GMMES DMM GAMES DMM GAMES “FLOWER KNIGHT GIRL” 5th anniversary! Commemorative campaigns such as “11 free gachas once a day”! SP browser version service started!

DMM GAMES “FLOWER KNIGHT GIRL” 5th Anniversary! Commemorative campaigns such as “11 free gachas once a day”! SP browser version service started!
DMM GAMES LLC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Muranaka, URL: updated fantasy RPG “FLOWER KNIGHT GIRL” on January 20th We announce that we carry out. See the official website for details.
[Image 1d32953-1619-503393-2.jpg
▼ 5th Anniversary Campaign!
To commemorate the 5th anniversary on January 27, we will hold a variety of “Akahana” campaigns, including “Free once a day ★ 4 or more confirmed 11 consecutive gacha” starting from January 21 !
Enjoy the 5th anniversary of the Flower Knight!
See the game for details.
* The period of “Free once a day ★ 4 or more confirmed 11 consecutive gacha” will be held from 0:00 on January 21, 2020 to 23:59 on February 3, 2020 (Monday).
▼ SP browser version service started!
[Image 2d32953-1619-935202-0.jpg
The FLOWER KNIGHT GIRL for SP browser service has started today! For details, connect to the DMM GAMES site with a smartphone and check. Click here for the SP browser version page
* If you register for “FLOWER KNIGHT GIRL for SP Browser”
The default browser on smartphones,
[Image 3d32953-1619-491428-4.jpg
▼ Voting event “Wanhua Festival Kaleid Kroma” will be held!
Collect voting tickets and vote for your favorite flower knight! The sun sets, the night comes, and the Wanhua festival begins. Originally an event that began to dedicate thoughts to “Sleeping Princess”, It has become a festival to choose “the flower knight who gave hope to the people”.
At the request of Saint Patrick Pakistakis, the leader participates as a judge. With a variety of thoughts, people gather at the lakeside world flowers …! Event period: From maintenance on January 20, 2020 to maintenance on February 3, 2020.
[Image 4d32953-1619-473604-6.jpg
[Image 5d32953-1619-579917-3.jpg
▼ New characters are added to Premium Gacha!
Appeared in the new event “ Wanhua Festival Kaleid Kroma ” in Premium Gacha “Cardamine Rirata”, “Himeodorikosou” and “Rippia” are added! A linked campaign gacha that increases the appearance rate of additional characters is also being held at the same time!
[Image 6d32953-1619-237017-8.jpg
[Image 7d32953-1619-527209-5.jpg
[Image 8d32953-1619-321871-7.jpg
▼ Character quests added!
With the holding of the new event “Wanhua Festival Kaleid Kroma” “Cardamine Rirata” “Himaedorisou” “Rippia”
Character quest added with voice!
Let’s challenge the character quest immediately!
▼ The 117th reprint event, “Thousand Heads Mizuworum,” is now being held! [Image 9d32953-1619-150793-9.jpg
[Image 10d32953-1619-834198-1.jpg
The 117th reprint event is an episode with “Isogiku”.
Defeat sea anemones and the three major pests, Mizuworm!
▼ New theme added to the garden function!
[Image 11d32953-1619-917390-10.jpg
A garden commemorating the 5th anniversary has appeared!
▼ Various other update contents!
Add special missions and update exchange lineups!
Let’s go to pest suppression with a new flower knight as a friend! * Images are under development.
* Campaign content and period are subject to change without notice.
▼ “FLOWER KNIGHT GIRL” Official Site
▼ “FLOWER KNIGHT GIRL” Official Twitter Account
▼ Product overview
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