Non profit organization Shine on Kids Notice of launch of facility dog ​​”Ivy” support sake

Non profit organization Shine on Kids
Notice of launch of facility dog ​​”Ivy” support sake
Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s General Medical Care, dispatched by a certified NPO Shine on Kids (Chairman Kinbari Forsythe, Wakamatsu Building 7th Floor, 3-3-6 Nihonbashi Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo The facility dog, Ivy, who is active at the center, will have his third birthday on January 22nd.
To commemorate this, Ishikawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (President: Yahachiro Ishikawa @ 1 Kumakawa, Fussa-shi, Tokyo) Sake (with donation: 700 yen per bottle) will be released on the 22nd.
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One ¥ 2500 (tax not included) ¥ 700 will be donated
Facility dog ​​support sake sales
Shine On! Kids dispatched “Facility Dog,” a full-time dog at a hospital with specialized training, to the Shizuoka Children’s Hospital in January 2010 and to the Kanagawa Children’s Medical Center in July 2012. The program was introduced for the first time in Tokyo in the third facility in Japan for the first time in seven years. As a support for this activity, the “hometown” of a hospital where a facility dog ​​works, produced by Rie Senoo, who has the title of Sake Samurai (, which has been supported for a long time, “The sale of sake has started. It has been evaluated as playing a role in regional development.
This time, following Kanagawa and Shizuoka prefectures, this will be the third time that local special dishes are supported.
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Visit the hospitalized child and gently snuggle up to your heart. Overview of facility dog ​​support sake
As a support sake, Ishikawa Sake Brewery sells Ivy Label sake. 700 yen per donation will be donated to the facility dog ​​program.
This liquor can be purchased from Ishikawa Sake Brewery Online Shop.
* Products are available from one bottle.
* The special price is limited sale from 25th.
The following Shine-on-Kids original merchandise will be given to those who have purchased the facility dog ​​support liquor as benefits.
2 or more sets: Ivy Original Photo Book
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You can see the ivy that you enjoy both at work and off
4-piece set: Ivy plush (limited to 50 sets)
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Ivy and stuffed “Chibi Ivy”
Comment from Mr. Yahachiro Ishikawa, President and CEO.
“I can make delicious liquor with technology, but impressed liquor needs art, that is, the part of the heart. At the hospital, I felt that what I needed for that part of the heart was ivy and decided to support the facility dog. Was. ”
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President and Representative Director Yahachiro Ishikawa and Ivy in front of Honkura, a registered tangible cultural property (Photo by Eisuke Hoshino)
◆ Ishikawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
The Ishikawa family, which has a history of about 400 years since the Edo era, began manufacturing sake in 1863, when the 13th-generation Yahachiro Ishikawa (Wakichi) was founded. Sake [Taman Boasting] is a brand named with the wish of “If you can satisfy the hearts of many people so that you can be proud of Tama while singing Tama’s heart”. In 1998, the 18th generation Yahachiro Ishikawa started beer brewing, and is a brewery that handles not only local sake but also craft beer in Tokyo as well as “Tama no Megumi” and “TOKYOBLUES”.
There is a directly managed restaurant on the premises where you can taste fresh craft beer and local sake. Kuramoto is a brewery in Fussa, Tokyo, where brewery tours are held every day (reservation required and paid), and 100,000 people can visit the brewery every year to enjoy it as a “drinking theme park”.
◆ Certified non profit organization Shine on Kids
Established in July 2006. The founder’s son, Tyler, died short of life after two years of struggling with leukemia. This is the 14th anniversary of this year’s activity, which started with the courage of Tyler, who did not lose his smile even in a difficult illness, and his desire to use his experience.
Children facing treatment for childhood cancer and serious illness face anxiety and great stress in long-term hospital treatment. Although the level of medical care in Japan is one of the most advanced in the world, we believe that there are many challenges to support patients and families. In order to keep children smiling during long hospital stays, we have introduced a unique “care for the mind” program at 20 hospitals and Beads of College at 3 hospitals and a facility dog ​​program at 3 hospitals. Since 2017, we have been holding a workshop “Camp College” for survivors of childhood cancer.

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