“Become barefoot in Shibuya” 3-day general participation event LIFE TUNING DAYS YOGA & WELLNESS March 12-14 will be held at Shibuya Stream!


B-connect Inc. “Become barefoot in Shibuya” 3-day general participation event LIFE TUNING DAYS YOGA & WELLNESS March 12-14 will be…


B-connect Inc.
“Become barefoot in Shibuya” 3-day general participation event LIFE TUNING DAYS YOGA & WELLNESS March 12-14 will be held at Shibuya Stream!
-First Content- “Yoga Friend” by Cuore, headed by Yuto Nagatomo, has been decided! Ticket sales started on January 21 at the ticket site
B-connect Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO / Founder: Shokichi Takahashi) has been working on “LIFE TUNING DAYS YOGA & WELLNESS” , LIFE TUNING DAYS) ”will be held for the first time at Shibuya Stream. LIFE TUNING DAYS is a general participatory event that provides “Hints for preparing the mind and body” of people living in modern times, such as yoga, workouts, organic food, beauty, and lifestyle.
The event will be organized across four themes: BODY TUNING, MIND TUNING, INTERFACE TUNING, and INNER TUNING, and will develop participatory content such as yoga programs and talk sessions, as well as exhibiting numerous booths. The event also aims to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bottle trash. Please bring your own bottle and participate on the day.
As the first content, “Yoga Tomo” class has been decided to be held by Cuore Co., Ltd., whose representative is Yuto Nagatomo. In the “Yoga Tomo” class, Nagatomo’s original yoga lesson combining trunk training and stretching will be held with Masanori Kaguchi, director of the personal gym “CUORE ONE”, where top athletes gather. “Yoga Tomo” class tickets can be purchased at the ticket site
( for ¥ 3,000 per ticket.
In addition, a talk session “FAT ADAPT 2020” by Yuya Nagatomo’s exclusive chef, Mr. Kazuya Kato, will be held for invited guests, and joint product development with “FAT ADAPT 2020” is planned.
[Image 1
・ Event name: LIFE TUNING DAYS YOGA & WELLNESS (abbreviation: LTD) ・ Date: March 12 (Thu) 8: 00-21: 00
-March 13 (Fri) 8: 00-21: 00
-March 14 (Sat) 8: 00-19: 00
* Times are subject to change.
・ Venue: Shibuya Stream 1F ・ 4-6F (Address: 3-21-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) ・ Organizer: B-connect Inc.
・ Support: Shibuya City Tourism Association
・ Ticket site:
・ Instagram:
-Content theme-
Go barefoot in Yoga or workout in Shibuya. Tuning yourself in the way it should be by taking off your usual shoes and moving your body in the middle of the bustle of Shibuya, not in nature.
In today’s modern world, where you can survive the ever-changing life, you will tune not only to work but also to life through sessions and meditation.
TUNING to connect your heart and body by enjoying your own beauty and fashion. An exhibition area will be set up in the venue and booth exhibitions are planned.
TUNING from inside the body using food for athletes, organic foods, aromas, etc. We plan to hold workshops and hold markets.
■ “Yoga Friends” Class Overview
“Yoga Tomo” is Yoga Nagatomo’s original yoga that combines core training and stretching. Whether it’s for men, high school students or the elderly, it can be done by any inexperienced person, making it smarter, more focused and more capable for business people. It is also effective for dieting because the trunk is increased and basal metabolism is increased.
In the “Yoga Tomo” class, we will have a special lesson with Masanori Takeguchi, a trainer of CUORE ONE, a personal gym where top athletes gather. Tickets will be on sale from January 21 at the ticket site ( for ¥ 3,000 per ticket. For those who have purchased tickets, use the “Yoga Tomo” book (equivalent to tax of 1,296 yen, with DVD) and the personal gym “CUORE ONE” (Minato-ku, Tokyo) for ¥ 3,000 for ¥ 10,000. We will give you a special ticket that you can do.
[Image 2
-Class details-
・ Lesson time: March 13 (Fri) 16: 30-17: 30
・ Reception hours: Acceptable 30 minutes before the lesson starts ・ Reception area ①: Shibuya stream 6th floor
・ Clothing: Please come in clothes that are easy to move.
・ What to bring: Yoga mats are available at the venue,
If you have your own My mat
Is possible.
・ The lecturer of the class will be Masanori Takeguchi.
・ Yuto Nagatomo does not come.
・ One ticket can be purchased at a time
I will be.
Masanori Takeguchi Profile
[Image 3
