REPRO ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. Yoko Maki appears on Mac new CM. Charming Ito Sari with adult behavior in a popular pie series.

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Maki Yoko Appears on Mac New CM Appearing in Sari Ito with Adult Behavior in Popular Pie Series
A new commercial by McDonald’s featuring actress Yoko Maki has been aired today from January 14 (Tuesday).
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Maki Yoko appeared on the commercials of McDonald’s new works “Adult Creampie @ Belgian Chocolat” and “Adult Creampie Sweet Fromage”. Two new limited-time pieces from the pie series, such as the regular menu “ Hot Apple Pie ” and the limited-time classic “ Triangle Chocolate Pie ” and “ Bacon Potato Pie ”. She is starting to have a happy time eating an adult cream pie.
On the net, “Yoko Maki and Sari-chan are so happy to be co-starred in CM? Are you happy?” Yoko Maki and Sato Ito-chan, the actress with the strongest bass voice. Go Mac. “/ Mac’s precious Yoko Maki’s /” Mac’s CM, the entanglement of Yoko Maki and Sato Ito is too cute and it’s going to be painful. ” Highly rated, it’s exciting before the release date of January 15.
The “ adult cream pie Belgian Chocolat ”, which is filled with crispy pie dough kneaded with cocoa powder and chocolate cream using Belgian chocolate, introduced in the CM, is particular about the texture of chocolate. You can enjoy the balanced taste of sweetness and bitterness.
The “ adult cream pie sweet fromage ” is a crispy pie pastry kneaded with parmesan cheese and packed with sweet cheese cream using cream cheese. And the harmony with the exquisite sweetness and salty taste of cheese cream is exactly an adult pie series.
Two new titles, “Adult’s Creampie @ Belgian Chocolat” and “Adult’s Creampie @ Sweet Fromage,” will be available from McDonald’s stores nationwide for a limited time from Wednesday, January 15th.
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■ Product overview
·Product name
“Adult cream pie Belgian chocolate”
“Adult Creampie Sweet Fromage”
・ Sales period: Wednesday, January 15, 2020-early February (planned) ・ Store price (tax included) 150 yen
Sales area-McDonald’s stores nationwide (excluding some stores) Sales hours-During all business hours
※ “Adult’s Cream Pie Belgian Chocolate” This product uses 12% Belgian chocolate.

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