Former soldiers were angry at the uproar of comfort women who degraded their homeland Japan. Published “Flowers on the battlefield testified by Japanese soldiers: Korean comfort women”


Heart Publishing Co., Ltd. Former soldiers were angry at the uproar of comfort women who degraded their homeland Japan. Published…


Heart Publishing Co., Ltd.
Former soldiers were angry at the uproar of comfort women who degraded their homeland Japan. Published “Flowers on the battlefield testified by Japanese soldiers: Korean comfort women”
International politician Takeki Fujii High prize “Invaluable, testimony of military personnel who knew the time. Voices of Korean comfort women themselves also appear. If you read this book, what is a comfort woman is true if you read this book I understand. ”
Heart Publishing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo; President: Hiroaki Hidaka) collected testimonies of former Japanese soldiers who had been involved with comfort women during the war. Human Comfort Women ”released. With a lot of information distorted by political intent on the issue of comfort women, this book is a reliable primary source of the truth of comfort women.
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The issue of comfort women, which began with a fake article in the Asahi Shimbun, has now evolved into a major international issue involving foreign countries and the United Nations. Statues of comfort women, allegedly being “sex slaves” of the Japanese army, are now located around the world.
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Glendale Comfort Women Statue
Meanwhile, a noteworthy book was published. A collection of
testimonies from former Japanese military personnel who contacted comfort women. This book is a compilation of the “Comfort Women Problem: Testimony and Notes” serialized in the “Showa History Research Institute Bulletin” (Representative: late Professor Nakamura Dokkyokyo University). This survey by the Showa History Research Institute sought to clarify the historical facts in order to oppose the forces that use the comfort women issue as a means of condemning Japan.
In this book, 20 former soldiers from various regions, departments, and ranks, most of whom give their real names, talk about their experiences with comfort women. There are six people who have even been provided with a photo of their face. It is a manifestation of the will to show that there is no lie in their story, a true shout of their homeland in the factless propaganda and their heartfelt cry for their degrading.
They all agree that there was no atrocity against the comfort women, as follows: “I did not do anything wrong with a woman from the peninsula of the comfort station. I know this because I was a commander comforter.” “The peninsula women were supportive of our company, and when they had a banquet, they attended and drunk all the soldiers. There was no such thing. ”
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Korean comfort women enjoying cherry blossom viewing with soldiers on holidays “I would like to conclude and reiterate. There is no fact that the Japanese military has forcibly brought Korean or Chinese women into comfort women. Their actions were commercial and the traders were doing business. ”
Their writings that know the truth show resentment that the lie claimed by the Korean side is circulating even in Japan. According to one of the main sergeants involved in the establishment of the comfort station,
“Human rights defenders and peace theorists in the world. Don’t publish uncertainty in the world other than what you actually saw. Even more than sixty years ago. Young people who should bear Japan in the future Don’t educate with textbooks that lie to generations. ” A former advisor to the comfort women interviewed said:
“ It was reported as if a comfort woman was forcibly generated by the remarks of postwar politicians, and I was asked to give money to a rich Japan, and to a judge who could not even think about it I’m sorry for seeing the scenery to help. ”
In addition, some people talk about their days spent with Korean comfort women as good memories.
“Where are these innocent women, what are they doing now? No way, they aren’t going to take part in the comfort women lawsuits, but they’re the women on the battlefield that will last for days. I don’t feel like I can hear the singing voice that is flexible and sad. ” “It remains in my mind that the (comfort women) lived so brightly that they couldn’t imagine the darkness. I was dating them as friendly Japanese people. She often came to the dormitory and brought kimchi made by herself. It was because of them that I knew the taste of kimchi. ”
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Korean comfort woman reading a magazine while coming to the troops at leisure The book also includes a report by the US military on Japanese comfort women, which again demonstrates that South Korea’s claims are false. [Image 5

