ADK launches new service brand “ADK CONNECT” specializing in performance marketing in Asia

ADK Holdings Inc.
ADK launches new service brand “ADK CONNECT” specializing in performance marketing in Asia
First acquisition of Vietnamese digital agency “VietBuzzAd”
ADK Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Shinichi Ueno; hereinafter “ADK”) is a new service brand that provides solutions centered on performance marketing (* 1) mainly in the digital domain. “ADK CONNECT” was launched in Asia. As part of this, we are pleased to announce the acquisition of shares in Vietnam’s independent digital agency “VietBuzzAd” (Headquarters: Ho Chi Minh City, CEO: Nguyen Huu Hanh; hereinafter “Vet Buzz Ad”). ADK announced VISION 2020 in 2013, which goes beyond the traditional advertising business and solves client issues and contributes to business results with solutions that stimulate consumer behavior. Company ”. The new service brand “ADK CONNECT” was launched under “VISION 2020”. In addition to conventional advertising in Japan as well as in Asia and China, the new service brand “ADK CONNECT” We have established a system that will contribute to strengthening marketing and optimizing ROI.
ADK CONNECT provides an end-to-end solution (* 2) that completely integrates from data collection and analysis to the creative planning process. In addition to ADK’s strengths in strategic planning-creative development, we aim to optimize corporate marketing ROI through accountability (the reliability of strategic development sources) and measurability (measurability of campaign effectiveness). To realize this initiative, ADK CONNECT will be launched in Singapore, Thailand and Bangkok, Taiwan and Taipei, and Hong Kong, in addition to Shanghai and Guangzhou, which have already started providing services. In Vietnam, the first acquisition of ADK CONNECT-related products resulted in the acquisition of Viet Vaz Ad.
Vietnam, which has acquired the shares, has grown as a leading independent digital agency in Vietnam. Today, the company has 65 employees and offers 360 ° services including performance marketing, creative, planning, strategy, social media and content production. After the acquisition of shares by ADK, VetBazad will change its brand name to “VBA” in January 2020. Through the Acquisition, we will work with ADK’s existing Vietnam base to enhance our capabilities in Vietnam, further strengthen digital-related services, and expand our business scale.
Going forward, we will continue to strengthen our service base in the digital performance field overseas through alliances with partners under the ADK CONNECT concept.
-Comment from Yasuyuki Katagi, Executive Officer, Global Business Center- I look forward to working with Viet Baz Ad in Vietnam, where the digital advertising market is growing fast. We will accelerate growth and provide services that exceed client expectations.
-Comments from Viet Bazuad CEO Nguyen Huu Hanh-
I am happy to join the ADK Global Family. We will further provide digital solutions to ADK clients and contribute to Vietnamese and overseas business expansion for Vietnam’s existing clients.
ADK Holdings Yasuyuki Katagi (right) and Nguyen Huu Hanh (left) at VietBazad -Overview of VetBazad-
Company name: VTP Vietnam Joint Stock Company
holding registration number 0315217895
Location: 16th Floor, 33 Le Duan Street, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist. 1, HCMC, Vietnam Established: November 2010
Representative: CEO: Nguyen Huu Hanh
Business: Digital agency providing 360-degree services such as creative, planning, strategy, social media, and content production, focusing on performance marketing
(* 1) What is performance marketing?
The concept that all marketing effectiveness should be measured based on performance as the marketing approach shifts from traditional formats such as television and print media to the new avenue of online and mobile advertising. Deeply penetrates the marketing industry. (* 2) What is an End to End solution?
End to End is an English expression that means “at both ends” and “from end to end.” It means the entire solution from online to offline, from strategy to execution.

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