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  • BuildSalon GK In addition to Japan’s only “online salon specialty” support business, “online salon monetization consulting” has been added to further drive the new era of community.

BuildSalon GK In addition to Japan’s only “online salon specialty” support business, “online salon monetization consulting” has been added to further drive the new era of community.

Buildsalon LLC
In addition to Japan’s only “online salon specialty” support business, “online salon monetization consulting” has been added to further drive the new era of community.
[Image 1

BuildSalon (build salon) LLC (located in Hachioji, Tokyo;
representative: Tokachi Uemura), which is the only company in Japan that offers the specialized support service for online salon construction, Salon Monetization Consulting “has begun.
Many customers who actually consulted asked me “How can I make money?” Therefore, we have utilized our in-depth knowledge and know-how, which has specialized in building online salons exclusively for more than 100 projects in the past, for consultation on attracting online salons and making profits.
In addition to the salons built through our company, we also offer consultations on attracting and monetizing customers who are standing on platforms of other companies.
■ Current status and issues of online salons in Japan

[Image 2

The image is an image
Online salon is a collective term for members-only communities on the Internet that only members who pay the monthly fee can view and interact with. The operation of online salons is also attracting attention as a sideline of modern office workers.
Online salons run and run by celebrities, such as businessmen Takafumi Horie and Ryohiro Nishino, have gathered many members from all over Japan as well as abroad.
When an online salon gets on track, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will work effectively, creating a state where content calls content and people call people. Therefore, there is an advantage that profits can be naturally stabilized without focusing on attracting customers. On the other hand, monetization at the initial stage requires a great deal of operator effort. However, without the proper monetization know-how inherent in online salons, you can misguide your efforts and stay out of your first goal of monetization.
Therefore, we provide consulting to reduce the required labor to the utmost and reach the goal of monetization by the shortest route. Through this business, we aim to establish an online salon culture in Japanese society.
Specifically, we may actually engage in monetization as an
administrator according to the customer’s request, create an instruction for improvement in PDF, and take measures on your own You may have to do it.
■ The image of the world where our “BuildSalon” wants to contribute to the realization
[Image 3

The image is an image
Even if the reputation and influence are not high at this time, by continuously building relationships with participating members through hosting and operating online salons, the trust of the organizer, reputation, social influence, etc. are gradually increased. Can be accumulated.
We want to increase at least one “online salon that can be opened only for ourselves and ourselves”, where each customer takes advantage of their unique strengths. No matter how niche, there are people in the world who are looking for that strength.
Online salons of various sizes, regardless of distance or time constraints, will be close to the participating members, enliven daily exchanges, and lead to problem solving and achievement of goals. In order to contribute to the realization of such a “specialized society”, all of our resources are concentrated and provided for online salon support.
Our “BuildSalon” offers the following four main features.
[1] The only support company specialized in online salons in Japan [Image 4

The image is an image
BuildSalon LLC is the only company in Japan specializing in helping online salon organizers. We provide consistent support not only for construction, but also for operations and monetization.
[2] Providing “ownable” salons that do not rely on platforms [Image 5

The image is an image
The number of online salon “renting out” platform companies in Japan, such as DMM and CAMPFIRE, has increased.
However, salon organizers have to follow the unilateral rules changes of platform companies, and there is also a problem that a considerable fee is collected every month.
The online salon proposed by BuildSalon runs on WordPress (CMS program) uploaded to the organizer’s own management server, so the organizer can “own” it.
Therefore, the rules and manners within the salon, the amount of the dues and payment method, the maximum number of people, the end time, etc. can be decided by the organizer himself, regardless of the intention and convenience of other companies. You can retain the personal information of salon participants, and there is no
maintenance cost other than the server fee.
[3] Overwhelming cost performance
BuildSalon is not the only consultant to help you build an online salon. From partial fixes to continuous updates, we offer the industry’s fastest, thorough after-sales support.
No other company offers a high quality online salon support business at low cost, which is our strength in advocating “online salon specialty”.
[4] “Coconara” ranked first in category sales
Our company’s online salon construction service has won No. 1 sales in the “Web production section” on the “Coconara”, the largest skill sales platform in Japan, where corporations and individuals provide specialized skills on the Internet.

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