Original stationery for Scenario Puzzle App “Stand My Heroes” for women will be available at limited time stores!

Original stationery for Scenario Puzzle App “Stand My Heroes” for women will be available at limited time stores!
Selling 12 kinds of everyday products using illustrations of character-related motifs
MOGURA ENTERTAINMENT Inc. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Takeshi Nomura) is a full-scale company operated by coly Inc. from the brand “MOGURA Stationery Store” with the theme of “character and stationery stationery that can be used everyday”. Limited shop “Stamai Stationery Store” to hold original stationery of the scenario puzzle app “Stand My Heroes” at “ Space J ” on the 7th floor of the Savior Shibuya Movida Building from January 24, 2020 to Friday, February 3, 2020 Will be released. [Image 1

This product uses illustrations of three popular illustrators and motifs related to 26 characters appearing in “Stand My Heroes” created by stationery maker “GreenFlash”, and designed for everyday use in schools and offices Finished.
In addition to staple items such as notebooks, pens and masking tapes, we will sell 12 types of products such as original fountain pen ink specially blended based on the image color of the group you belong to.
■ Summary of “Stamai Stationery Store”
Date: January 24 (Fri)-February 3 (Mon) 2020
Holding time: From 10:00 to 21:00 ※ Last entry is 30 minutes before closing Location: 21-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Seibu Shibuya Store “Movieda Building 7F” “Space J”
Official Twitter: @stmy_bungu #Stamai Stationery Store
[About admission]
For admission for three days from January 24 (Fri) to 26 (Sun), please purchase a pre-specified admission ticket from your smartphone terminal to reduce congestion.
Reception date and time: Saturday, January 18, 10:00-Ends as soon as the scheduled number is reached
Reception URL: https://eplus.jp/stand-myheroes/ * The page will open on the reception day.
Time division: 1.10: 10-10: 50, 2.10: 50-11: 30, 3.11: 30-12: 10, 4.12: 10-12: 50, 5.13: 10-13 : 50, 6.13: 50-14: 30, 7.14: 30-15: 10, 8.15: 10-15: 50, 9.15: 50-16: 20, 10.16: 40-17 : 20, 11.17: 20-18: 00, 12.18: 00-18: 40, 13.18: 40-19: 20, 14.19: 20-20: 00, 15.20: 00-21 : 00
■ Product lineup introduction
[Image 2

※The image is an image. Specifications and colors may differ from the actual product.
Details of each product and precautions for entry will be announced shortly. Please confirm official Twitter (@stmy_bungu) of stamai stationery store.
■ Participating manufacturers / illustrators
[Image 3

A design stationery maker that delivers the happiness that comes from hand and the joy of connecting people to a wide range of people, based on the concept of manufacturing with “Palpitation” and “Witness”.

[Image 4

Rabbit village Ayano
Illustrator / Art Director
Good at illustrations depicting everyday life. My favorite painting material is a fountain pen. Authorized illustrator of the German writing implement maker LAMY. Authored book “I can draw with a fountain pen right away!” Simple Sketch] is translated into English and is now available in the United States. My hobbies are making stationery, games and reading.

[Image 5d36205-25-216180-4.jpg
Takuro Takagi
Illustrator / Designer

[Image 6d36205-25-157703-5.jpg
Asako Masunouchi
Started working as a freelance illustrator in 2005. Draw graphical composition softly. Currently based in Greece and Japan, he is active in magazines and advertisements. Also, “Greetings From Greece”, which spells out life in Greece with landscape paintings, is being serialized in “Nichi no Sun”.
■ About “Stand My Heroes”
Full-scale scenario puzzle app for smartphones distributed by coly Inc. Distribution started in 2016, and currently records 2 million downloads. The main character (player) who has become the only female section of the drug police officer “ Matri ” scouts various excellent human resources to an independent investigative agency “ stand ”, a full-fledged scenario story and gorgeous voice actors chasing unresolved cases A popular game from a wide range of women with attractive characters played by.
Supported OS: iOS / Android
Date: September 2016
Fees: Basic play free (with in-game purchase)
iOS App Store: https://goo.gl/oFkE1f
Google Play for Android:
▼ Official site
▼ Official Twitter

For more information about this release(Japanese):


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