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Follow up on Resident Evil RE: 3!を Publish the latest videos! Star Wars!抹 Eliminate those who know the truth, the persistent pursuit of Nemesis. And encounter with Carlos.

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“Resident Evil RE: 3” whose existence was released at the end of 2019. A new video was released today.
In the first report, the work was introduced mainly by the protagonist Jill Valentine, but in this report we will deliver the information on the BOW “Nemesis”, which can be called the other leading role, and the important character “Carlos Oliveira” .
We’ll also have updates on other characters around noon today. After 20 years, what kind of interpretations have they been newly formed? If you play the original, it’s fun to compare it with your memories.

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Nemesis relentlessly follows Jill. He has the intelligence to use various weapons.
Release the latest video!
[Video 2:]

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“It” was dropped on Raccoon City, taking advantage of the confusion of the disease epidemic.
The black giant-Nemesis was pushed into a heavy container.
It was a new model manufactured by Umbrella based on the biological weapon Tyrant and improved instability.
Significantly improved intelligence allows missions to be performed on their own discretion, and improved self-renewal abilities allow operations to continue regardless of any damage.
Mission given to such “monster” Nemesis. It is the destruction of S.T.A.R.S. members.
They knew everything and it was a top priority for Umbrella. Nemesis began searching for prey. The first target found … it was Jill Valentine.
[Image 4d13450-1289-907719-3.jpg
[Image 5d13450-1289-540875-4.jpg
Umbrella rides on the turmoil of the city to launch a prototype B.O.W. “Nemesis” to kill S.T.A.R.S.members who know the truth of the case [Image 6d13450-1289-894688-5.jpg
Overwhelming fighting power and endurance. Nemesis with even higher intelligence. Relentlessly aim for Jill who is trying to rescue civilians and escape from the city
[Image 7d13450-1289-370571-7.jpg
Nemesis cannot be damaged by a half-life attack. It also has unrivaled regenerative abilities, so even if it appears to have done the decisive damage, it will be stuck many times
[Image 8d13450-1289-726836-6.jpg
Nemesis attacks with tentacles in addition to attacks with various weapons, tentacles attack from unexpected blind spots to seal Jill’s action
[Image 9d13450-1289-752231-8.jpg
Can Jill escape the pursuit of death?

Carlos Oliveira
[Image 10d13450-1289-938132-9.jpg
Carlos Oliveira
The command from Umbrella to U.B.C.S. was simple. U.B.C.S. is a combat unit of veteran mercenaries. Carlos Oliveira has also flowed through numerous battlefields as a guerrilla. He was able to use all kinds of firearms and pilot helicopters and Cessna, which was the skill he had learned in battle.
The troops go to the site, believing that this is a simple task, but the disease is spreading at an unimaginable rate, and the troops will be destroyed in less than two days.
Nevertheless, Carlos continues to survive several people and rescue the citizens. His bravery and sense of justice were just moving him. Carlos continues running in Raccoon City looking for survivors. [Image 11d13450-1289-627212-10.jpg
Jill meets Carlos.
[Image 12d13450-1289-721205-12.jpg
Carlos has been performing a number of tasks.

Carlos has a light mouth when first meeting.
However, he has the willingness to jump into the dead to save civilians and friends.
There are situations in which Carlos operates.
[Image 13d13450-1289-287040-11.jpg
Search line for Carlos. What dangers await?
[Image 14d13450-1289-112151-13.jpg
I can go to the dead land for my friends
■ Product name: Resident Evil RE: 3
■ Scheduled release date: Friday, April 3, 2020
■ Supported hardware: PlayStation4, Xbox One, PC (Steam)
■ Price:
PlayStation4 package version: 7,800 yen + tax
PlayStation (R) 4 COLLECTOR’S EDITION: 24,800 yen + tax
Download version (PlayStation (R) 4, Xbox One, PC): 7,091 yen + tax * Package version and COLLECTOR’S EDITION will be released only for PlayStation (R) 4 version.
■ Genre: Survival horror
■ CERO rating: D (for 17 years old or older)
* “Z Version” for 18 years and older only will be released on the same day
■ Copyright: (C) CAPCOM CO., LTD. 1999, 2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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