SEGA Games Co., Ltd. SEGA Games signs IP license agreement for smartphone / PC game “Ryuga Yoru ONLINE” with Taiwanese company SOFTSTAR Announces business development for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau

SEGA Games Inc.
Sega Games Signs IP License Agreement for Smartphone / PC Game “Ryuga Yoru ONLINE” with Taiwanese Company SOFTSTAR Announces Business Development for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau
SEGA Games Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; COO: Kenji Matsubara; hereinafter SEGA Games) has developed and operated a game for smartphones and PCs called “Ryuga-no-Online,” which is developed and operated by SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT Inc. (Headquarters: Taipei City, Taiwan, Chairman: Toshimitsu (hereinafter SOFTSTAR) concluded an IP license-out agreement with Loftstar Interactive Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of SOFTSTAR. January 17, 2020 for SOFTSTAR’s business expansion in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau It was announced in Taipei, Taiwan on Friday.
Under the concept of “entertainment work for adults,” “Ryuga Yoru ONLINE” draws on the life style of hot men living in a huge
entertainment district, and has been well received. It is a legitimate sequel app of the series “Ryu ga yoku” In Japan, SEGA Games has been providing services for smartphones and PCs since November 2018, and has exceeded 2 million accounts since the service started (as of the end of December 2019).
Since its establishment in 1988, SOFTSTAR has focused on games in the traditional-speaking area *, such as PC / home / smartphone game development and sales, IP multi-licensing for movies, TV dramas and manga, and merchandising planning and sales. And a wide range of entertainment-related businesses. In the game business, in particular, we have a track record of operating hit games for smartphones, and we have also achieved results in IP development, such as developing multi-platform PC and home games and animations based on games. In this initiative, SOFTSTAR will conduct the planning and development of the local version of “Ryuga Yoru ONLINE” to its operation. Based on the company’s traditional game business in the traditional Chinese sphere and a wealth of knowledge based on the track record of IP development from game titles, the local version of “ Ryugaku ONLINE ” has been widely accepted in the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau game markets. We hope that this will lead to the growth of IP of “Ryugaku”. SEGA Games has development studios and sales bases around the world, and develops games and related businesses according to the market environment in each region. The “Ryugaku Like” series is also being localized and aggressively expanding into overseas markets, and the appeal of the work itself is understood, such as being highly evaluated on a North American review site while setting the Japanese back society. , Player acquisition is progressing overseas. This agreement is part of this effort and will continue to work to deliver the series to more people around the world, including traditional Chinese.
* Traditional Chinese: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau
◆ “Ryuga Yoru ONLINE” Traditional Chinese version
◆ Overview Genre: RPG
Distribution start: To be determined
Price: Basic free (with item charge)
Supported platforms: App Store / Google Play / PC
Language: Traditional Chinese
Delivery area: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau
Copyright notice: (C) SEGA, Published by SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC. [Image 1d5397-3106-249548-2.jpg
◆ About SOFTSTAR (
Company name: SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT Inc. (Daewoo Corporation) Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Established: August 1987
Representative: Mr. Toshimitsu, Chairman
Business description:
PC, home and mobile game development / IP management /
Game publishing business
Multi-licensing business for IP such as movies, dramas, stage plays, manga and novels
Planning and sales of merchandise
[Image 2d5397-3106-296217-0.png
◆ About Sega Games (
Company name: SEGA Games Inc.
Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Established: June 1960
Representative: Kenji Matsubara, President and COO
Business description:
Planning, development, sales and operation of games and digital services for home game consoles, PCs and smart devices
The company names and product names described are registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.
The information in this document is as of the date of publication. (C) SEGA

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