Korean comfort women captured by Allied forces in Mitchina, Burma If you read this book, you can understand what the comfort stations and comfort women were like at the time, and how the Korean side’s claims of “forced recruitment” and “sex slaves” were ridiculous propaganda. You should know that.
Supervisor Koichi Megura was one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit to remove Glendale’s Comfort Woman, who had been involved in an enormous and costly trial before she sold her house and worked to restore Japan’s honor. is there. Unfortunately, he died two days after the release of this book, and this book was his last work (supervised book).
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Koichi Mera
According to Kiyoshi Hosoya, Vice President of the World Federation for the Truth of History (GAHT), who planned and edited this book, the association is based in the United States, the main battlefield on the issue of comfort women. The company is preparing to issue a book corresponding to the edition. I would like to ask all those who have a heart for their support by purchasing this book.
【table of contents】
Koichi Mera
Introduction Kiyoshi Hosoya
How to read this book (map and army salary table, rice price at that time) Part 1 Story of China and Korean Peninsula
Episode 1 Toshifumi Hirose, a Korean comfort woman who said, “Happiness!” Episode 2 Korean comfort station, absolutely no military forced Minoru Nakajima Episode 3 Testimony of Police Officer in Charge-Narrator-Takeo Suzuki-Interviewer-Kan Nakamura
Episode 4 The comfort station was made in this way SG (anonymous hope) Episode 5: Korean women looking for gold Masahiko Katsumata
Episode 6: Former Army Striker announces reality-no forced
deportation-Toshio Hasui
Episode 7 The town where the holy prostitute lives The Korean comfort woman in Shanxi province-saluting the battlefield flower “ comfort woman ”-Shigeo Tomita
Episode 8: The Korean and Chinese Agents Who Were Forcibly
Taken-Confession by Korean Comfort Women-Akimichi Sumita
Episode 9: Comfort Women Collected by Korean Masao Inobano
Episode 10: My War Experience Absolutely No Forced Retirement of Comfort Women, Predatory and Rape Strictly Prohibited Takashi Morishima
Episode 11 Suddenly hugged by comfort women MK (anonymous hope) Episode 12-Note from a former Xuzhou Special Affairs Officer-I interviewed a Korean comfort woman Takeichi Uno
Episode 13 Fumio Yatsu was in Xuzhou on a Chinese railway
Part 2 Southeast Asian and Southern Ocean Islands
Episode 14: The Actual Condition of Southern Comfort Women Minoru Shigemura Episode 15: Comfort Women in the Philippines Church Worship in the Morning, Comfort Women in the Afternoon Masanobu Hoshino
Episode 16 Korean Comfort Women Fight for Fees, “If You Do Two Shots, Pay Two Shots” Shoichi Honna
Episode 17 Forced Entrainment Is Not Fact Kazuo Motomatsu
Episode 18 “Sex Slave” Is Not a Fact
Episode 19 Munehiro Kikuta works during the war
Episode 20 Hamoru Inoue talks about former women’s comfort women Part 3: Reference: US comfort women talk about Korean comfort women Episode 21 “The Comfort Women Are Prostitutes” US Army OWI
Psychological War Team
Episode 22 Testimony of Japanese POWs: “The comfort women were there before their garrison” Allied Translator
Afterword Kazunobu Koyama
[Image 7

Ikuyoshi Fujii, an international politician who strongly recommends this book [Book Information]
Title: Flowers on the battlefield testified by Japanese soldiers Korean comfort women
Planning and Editing: Kiyoshi Hosoya
Supervision: Koichi Megura
Cooperation: Kazunobu Koyama
Recommendation: Itsuki Fujii
Specifications: 209 pages, made in 46
ISBN: 978-4802400879
Release: 2019.12.15
Body: 1300 yen (excluding tax)
Published by Heart Publishing
Product URL: [Planning and editing] Kiyoshi Hosoya
Modern and modern historian, Vice President of the World Federation for the Truth of History (GAHT).
Born in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1949. Graduated from Waseda University and completed the Open University Graduate School. In charge of international business at a plant manufacturing company.
[Supervision] Koichi Mera
Representative of the World Federation for the Truth of History. In 1933, he was born in Gyeongsangbu, Korea. Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo. Immediately after completing the master’s program, he moved to the United States as a Fulbright international student. Completed the doctoral program at Harvard University (Urban and Regional Planning). After serving as an assistant professor of economics at Harvard University, he worked at the World Bank’s Urban Development Department in 1969, where he worked on the Bank’s development policy. In 1975, he was a professor of social engineering at the University of Tsukuba (in charge of urban planning). Returned to the World Bank in 1982 and became Regional Development Advisor. In 1986, became a professor at Tokyo International University. From 1995 to 2008, Professor of International Business Class at the University of Southern California. In 2006, he established the “Non-Profit Corporation, Japan
Revitalization Study Group” in Los Angeles and assumed the post of director. In 2014, the World Federation for the Truth of History (GAHT) was launched. He passed away in Princeton, USA on December 18, 2019.
His main books include “Is There Justice in the United States? A Report from Glendale’s” Comfort Woman “Removal Trial” and “The Sin for Peace is in the United States” (Heart Publishing) and others. [Cooperation] Kazunobu Koyama (Kazunobu Oyama)
Professor of Kanagawa University Faculty of Economics. Chairman of the Media News Research Policy Center.
Born in Tokyo in 1955. Graduated from Yokohama National University, Faculty of Business Administration in 1980. In April of the same year, he entered the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Economics, the University of Tokyo. In 1986, he was a full-time lecturer at the Faculty of Economics of Kanagawa University, and was an associate professor in 1988, and a doctorate in economics (University of Tokyo) in 1995.

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  • Thank you for your attentions.

    The English Version in paperback will be released within a couple of day from KINDLE.

    The title is:
    American Soldiers Witnessed Korean Comfort Women-
    "Flowers of the War"
    Japanese also Ascertained their Nature
    (Koichi Mera, Kiyoshi Hosoya)

    Best regards


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