-
Survey method: Online survey for FUN! JAPAN readers
Survey period: November 8 to November 29, 2019
Number of samples: 1,626
Ratio of FUN! JAPAN countries to the number of tourists visiting Japan Looking at the ratio of FUN! JAPAN countries (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India) to the total number of tourists visiting Japan, the combined total of all seven countries is 9.51 million, exceeding China. Was a person. This represents about 30% of the total of 31.19 million tourists. (Data of foreign visitors to Japan in 2018)
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What is your level of interest in the Olympics?
Are Asian countries eligible for FUN! JAPAN interested in the Olympics in the first place? As a result of this survey, it was found that the degree of interest was unexpectedly high. For those who answered “very interested” and those who said “somewhat interested”, all countries exceeded 60%. Surprisingly, in India, where the number of medals is low and people are often referred to as “only interested in cricket,” they surpassed 80%.
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How do you watch the Olympic Games?
Although there are many people who are interested, the percentage of those who say “Support until visiting the venue of the tournament!” Many people choose to watch TV in their own country. However, it is noteworthy that in every country, 20-30% of respondents said they would go to Japan and watch live games with public viewing. Even if you can’t get a spectator ticket at the venue, you’ll be cheering for your country’s athletes while feeling the local heat in the host country, Japan. It can be said that this is because FUN! JAPAN attracts members who like Japan, but I also feel that the number of tourists visiting Japan will increase during the Olympics.
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Exactly! The number of visits to Japan will increase! ?
When compared year-round, the majority of respondents said that the number of visits to Japan is expected to remain almost the same in 2019 and 2020. This was a common result for all FUN! JAPAN countries. Unfortunately, the number does not seem to increase.
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Avoid Olympic Games? Dare you hit?
If the Olympic season coincided with the time when we wanted to travel to Tokyo, we also investigated whether to consider omitting the season. As a result, for Taiwan and Hong Kong, which have many repeat visits to Japan, most respondents answered, “Change the destination to other parts of Japan while keeping the same time”, but “Stagger the travel time without changing the destination” There was no big difference from those who answered. For Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and India, they answered, “Stagger the travel time without changing the destination.” Since there are relatively few repeat visitors to Japan, they seem to choose to avoid the busy season and crowds and fully enjoy the sightseeing spot, Tokyo. On the other hand, only Indonesia had the highest number of respondents who decided to travel to Tokyo as originally planned for “Destination and timing do not change”.
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Summarizing the above results, it can be said that the number of visits to Japan during the year is hardly affected by the Olympics, but the timing and destination are expected to be different from the usual year. From this, I guess the Olympic season has a chance in the region rather than Tokyo. It has been shown that tourists visiting Japan are likely to gather in places where public viewing is held, so be prepared now and entertain foreign tourists.
Bonus: Degree of interest in competition
“I’m interested in the Olympics” is the same in all countries, but the popularity of each sport is completely different. In addition to the live voice of FUN! JAPAN staff, we will introduce popular sports in each country and the background.
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Baseball has been popular for a long time, and a story aimed at participating in Koshien has turned into a movie.
Baseball is a national sport, and it is a form of entertainment to watch even those who do not play. Everyone who has no special interests may have watched the game.
If you look at this year’s WBSC Taiwan vs Japan game, it’s obvious, but you can feel the Taiwanese passion for baseball. When an international match is held, the number of sudden baseball fans will increase.
On the other hand, it is surprising that gymnastics and swimming are in the top three, but respondents are true sports or Olympic fans. Because badminton, basketball and table tennis are actually more famous players and their exposure to the media is higher, badminton, basketball and table tennis are more popular on a daily basis. Hong Kong
Gymnastics and swimming are often star players (especially Japanese teams are also well known in Hong Kong), and they are popular enough to be talked about every time. Another reason is that both athletes have many beautiful men and women as a feast for the eyes. Volleyball has been seen by many Chinese teams since it was played by the Chinese team (although it’s hard to say right now because of the demo). I am convinced of this ranking.
Swimming (including dive) and gymnastics have long been popular reasons: 1, Chinese teams are strong (they were not anti-Chinese in the past); 2, (dive and gymnastics) are beautiful competitions and you don’t know the rules There are many star players that can be enjoyed, and it is also well known in Hong Kong. Volleyball was a popular Chinese women’s team in Hong Kong. (Swimming (swimming) and gymnastics are not strong in the Hong Kong team, but there are players who will compete. Bicycles, badminton and table tennis will be able to get one-chan medals)
In recent years, women’s volleyball teams have become so strong that they can compete with the world level, so they are attracting the public’s attention. It became a sport that anyone with a patriotism, regardless of gender, would like to support. It has also been announced in Thailand that the volleyball national team has decided to camp in Okayama City ahead of the Olympics.
On the other hand, a soccer boom is currently happening. In Thailand, like the Japanese J-League, professional soccer teams have spread nationwide, and each team has an enthusiastic supporter, who is enthusiastically supporting every game. I can’t quite compete in the World Cup, but I look forward to the soccer team in the future. By the way, in the case of soccer, not patriotism, players also appear in commercials etc., so from the viewpoint of “supporting famous / favorite players” and from the viewpoint of “which team / who will win the team” ,I’m interested.
In terms of national popularity, only badminton ranks first by far, and there is no significant difference in other sports. Since badminton is a national sport, it is widely used in the media on a daily basis, so it seems to be popular among the people.
However, when it comes to the Olympics and global competitions, the focus is still on local athletes. The 3rd place gymnastics competition is a competition where Malaysian players often take medals at international competitions.
Badminton has always been popular and the Indonesian team won the gold medal (player names Rudy Hartno, Ade Chandra & Christian Hadinata) when it became the first sport in the 1972 Olympics. Since then, almost all Indonesians have won medals in the Olympic badminton events. At the 1992 Games, Indonesia won gold medals for female singles and male singles and was filmized. In general, everyone plays in daily life, sports clubs and schools, and it is very exciting to watch.
In modern times, soccer is popular as a lesson for boys and swimming is popular with girls.
In Japan, soccer is booming at SEA GAMES 2019 and the World Cup. The more you win, the more shares you have on SNS and the wider the topic. In addition to national teams, there are also teams established by soccer fan singers and actors.
How was it? As a FUN! JAPAN member, next year’s foreign tourists seem to be looking forward to traveling to Japan, changing destinations and times.
During the Olympic season, there may be opportunities in the region rather than Tokyo. In particular, it seems likely that foreigners will gather in places with public viewing.
Prepare now and welcome foreign tourists.
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