Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd. Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay Patisserie Journal 2020 Valentine’s Special

Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd.
[Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay] Patisserie Journal 2020 Valentine Special Issue A collection of delicious chocolate sweets that you can only taste now!ま せ ん Let’s find a favorite item not only for gifts to important partners, family and friends, but also for yourself.
We introduce Valentine gifts that are perfect for gifts, such as the original brownie of Nagata Manabu pastry chef who is newly introduced to Valentine, popular macaroons and sable chocolates.
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PACARI (R) Brownie 3 types
[PACARI (R) Brownie 3 types] ※ Only this item is sold throughout the year Special boxed set of 3 ¥ 3,800
¥ 1,000 per bottle
A new product from Nagata Pastry Chef’s original, made with PACARI (R) chocolate that has a deep cacao aroma. Enjoy the rich taste of carefully selected chocolate, fragrant dried fruit soaked in Western sake for one year, and fiantine with a crisp texture.
・ Banana Brownies
A rich dish of “Esmeralda 60%”, a fruity and floral scent of Aruba cocoa from Ecuador, and banana soaked in rum.
・ Apricot brownies
Harmony of “Piura Chemason 70%” using Peruvian white cacao and apricot marinated in amaretto, featuring fruity aroma and sourness.
・ Goldenberry Brownies
A sour golden berry pickled in brandy in a light, light dough made of rare white cacao from PACARI (R), also called “phantom cacao” The crisp texture of (Western Hozuki) is an accent.
≪Brand introduction≫ PACARI (R)
Ecuador’s featured brand in South America, which continues to produce high-quality chocolate with the concept of “Tree to Bar”, which grows cacao from trees and processes it at the production area. Won the Gold Award at the International Chocolate Awards for seven consecutive years since 2012.
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Sable chocolate gift
[Sabre chocolate gift]
“Blond chocolate”
Set of 6 pieces in a special box ¥ 900
7 pieces set with clear case ¥ 700
¥ 120 per sheet
“Bitter & Milk Chocolate” Set of 7 Clear Boxes ¥ 700
Crispy, light-textured thick-baked cookies are coated with chocolate. “Blond chocolate” with caramel flavor and “bitter & milk chocolate” with bitter chocolate and sweet milk chocolate.
[Image 4

6 pieces ¥ 400
Topped with pistachios, apricots, almonds, and figs on bitter chocolate with modest sweetness. One dish to enjoy the texture of each material.
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Shula chocolate
[Shulask chocolate]
¥ 500 for a clear case
Crispy shoe dough soaked in chocolate is baked in bite-sized pieces. [Image 6

Macaroon chocolate
[Macaroon chocolate]
Set of 6 with clear case ¥ 800
Sand the extra bitter chocolate ganache with macaroon dough. [Image 7

Amando Chocolate Gift
[Amando chocolate gift]
¥ 600 in a box
¥ 480 with clear case
Garnish the roasted almonds with caramel and coat with chocolate. [Image 8

Pecan chocolate
[Pecan chocolate]
Clear case ¥ 580
Put chocolate on pecan nuts with soft texture and less astringency. [Image 9

Double chocolate gift
[Double chocolate gift]
¥ 900 in a box
Amando chocolate and pecan chocolate in a set.
[Image 10

Orange Jet Gift
[Orange Jet Gift]
¥ 900 in a box
7 bottles ¥ 400
Orange peel pickled in syrup is coated with chocolate.
The exquisite harmony of peel bitterness and chocolate sweetness is a taste for adults.
[Image 11

Chocolate Royal
[Chocolat Royal]
Boxed set of 5 ¥ 980
Boxed set of 3 ¥ 660
A bite-sized bonbon chocolate with cognac. A gift for those who like alcohol. [Image 12

Truffle chocolate gift
[Truffle chocolate gift]
¥ 800 in a box
Smooth ganache kneaded with champagne coated with chocolate. [Table 2:“>

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