Eat and Eat and frozen foods “Osaka Osho chilled dumplings” Spring / Summer 2020 New home and renewal products

Eat and
Eat and frozen foods “Osaka Osho chilled dumplings” Spring / summer 2020 New home and renewal products
Eat & Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Hiroyasu Nakata) will supply 2020 new products for home use and eight renewal products in the frozen food series delivered by Chinese specialty store Osaka Osho. It will be sold nationwide from late February.
■ “Real Rakuchin New Experience”
Eat and Frozen Food Spring / Summer 2020 Concept = “Real Lactin New Experience” We propose simple but convenient products with a rich and enjoyable food scene with the simplicity of experiencing new experiences like entertainment.
◆ A new type of gyoza that can be eaten by thawing with running water has appeared! Easy cooking perfect for summer!
A new type of gyoza that can be easily cooked by thawing with running water. You do not need to boil the water, so you can cook easily even on hot days. The flavor and freshly chopped ginger are refreshingly savory and finished in a refreshing seasoning. The look is cool with a transparent skin, and a summer-like arrangement on ice is also recommended.
[Image 1

-New Product-Osaka Osho Cold Gyoza
◆ Grilled crispy! Skin is sticky! Spicy small dumplings suitable for beer Small gyoza with crisp and savory grilled eyes and firm skin. Seasoned with black pepper, leek punch, and sesame oil scent. It is bite-sized, easy to eat and addictive.
[Image 2

-New product-Osaka Shosho Tsumami Gyoza
【Product list】
[Image 3

[Image 4

■ Release: Available at mass retailers nationwide from late February 2020 [About Eat & Food Business]
Eat & n offers frozen foods and room temperature seasonings so that you can enjoy the taste of the restaurant at home.
Products manufactured under a thorough management system of carefully selected raw materials can be enjoyed with confidence from children to elderly people. Produce and enrich your daily meals. Eat & supports the warm space of the family and the overflowing smile.
[Eat and @ product introduction page]
■ About Osaka Ohsho
Founded in September 1969 in Kyobashi, Osaka. A gyoza specialty store currently operating 344 stores in Japan (as of the end of September 2019). We offer high-quality Chinese specialties at casual prices, centered on our signature menu “Genso-yaki Gyoza” since our founding. In September 2019, we celebrated our 50th anniversary. With
appreciation to our customers who have been patronizing us so far, we will continue to provide “Koto” that will make you more cheerful and smile with the slogan “Happy the world with gyoza!” .
-Special Site Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Osaka Osho-
[Image 5d10329-345-702852-4.jpg
Eat & will continue to value our Mission, “Brilliance of Dreams, Fun and Life,” and contribute to the improvement of living culture through “Creation of Food Culture,” while providing customers with “Food: EAT” + “&”. I will propose.

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