Odakyu Department Store New Year’s annual! “Iza, to Kyoto” @ Shinjuku Odakyu will hold the 46th Kyoto Long-established Tour.

Odakyu Department Store Co., Ltd.
New Year’s annual! “Iza, to Kyoto” @ Shinjuku Odakyu will hold the 46th Kyoto Long-established Tour.
From long-established Kyoto confectionery to popular Japanese-style sweets in one place! The first product exhibition in 2020 is from Kyoto. Pre-order limited-edition items on the EC site!
Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku will hold the 46th Kyoto
Long-established Tour at the Main Building 11F Exhibition Hall from January 8 (Wed.) to 13 (Mon./holiday), 2020.
At the venue, there will be 36 food and 22 craft stores, including Kyoto’s traditional specialties and popular Western confectionery that incorporates Japanese taste. Eat-in is a week where you can enjoy Kyoto gourmet with the appearance of Inoda Coffee, a famous restaurant indispensable for the coffee shop culture in Kyoto, and a restaurant specializing in salted ramen, Kyoto @ Ryuhashishin.
On the EC site “Odakyu Online Shopping,” we will carry out “Online Pre-ordering” for products that will be sold for a limited time and quantity at the venue. This service is for those who cannot visit during the sales hours due to circumstances.
● Popular sweets with a Japanese taste on this occasion!
◇ “Kyoto Kitayama Mare Blanche” Ocha Languescha “Cha no Ka” 1650 yen / 10 pieces 使用 Uses the specialty tea for tea confectionery. The distinctive 濃 flavor of deep green tea is sandwiched between the original milk chocolate rich white chocolate.
[Image 1

Ochacha Langudosha “Tea no Ka”
◇ “Murakami Kaishindo” good luck Rokuro 1,080 yen / 2 pieces 使 い Using the mandarin orange as it is, the sweetness of the fruit is finished as it is. A gem that has been registered as a design since the Taisho era. ※ Sale from 11 o’clock on 9th (30 limited) 1 per person only
[Image 2

Good luck
◇ “Ichijoji Nakatani” Silky green tea teramisu ¥ 1,720
配合 Mixed with white tea, soymilk, fresh cream, fromage blanc and plenty of matcha, it has a smooth and delicate taste like silky tofu. * Sold from noon on 10th to 13th. Limited to 20 each day (30 on the 13th) 1 per person
[Image 3

Silky green tea teramis
◇ “Nakamura Tokichi Honten” Namacha jelly (matcha / houjicha) 390 yen each With a cool, smooth mouthfeel, the rich taste of matcha that spreads in the moment it is contained in the mouth, the taste of matcha jelly and the refreshing taste, as if the hojicha were confined as it is, the tea has a lively taste We will sell two types each.
* Matcha 400 pieces each day (250 pieces on the 13th only)
※ Hojicha limited sale of 50 pieces each day (100 pieces only on 13th) Only 2 per person
[Image 4

Raw tea jelly (Matcha / Hojicha)
● Exquisite “Shioume” salt ramen from Kyoto!
◇ “Kyoto Ryuhashi Shin” special salt ramen of Kawachi duck and chicken at Tsumura Shoten 円 980 yen / 1 cup
From the salt ramen specialty store “Kyoto @ Ryujin Shin” that attracts Kyoto people, salted sauce using mussels, chicken soup, and clear soup made with seven kinds of vegetables provide excellent ramen. Odakyu-limited mixed soba is a special offer unique to the product exhibition.
* Odakyu Limited “50 pieces of black truffle rich sea urchin and scallop salt mixed soba (1,980 yen) limited to each day
[Image 5

Dragon flag Shin (Shio Ramen)
[Image 6

Dragon flag Shin (Maze soba)
● New items that look great
We will introduce the first store opening and the first exhibition of the “Kyo no Long Visit”. This time, we will select products that look great and encourage young people to visit.
[Image 7

“Crochet” Kotobuki Temari
-List of first opening and first exhibition-
“Fruit Parlor Cricket” Cricket Jelly
“Castella do Baulo”, Ponderau in Minho
“Croche” Kyoto Ame
“Ponya-LeuCocoRyne-” Isny ​​Butter Croissant
“Wakashun” (Nagomi Jun) Kinka Saba Sushi

● Fusion of the Internet and the real product exhibition!予 約 Pre-order limited items at Odakyu Online Shopping
We will pre-order 30 popular limited-selling items on Odakyu Online Shopping, reflecting the voice that we want to purchase products sold for a limited time and quantity, but we can not go for work, housework, and promises … . By setting the reception of products at the venue, it is expected that purchases will be made at stores and synergy between EC and stores will be achieved.
Period: Wednesday, December 25, 2019 10:00-Monday, January 6, 2020 16:00 Main products accepted:
“Orohachi Zuiundo” Raw Causeway Yaki (3 types) @ 345 yen each “Murakami Kaishindo” Russian cake 2,710 yen / 12 pieces, Madeleine 1,944 yen / 10 pieces
“Ichijoji Nakatani” Silky green tea turamisu 1,720 yen
“Kyo confectionery full moon” Ajarashi rice cake ¥ 118 / piece “Shimogamo dormitory” restaurant Anpanpo 1,728 yen / 1 loaf
“Nakamura Tokichi Honten” Namacha jelly ¥ 390 / piece
URL: http://shop.odakyu-dept.co.jp/shop/c/c27
* Target products vary depending on the schedule.
* For details, please refer to the Odakyu Online Shopping page. [Image 8

Raw causeway ware

Title: The 46th Annual Tour of the Long-established Store in Kyoto-Competition between Long-established Stores and Popular Stores to Enjoy Kyoto-
Period: January 8 (Wed)-13 (Mon / holiday) 2020
Venue: Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku Main Building 11F Exhibition Hall Location: 1-1-3 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Business hours: 10:00 to 20:00 (Eat-in last order 19:30) * Closed at 17:00 on the last day
Access: Odakyu Line / JR Shinjuku Station West Exit
Representative number: 03-3342-1111
URL: http://www.odakyu-dept.co.jp/shinjuku/

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