Sanpellegrino S.p.A. Three new flavors of sparkling water |San Pellegrino Essenza| that go well with food

Sanpellegrino S.p.A.
Flavor sparkling water that goes well with food -San Pellegrino Essenza- 3 new releases
Featuring a unique blend of Mediterranean fruits, San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water with a zero-calorie natural flavor
Sam Pellegrino (Head office: Milan, Italy; CEO: Federico Salzibraga / Nestlé Group), which exports Italian-born fine dining water “San Pellegrino” loved by gourmets around the world to more than 150 countries, is unique. We will launch three new types of flavor and sparkling water, “San Pellegrino Essenza”, which are characterized by the flavor of natural Mediterranean fruits. A unique fruit flavor is added as an accent to the Italian sparkling water “San Pellegrino” in which calcium and magnesium are dissolved. The three flavors feature a unique blend of Mediterranean fruits. The exquisite balance of fine bubbles and fruit flavors goes well with food, and it is also a nice point to be a calorie-free natural flavor. The 330ml aluminum package has an elegant Italian appearance and simple dishes
I direct it to Irish. It is also more convenient to carry than bottles, making it perfect for leisure activities such as picnics and barbecues and home parties.
3 flavors featuring Mediterranean fruit flavors
Lemon & Lemon Zest-This citrus flavor gives a classy and surprisingly fresh impression. Perfect for delicate dishes such as?, Salads, fresh vegetables and fruits.
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“Sampelegrino Essenza” lemon & lemon zest
Tangerine & Wild Strawberry-A well-balanced flavor with a lingering citrus and berry essence and a fresh, fruity lasting flavor. Matches perfectly with tomato pasta, cooked vegetables and ice cream. [Image 2d17244-6-694091-2.png
“Sampelegrino Essenza” Tangerine & Wild Strawberry
Dark Morero Cherry & Pomegranate-This unique combination of fruit and sour taste gives a distinctive aroma. This flavor goes well with more intense dishes such as meat, chocolate desserts and rich sauces. [Image 3d17244-6-968206-1.png
“Sampelegrino Essenza” Dark Morero Cherry & Pomegranate
Product Summary
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