Shiseido Co., Ltd. Suzu Hirose is appointed as a new muse for the d-program. Appeared in a pink dress with the image of a favorite bottle! “For me, the d program is a savior” 宣言 Declaring “I want to be skin & I want to b e” in 2020

Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Hirose Suzu is appointed as d program new muse. Appeared in pink dress inspired by favorite bottle! “For me, the d program is a savior” 宣言 Declaring “I want to be skin & I want to be” in 2020
Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. today held the Shiseido “d Program New Muse Inauguration Presentation” at Omotesando Hills Space O (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. Premium Program Business Division Skin Care Marketing Department d Program Japan Group d Program Japan Brand Manager Yuuki Kawai explains the expanding domestic sensitive skin skin care market and d program, and then a new d program muse We welcomed Mr. Suzu Hirose who was appointed as a guest, and talked about Hirose’s life, skin care methods, and “skin that we want to be in 2020”.
■ The solution of d program in sensitive skin market is “defense × develop” Brand Manager Kawai introduces the d program, which was created from Shiseido’s research on sensitive skin over 50 years. In response to the ever-growing sensitive skin market and changes in the insights of sensitive skin women who want to enjoy skin care positively, 99% of women feel “sometimes sensitive skin” *, but “defense the skin” )) But also “developing” the d program to help you achieve the ideal skin. * September 2015 d Program research (n = 43,509)
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Mr. Hirose, his feeling of becoming a muse of his favorite brand was “I was delighted to say” I did it! ”
Hirose appeared in pink long dress style. When asked about the points of the costume, “Actually, I have been using the pink d’Moist Care Program since the school days. So, at this d program presentation, I was aware of the same pink color as “d program moist care”. ” When asked what she felt when the offer came, she said, “I’m really happy to say” I did it because it was a brand I’ve always used and loved. I think it’s good. ”
■ A look back at the chronology of Hirose’s actress life and skin conditions. “For me the d program is the savior”
Next, while looking back on the life of the actress up to now, we talked about the events that became the turning point and the skin circumstances at that time. “I spent much more time working on site than I did in private, and it was very hard to keep my skin clean.” In particular, Hirose clarified, “I feel that if I have a lack of sleep or a disturbance in my eating habits at the time of shooting, I feel that my skin is likely to become sensitive.” “I was so busy when I was in high school that I was so busy that I came across the d program while trying out various things, thought” this is it! “, And then used it every day. Is like a savior. ”
■ Private photos are released. For outdoor shooting, use Allele Barrier BB to prevent pollen and dust.
After that, Mr. Hirose, who took a picture of actually using the d program, said, “ Recently, even at the shooting site, I have something that fits my skin Sometimes I bring my own d-program to get there, and at home I keep it on the side so I can use it in the morning, afternoon and evening. ” He talked about why he loves himself during busy shooting. Next, he showed a photo using “Allele Barrier BB”, a base makeup product that protects skin from pollen, which was introduced in this commercial. “I use pollen and dust care because it’s important both indoors and outdoors. I like using it like a moisturizing cream.”
■ Introducing “Suzu flow sensitive skin skin care”. Towards “ Skin that can not lose to clean clothes ” in 2020
瀬 Mr. Hirose also stated that two important aspects of skin care for sensitive skin are to apply lotion lotion and not to wash too much. In particular, he says, “When you are worried about dryness, lots of lotion penetrates,” Let’s put in the lotion. ” Finally, when asked, “What kind of skin do you want to be as a muse for the d program?” “Skin that does not lose to clean clothes”. I often wear elegant clothes at work and white clothes at private, Ideally, the beauty of your skin is better than that of your clothes. If your skin condition is good, you will feel dignified. ” In addition, “I would like to meet a variety of people and works as if I changed myself when I met the d program. He emphasized his image of himself. Finally, Mr. Hirose said, “There are also new commercials and WEB videos, so please watch it to many people.
I’m glad if you ”Said his passion and enthusiasm for becoming a muse. 《Event of the day》
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▼ Outline of the presentation
-Presentation name- Shiseido “d program new muse inaugural presentation” -Date and time-Tuesday, January 14, 2020 13: 00-14: 00
Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. Premium Brand Business Division Skin Care Marketing Department
d Program Japan Group Brand Manager Yuki Kawai
・ New CM announcement
・ Talk session: Suzu Hirose
・ Photo Session: Suzu Hirose, Yuki Kawai

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