Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd. Launched a traveling bag that can easily carry road bikes and cross bikes on January 10

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Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd.
Release of a traveling bag that can easily carry road bikes and cross bikes on January 10
Sanwa Direct Co., Ltd. (Head office: 1-10-1, Tamachi, Kita-ku, Okayama City; President and CEO, Kazunori Yamada) operates a direct sales site, “Sanwa Direct”. At that time, we launched the 800-BYBAG003 wheeling bag that can be compactly stored in a storage bag and attached under the saddle.
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Wheel bag (cross bike / road bike / sideways / front / rear wheel storage / with storage bag / shoulder belt / light weight / S ~ M size / black)
Model number: 800-BYBAG003 Price: 4,982 yen (excluding tax)
Product page:
This product is a bicycle bag that can store bicycles and ride on public transportation. Ideal for cross bikes, road bikes and through axle disc road mountain bikes.
[Image 1d11495-2311-547367-0.jpg
[Image 2d11495-2311-777080-1.jpg
The bicycle can be turned sideways with the bicycle facing down. There are two patches on the bottom and one side is printed to show the saddle position.
[Image 3d11495-2311-554628-2.jpg
[Image 4d11495-2311-205453-3.jpg
It is a type that removes the front and rear wheels of the bicycle and stores it, so it can be stored compactly. End brackets are not required, and both wheels of the bicycle can be easily stored one by one in the inner pocket of the bicycle back, eliminating the hassle of binding front and rear wheels. The removed wheels are stored separately from other parts, so there is no need to worry about damaging the frame.
[Image 5d11495-2311-302088-4.jpg
[Image 6d11495-2311-775025-5.jpg
When moving, the tires are fastened with hook-and-loop fasteners to prevent scratches inside, making the structure easy to hold. The material is durable and lightweight using water-repellent PVC. [Image 7d11495-2311-293937-6.jpg
[Image 8d11495-2311-280069-7.jpg
The shoulder pad of the shoulder strap is large and easy to hold. A security wire can be passed through the base of the shoulder strap to prevent theft.
[Image 9d11495-2311-113487-8.jpg
[Image 10d11495-2311-962508-9.jpg
If you fold it small except when traveling, store it in the attached bag, you can attach it under the saddle with a belt.
[Image 11d11495-2311-851935-11.jpg
[Image 12d11495-2311-910647-12.jpg
The size of this product is W1100 x D2 x H800mm (body only) and weighs about 460g (body only).

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