He is in charge of training training for a wide range of top athletes, including Olympic athletes, as well as performing arts related to actresses and models, as well as the general public, including Yuto Nagatomo of Japan National Soccer Team and Ikumo Nonaka of Japan Sports Climbing Team. He is also the director of the private gym “CUORE ONE” in Omotesando.
Instagram account: ~ Support players ~
Yuto Nagatomo (soccer), Moe Nonaka (sport climbing), Hazuki Nagai (hockey), Yukinori Kagawa (karate), Arashi Kato (surfing), Rui Ueda (trail run), Haruna Matsumoto (snowboard), Gin Sumitani Jiro (baseball) etc ..
■ Overview of “FAT ADAPT 2020”
With the vision of “Making the experience and know-how of Yuto Nagatomo and top athletes into the lifestyle of as many people as possible”, Yuto Nagatomo, Nagatomo’s exclusive chef Choya Kato, Kitasato University Kitasato Institute Hospital Diabetes Cuore Co., Ltd. developed the FatAdapt diet, which was completed by Center Director Satoru Yamada, as a web service in the summer of 2019. In this “ FAT ADAPT 2020 ”, the concept of the fat adapt diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-lipid, high-protein diet for people who exercise their body through exercise or yoga. A talk session will be held by Mr. Kaya Kato to disseminate information on points to be played (invitation only).
Official site:
[Image 4
Kato Tatsuya Profile
Became the exclusive chef of Yuto Nagatomo belonging to Cuore Co., Ltd. From the 2016 season, he has been engaged in food condition support at Inter Milan, Italy and Galatasaray, Turkey. Contributed to the two titles, the 2018 Turkish League champion and the 2019 Turkish League Cup champion.レ シ ピ We supervise recipes in the book “Fat Adapt Diet” published in 2019. In addition, he is engaged in meal training and cooking lessons for top athletes, talents and models in various sports.
Instagram account:
About Cuore
Established in April 2016 as a mission to deliver the philosophy of “Contribute to society through healthy everyday creation filled with smiles” and the knowledge of athletes and experts to as many people as possible. Business activities include the operation of the private gym “CUORE ONE” and sales of training gear “Flowin” in the athletic business. The restaurant business operates the FAT ADAPT, a menu recipe service, and also manages the portrait relationship of Yuto Nagatomo.
Official site:
■ Comments
Shokichi Takahashi (B-connect CEO / Founder)
B-connect Co., Ltd. is taking on the challenge of cultivating a new yoga and wellness market starting from stores, events and EC. The idea of ​​yoga is to connect the mind and body and balance them. “ LIFE TUNING DAYS ” will spread the new appeal of yoga, not just fitness, to all over Japan by combining the concept of yoga born about 5,000 years ago with the modern lifestyle of people gathering in Shibuya. I will continue. With this opportunity, we hope that people of all ages and genders will be interested in the yoga-based wellness market. Jungo Kanayama (President, Shibuya City Tourism Association) I think it is very significant that this event called “LIFE TUNING DAYS” will be held in the changing city of Shibuya, where visitors stop their usual steps and prepare themselves. The Shibuya City Tourism Association sympathizes with this project and hopes to cooperate fully. In the near future, we aim to hold “10,000 yoga” in the Shibuya area, and we hope to connect to a larger movement. Choya Kato (Exclusive chef, Yuto Nagatomo, Cuore Co., Ltd.)
One of the themes of “LIFE TUNING DAYS”, we will have a talk event about FAT ADAPT, which changes the body from cells, in order to “prepare the mind and body”.
Let me tell you that more people can practice the Fat Adapt Diet method, which is also practiced by Yuto Nagatomo, and some tips, so that they can improve their daily performance. I think.
Masanori Takeguchi (Cuore Physical Trainer Co., Ltd.)
Functional Movement ~ The body that can move is beautiful ~
A conditioning class that uses the elements of yoga, stretching and training to restore the physical functions of the human body. We will acquire appropriate joint range of motion and stability of the trunk, and make it a “movable body”. “Moveable body” not only eliminates upsets such as stiff shoulders and lower back pain, but also realizes “clean body” such as constriction, beautiful buttocks and beautiful legs. You can participate at your own pace, from those who exercise regularly to those who are not very confident in exercising. Please come and enjoy the possibilities of your body.

For more information about this release(Japanese):

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