Limited company DMM GAMES Nitroplus x DMM GAMES “Tokyo NECRO |Tokyo Necro| SUICIDE MISSION” held “1.5 million registered members commemoration campaign”! New events are also held at the same time! !

Nitroplus x DMM GAMES “Tokyo NECRO-Tokyo Necro-SUICIDE MISSION” held “1.5 million registered members commemoration campaign”! New events are also held at the same time! !
DMM GAMES LLC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Muranaka, URL:, “Tokyo NECRO-Tokyo Necro-SUICIDE MISSION” is today January 21. We announce that the “1.5 Million Subscribers Commemorative Campaign” was held on the day.
[Image 1

▼ “Commemorative campaign for 1.5 million registered users” is now underway! [Image 2

To commemorate that the number of registrants has exceeded 1.5 million, we are holding a “1.5 million registrants top commemoration campaign”.

January 21, 2020-January 31, 2020 12:59
・ Commemorative login bonus!
By logging in for a total of 8 days, you can get up to 5 “Special 10-equipment tickets” with twice the probability of ★ 5 equipment, and up to 6 scout tickets that can be drawn by simultaneous event scouts. ・ Commemorative scout held!
It is a scout where you can acquire 5 equipment etc. at each step with 3 steps up 10 consecutive scouts limited to 1 lap. Step 1 can be discounted at 120 yen / 120 DMM points.

Step 1: 10 scouts of 120 yen / 120 DMM points. ★ 4 members 1 person + ★ 5 equipment 1 confirmed
Step 2: 10 scouts of 490 yen / 490 DMM points. ★ 4 members 1 person + ★ 5 equipment 2 confirmed
Step 3: 10 scouts of 980 yen / 980 DMM points. ★ 5 members 1 person confirmed ・ Commemorative item set sale!
★ Sells an item set that is useful for AP recovery, training members and equipment, such as skill memory for raising the active skill level of 5 members.
▼ A new event “Resurrection of the dead until the hero goes to the hyper arena” is also held!
[Image 3

[[Idol] Minor]
[Image 4

[[Casual] Saishikawa Hatsume]
[Image 5d32953-1623-730497-2.jpg
If you organize members who can be obtained at this event and challenge the event mission, the points you can earn will increase. * The period is subject to change without notice.
* Points earned in this event will not be transferred to the next event. * This event may be reprinted in the future.
▼ Event-linked scout “Step Up Event Scout” will be held at the same time! ! [Image 6d32953-1623-114865-4.jpg
■ “Kyokyo NECRO-Tokyo Necro-SUICIDE MISSION” Official Site
■ Official Twitter
[Image 7d32953-1623-212763-0.jpg
▼ What is “Kyokyo NECRO-Tokyo Necro-SUICIDE MISSION”?
Based on the PC game “Tokyo NECRO” released in 2016 from Nitroplus, this is a new SRPG game sent by a powerful Nitroplus x DMM GAMES tag. Set in a freezing metropolis called “Kyokyo”, players fight as “Living Dead Stalkers”, hunting for the living dead “Living Dead”, and encounter characters with both habits We will interact.
Voices and Live2D animations are available for all characters that can be obtained!
The battle that combines the high strategic nature of SRPG with the ease of playing even in full auto mode keeps an eye on unique animations and flashy deadly skills!
The main scenario is newly written by Shimokura Bio who was in charge of the original script!
A must-see main character by Shinya Osaki (UNKNOWN GAMES) who was in charge of the original picture!
▼ Product overview
Title: Tokkyo NECRO-Tokyo Necro-SUICIDE MISSION
Genre: SRPG
Produced and released by: DMM GAMES
Original work and supervision: Nitroplus
Sales form: Basic free (some in-game purchases)
Platform: DMM GAMES / App Store / Google Play
Right notation: (C) Nitroplus (C) DMM GAMES
Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

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