The bride platform “Wedding News” has raised a total of 280 million yen. Aim for liberalization of the 2.5 t rillion yen market.

Original life
The bride platform “Wedding News” has raised a total of 280 million yen. Aim for liberalization of the 2.5 trillion yen market.
Going to the organization phase of 8 → 20 people
Original Life Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Jun Enomoto), which operates the bride platform “Wedding News”, is a third-party allotment to Nissay Capital, Septeni Holdings, Inc. and Nobuhiro Ariyasu We raised 280 million yen through a capital increase. As a result, the accumulated financing amount will be 470 million yen, and we will make active investments in product development and marketing in the future.

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結婚 式 Japanese weddings are said to be the tallest and crippled in the world. (The total cost is $ 32,000 in Japan, the second largest in the United States is $ 29,000, and the average price per guest is $ 496 in Japan, compared to $ 232 in the United States.)
We want to solve the structural problems of the bridal industry with the power of products that feed back consumer needs to the supply side. Utilizing this funding, we will greatly promote product development and marketing that can contribute to the evolution of the bridal industry in Japan.
As the first step to strengthen marketing, we launched “SWEET WEDDING with WeddingNews” on January 11 as a joint project with No.1 women’s magazine “sweet” in collaboration with Takarajimasha. “Sweet bride diagnosis” has already been diagnosed more than 10,000 times. In collaboration with the sweet editorial department, we will combine the know-how of our product development and web marketing with the overwhelming content production capabilities of Treasure Island to create products.
The “ Wedding News ” run by our company is popular as a portal media to help prepare for marriage, with the main content of an example repo that published a face photo of a graduated bride who gave a wedding as a bride platform, and monthly users It has grown to over 800,000 people. In addition, it is the No. 1 brand on Instagram, and the number of followers has exceeded 200,000.
In January 2019, we released Japan’s first wedding hall meta search function, the number of reservations for fairs such as wedding halls exceeded 1500 people per month, and our sales stably exceeded 10 million yen per month Growing
In order to grow 10 times from here, we will strengthen product development and marketing.
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■ From CEO Jun Enomoto
“Contributing to Industrial Evolution with Consumer Journalism” It is a word from Day 1 of the founding. At that time, the direction of the product was not clear, and it could be said that only the way of business was decided.
I’ve been trying and trying to figure out how to replace the social value of the information magazines in the past with the information age that the information flowed by the media creates open and fair competition and the industry evolves in the smartphone era.
Two years ago, we created an example submission platform, and last year, we released a metasearch for ceremonial searches using examples as a hook. Thanks to you, we have been able to use it for a lot of users over the past year, and by collaborating with many partners and wedding halls, we have understood at a high resolution what we should work on .
We believe the drastic change in the consumer information environment and intensifying competition is an opportunity to transform the industry into something more customer-oriented.
However, we cannot take advantage of this opportunity with our current strength alone.
Therefore, we have decided to join three powerful new investors this time. In addition, with the power of consumer behavior and data together with us, we aspire to associates, partners, media, and clients who can challenge the evolution of the industry.
If you are interested, please let me talk once.
■ Comments from new investors
Nissay Capital Co., Ltd.
Capitalist Kento Iida, Investment Manager Mr. Kenyuki Nagai
Mr. Enomoto is an enthusiastic manager who has a strong desire to make the business successful and will transform the structure of the bridal industry. To attract such managers, members with high aspirations are now gathering to develop Bridal’s No. 1 bride platform. With 280 million yen invested in our evolving platform and our growing company, we are confident that we will make a big leap forward. We look forward to creating a new bridal industry with our elite members.
Septeni Holdings Inc.
Representative Director, Group President and Executive Officer Mitsunori Sato ウ ェ デ ィ ン グ We are very pleased to be able to work with the product called Wedding News, which has the power to change the bridal industry better, and the original life who runs it, with this financing. For those involved in digital marketing as well, I feel that we have entered a phase where we can gain a very interesting experience in the rapidly changing market.
Entrepreneur and angel investor Nobuhiro Ariyasu
A friend from Enomoto, who has been a friend for 7 years, spoke to me and made an investment. The phase in which the size of a startup’s organization increases from 8 to 20 means a transition from individual play to team play. When the scenery changes most dramatic. (1) The founder is a mature (10 year recruiter), (2) As a result of careful consideration of market selection, monthly sales have reached 10 million yen without difficulty, and (3) a total of less than 500 million yen has been raised. There are not many startups in the country. If you are thinking about changing your career to a startup executive or executive, I think you should contact Enomoto!
■ About recruitment
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Original Life is actively recruiting for each job category.
There is still a great opportunity for employees who are still in the single digits and those who will join the company in the future (there is an SO system).
Please take a look at the following pages and feel free to apply if you feel a bit sympathetic.
We also focus on making things with the user community, and the fact that there are always many brides in the office is a major feature of product development.
Therefore, after gathering the actual users (the person who decided the wedding hall most recently and the person who will consider the wedding hall next time), we will hold a workshop to examine the renewal of the product.
[3/15 (Sun)] “Renewal workshop starting with UX research”
If you are interested, please register in advance. We will contact you after the details are determined.
(Please be assured that it is not a reservation)
■ What is Wedding News?
[Image 5d17300-13-342102-5.png
A bridal platform where 5,000 real wedding example repos are posted with high calories. The number of users is 800,000 per month, the number of Instagram followers is 200,000, and it is the No. 1 in the bridal area. Released the only wedding hall meta search function in Japan in January 2019. Users can easily access all the reviews published on the Internet, true final bills and the best deals, without having to travel to multiple sites. Monthly bookings exceeded 1500.
Wedding News Ceremony Search
Feature 1: You can see real photos.
You can find out from actual wedding examples of over 5,000 real brides and over 600,000 real brides that can only be found in wedding news.
Feature 2: You can find the best booking route.
Benefits vary depending on the site, so you can compare them in a list. Feature 3: Know the true price.
It specifies the average value of how much the initial estimated cost will increase for each venue.
Wedding News (App)
Wedding News (WEB)
SWEET WEDDING with WeddingNews
Overview of Original Life Co., Ltd.
Company name Original Life Co., Ltd.
Location 1-16-8 Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Shintomicho Towa Building 2F Established April 2015
Capital ¥ 215 million
Representative Jun Enomoto, President and Representative Director Business contents Wedding information service business

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