Seiko Watch Co., Ltd. -Seiko 5 Sports- Launch of limited edition collaboration model with rock band legend “QUEEN” guitarist Brian May


Seiko Watch Corporation -Seiko 5 Sport-Rock band legend "QUEEN" guitarist Brian May releases collaboration limited model ……………………………………………………………………… Seiko Watch Co.,…


Seiko Watch Corporation
-Seiko 5 Sport-Rock band legend “QUEEN” guitarist Brian May releases collaboration limited model

Seiko Watch Co., Ltd. (Chairman and CEO: Shinji Hattori, head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is a legendary rock band “QUEEN” from a casual watch brand-Seiko 5 Sports-equipped with a mechanical movement made in Japan. Limited quantity models in collaboration with guitarist “Bryan May” will be released sequentially in Japan and overseas from May 15, 2020 (Friday). The limited quantity is 9,000 pieces and the suggested retail price is 63,800 yen (58,000 yen + tax).
-Product Features-
The design concept is “5 styles” that symbolize the modern times where various values ​​fly, and “Brian May”, who was a guitarist in the seiko 5 sports-and the legendary rock band “QUEEN”, which relaunched last year. Is a collaboration.
The bold expression of the guitar “Red Special”, which was created by Mr. Brian more than 50 years ago and is still a favorite, is boldly expressed.
特別 It is a special model that embodies the spirit and passion of Mr. Brian, who penetrates his unique style of playing an all-handmade guitar with 6pence coins.
Special dial inspired by “Red Special”

The dial is designed in the image of the “Red Special” body, with a stamped pattern reminiscent of the texture of wood, a “red” gradation paint and a glossy wrap finish. A special one bearing the spirit of a legendary guitar with its name written in the center of the dial.
Special specifications suitable for collaboration models

As a special specification of this model only, in addition to the letters and serial number of “Limited Edition” which is a proof of the limited model on the back cover, Mr. Brian’s signature is given.
The box that holds the watch has a design reminiscent of a guitar case. A special coin only for this work, which is based on the image of 6pence coin used by Brian instead of the pick, is also included.
Special specification that is attractive not only to wear but also as a collector’s item.

Brian Harold May
Guitarist of the legendary rock band, QUEEN, representing the UK. The unique attack sound produced by combining the all-handmade electric guitar “Red Special” with a 6-pence coin as a pick has long attracted fans worldwide as a unique sound.

Red Special
The Red Special is an all-handmade electric guitar made by Brian May. This guitar, made from a combination of materials that were supposed to be discarded, pursued a playing style based on Mr. Brian’s sense, and gained a unique structure and tone unlike ordinary guitars. Brian continues to use this guitar after various improvements and

-Seiko 5 Sports- is a mechanical watch brand with the roots of “Seiko Sportsmatic 5” (commonly known as Seiko Five) released in 1963. As the name suggests, Seiko Five, which has five advanced functions, has gained worldwide popularity as a watch that matches the active scene. In 1968, Seiko 5 Sport was born, which combines avant-garde, sporty design and tough specifications, and has been popular with many people for more than half a century. It has been reborn as a casual watch brand that takes values ​​into shape. Based on the design concept of “5 styles (Sports, Suites, Specialist, Street, Sense)” that symbolize the modern age, we have developed 5 collections and have transcended the existing framework to pass on the watch culture to the next generation. We will send a new style.
■ -Seiko 5 Sports-Sense Style Brian May Limited Edition

[Product Specifications]
Back lid: See-through screw back
Waterproof performance: Reinforced waterproofing for everyday life (10 ATM water resistant)
Anti-magnetic performance: Anti-magnetic watch (JIS anti-magnetic watch 1 type) Case size: [Outer diameter] 42.5mm (excluding crown) [Thickness] 13.4mm After-sales service: Manufacturer warranty One year warranty [Movement specifications]
Mechanical movement caliber 4R36
Winding method: Automatic winding
Time accuracy: average daily difference +45 seconds to -35 seconds (when worn on an arm at a temperature of 5 ° C to 35 ° C)
Power reserve: about 41 hours
Number of stones: 24 stones
Frequency: 21,600 vibrations / hour (6 vibrations / second)
Additional function: Calendar (date / day of the week) display function -Contact information-
Seiko Watch Co., Ltd. Customer Service Office 0120-061-012 (toll free) Seiko Watch official website address
-Seiko 5 Sports- Official Website Address

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