Adustria Co., Ltd. niko and … collaborate with chocolate brands “HERSHEY’S” and “HERSHEY’S KISSES”!

Adastria Co., Ltd.
niko and … collaborate with chocolate brands “HERSHEY’S” and “HERSHEY’S KISSES”!
A wide variety of items such as miscellaneous goods with a cute logo of “HERSHEY’S” that is perfect for Valentine’s gifts and items with a kiss chocolate motif.
“Niko and …” is a style editorial brand developed by Adastria Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Chairman and President: Michio Fukuda), with “Play fashion!” As its corporate slogan. ) ”Is a collection of miscellaneous goods from“ HERSHEY’S ”, which is familiar with hersie bars and chocolate syrup, and“ HERSHEY’S KISSES ”, a kiss chocolate, has been launched on Friday, January 10th. [Image 1d1304-948-891017-0.jpg
Nico And was founded in 1894, and since January 10 (Fri), it has been collaborating with The Hershey Company’s HERSHEY’S and HERSHEY’S KISSES, chocolate makers who have been loved by people around the world since its inception. Sales have started. Variations on items that are exciting just to have, such as a mobile case with a familiar logo of “ HERSHEY’S ”, a compass case, a mug and a mirror, a cushion with a motif of kiss chocolate and a vinyl umbrella with a full pattern print It is abundantly developed. Wall clocks and dust boxes are also recommended for the interior of the room. This time, “Hershey Kiss Chocolate” is also sold at the store along with collaboration goods. This year’s lineup will help you choose a gift, so please take a look.
In addition, from January 14 (Tuesday), a campaign to win luxurious prizes will be conducted at Lotte of sweets
( HERSHEY’S × niko and … original tote for 1,000 people by lottery for those who photographed receipts that purchased more than 200 yen (excluding tax) of Lotte sweets including target products and applied on a dedicated site I will give you a bag. Please check the special site for details of the campaign. Please note that Nicoand has many items that are perfect for gifts this Valentine’s Day season.
■ Product details (* Excerpt)
[Image 2d1304-948-272388-1.jpg
iPhone case (2 types on the left) ¥ 1,600 + TAX (2 types on the right) ¥ 1,700 + TAX
[Image 3d1304-948-563571-2.jpg
Compensation case ¥ 380 + TAX
[Image 4d1304-948-537367-3.jpg
Mug cup ¥ 1,000 + TAX
[Image 5d1304-948-838420-4.jpg
Mirror ¥ 650 + TAX
[Image 6d1304-948-521677-5.jpg
Cushion (Left) ¥ 2,000 + TAX (Right) 2,500 + TAX
[Image 7d1304-948-647111-6.jpg
Vinyl umbrella ¥ 1,200 + TAX
Sales start date: January 10 (Fri)
Available stores: Nikoand stores in Japan, Nikoand stores overseas, official web store .st (Dot Estee), ZOZOTOWN * Sales dates may differ depending on the store.
■ About HERSHEY ’S
The Hershey Company (headquartered in Hershey, PA) is one of the world’s leading confectionery manufacturers that manufactures and sells chocolate, candy, mint and other sweets. Approximately 22,000 employees work daily to provide quality products worldwide. More than 80 brands worldwide, including Hershey, Recess, Kiss Chocolate, Jolly Launcher, Icebreakers, Brookside and many more, have annual sales of more than $ 7.4 billion. In addition to our mainstay products, we are expanding our portfolio of new confectioneries and focusing on expanding our presence in major international markets.
■ About niko and …
Niko and … is a “style editorial brand” that develops apparel, sundries, furniture, and food and beverages. In addition to its practicality, it has a lineup of items that make you feel humor somewhere, and it will “approve” for unexpected surprises and discoveries, and eventually “fit” your lifestyle. Under such a message, we are developing business for men and women in their 20s and 30s. 140 stores nationwide. -Official web store .st (dot
■ About Adastria
Adastria Co., Ltd. (Chairman and President: Michio Fukuda) is a casual fashion specialty chain that has more than 20 brands, including “Global Work”, “Nico And”, and “Lowry’s Farm”, with approximately 1,400 stores in Japan and overseas. . “Play fashion!” Is a corporate slogan with the desire to “deliver a lot of excitement to the world while enjoying fashion and life”.
[Image 8d1304-948-968721-7.jpg

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