Whale Co., Ltd./SEKAI HOTEL Co., Ltd. Started selling SEKAI HOTEL and SEKAI PASS, a regional tour passport that was only available to hotel guests. One of the highlights is the experience of blending into local everyday life

Whale Co., Ltd.
General sales of SEKAI HOTEL and SEKAI PASS, a regional tour passport that could only be purchased by hotel guests, begin. One of the highlights is the experience of blending into local daily life Sold at each SEKAI HOTEL front desk from Wednesday, January 15, 2020 …………………………………………………………………………
The town hotel “SEKAI HOTEL” (President Koichi Yano) has begun general sales of the local tour passport SEKAI PASS, which had been sold only to hotel guests.
SEKAI PASS is a regional tour passport that can be integrated into the daily life of the area and offers an “ORDINARY (everyday) experience”. If you take this SEKAI PASS to the area, you can enjoy a morning at a net cafe, take a bath in a public bath, and enjoy the benefits of SEKAI PASS only at restaurants such as izakaya and okonomiyaki. [Image 1

Travelers, local residents, shopkeepers and hotel staff eat together Previously, SEKAI PASS was sold only to SEKAI HOTEL guests, but the number of guests staying at other hotels in the vicinity and those seeking an experience of dropping in to the SEKAI HOTEL area in the middle of the itinerary and increasing their daily life has increased. We have begun selling to non-guests staying in.
[Sale start date] Wednesday, January 15, 2020
[Sale / receipt] Each front of SEKAI HOTEL
[Price] 2000 yen (excluding tax)
▼ How to use SEKAI PASS
1. Purchase at the front desk
[Image 2

You can purchase it at each SEKAI HOTEL front desk (Nishikujo / Fuse). 2. Find a partner store on the map
[Image 3

When giving SEKAI PASS at the front desk, we will give you Google Maps that summarizes the affiliated shops that can use SEKAI PASS. It is a map that shows the location of the store and what discounts can be received. In addition, we will tell the recommended way of spending from the staff familiar with the daily life of the area.
3. SEKAI PASS presentation at partner stores
[Image 4

At partner stores, you can use the service by presenting SEKAI PASS to the store first.
4. ORDINARY experience
[Image 5

At the takoyaki restaurant where you can get more
[Image 6

Usually 7 takoyaki are 10!
[Image 7

Handmade Japanese sweets experience at a long-established Japanese sweets shop that lasts 150 years
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM16ipp9sOA] [Image 8d26458-14-840620-10.png

[Image 9d26458-14-534294-11.png
▼ What is SEKAI HOTEL?
SEKAI HOTEL is a “town hotel” where the functions of a conventional hotel are dispersed.
Renovate vacant houses scattered around the area and convert them to guest rooms. The entire town is treated as an inn, and functions such as reception, guest rooms, eating and drinking, and a public bath are distributed. We operate towns and hotels in collaboration with local businesses, such as eating mornings at local net cafes and bathing at public baths.
For guests visiting from home and abroad,
“Talking with a cup of public bath”
“Eat a shopping street croquette recommended by my aunt”
“Cheers with an uncle sitting next to a bar”
We are enjoying the experience of blending into “local everyday =” ORDINARY “”.
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・ SEKAI HOTEL Community sento Instagram story posting campaign. “One cup after the bath” is free.
・ SEKAI HOTEL won the Nikkei MJ Award for Best Product and Service in 2019. https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000015.000026458.html
・ SEKAI HOTEL Youtube channel
・ SEKAI HOTEL Instagram
▼ Overview of SEKAI HOTEL Co., Ltd.
Company name SEKAI HOTEL Co., Ltd.
Representative Koichi Yano, President and Representative Director https://sekaihotel.jp
Hotel Location:
-SEKAI HOTEL Nishikujo
(1-16-16 Nishikujo, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi)
(1-19-1 Ashiro, Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture)
(Takaoka City, Toyama / Coming Soon)
Group company: Whales, Inc.

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