Chocomoo, a popular illustrator in Japan and abroad, will be held in Harajuku!

Sunrise Promotion Tokyo Co., Ltd.
Chocomoo, a popular illustrator in Japan and abroad, will be held in Harajuku! -“I want everyone to have fun like a party!”
Sunrise Promotion Tokyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Kazuhito Takahashi), which plans, produces and manages events, will be running from August 20 (Thu) to September 28 (Mon), 2020, WITH. The exhibition “Chocomoo EXHIBITION -OUR SECRET PARTY- Supported by WITH HARAJUKU” will be held at HARAJUKU HALL.
ComChocomoo from Kyoto, who draws pop and creative works in monotone. He is an active illustrator who has been active in Japan and abroad, such as collaborating with apparel brands and companies and providing art to artists, and gaining popularity mainly among women in their teens and 20s.
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■ Chocomoo Profile
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An illustrator from Kyoto.
The feature is that all original works are drawn in monotone in POP. He offers works to various artists, including collaborations with apparel brands and companies overseas, including Japan.
He is also active in a wide range of scenes, including participating in art shows in Japan and overseas.

■ Chocomoo Interview
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“I love drawing since I was a child, and I drew in notebooks and sketchbooks. When I first traveled to New York, I drew in a park like a picture diary. I asked the uncle who runs the gallery and said, “Would you like to exhibit at home?”
う ち One of the works exhibited a buyer, and one of the works exhibited. “The picture was sold for the first time. The picture that was drawn by a” normal person “who was not an artist was sold. It was about $ 30, but I was still very happy.” Inspired by his encounter in New York, Chocomoo begins his career as an illustrator.
と こ ろ I was posting my picture on my blog or SNS, and sometimes I got a message from a singer / songwriter who saw my work. In that connection, I worked on tour goods production and album illustrations. In recent years, he has collaborated with Italy’s leading car brand FIAT, working on car design for only 100 units, and selling vinyl umbrellas with illustrations at FamilyMart nationwide. The range of work is expanding.
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“When I make a work, I often put positive words. I hope people who see my work will be fine.”
一 つ One of the features of her illustrations is that most of them are drawn in monotone. When asked why he was particular about monotone, Chocomoo said, “I was doing calligraphy from elementary school to high school, and I was really attracted to drawing in black. That ’s why it ’s shiny, and I think that ’s the effect. ”
Born and raised in Kyoto and touching traditional Japanese culture for a long time may have influenced his style.
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展示 This exhibition is the largest exhibition in Chocomoo history. I am in the process of reviewing the contents of the exhibition while making a new work. “I want to evolve my own coloration. I hope that people who come to see me will be stimulated with new things I am aiming for something like that. ”
The title of OUR SECRET PARTY is “My solo exhibition, but I want everyone to enjoy it like a party. And I think there is a new discovery that I can not understand unless I come there, so I named it Secret.”
Finally, when asked about their future dreams and goals, Chocomoo said, “I will continue to do what I can, but I want to send it out to a lot of children. I’m glad I’m coloring in this picture, and I’d like to try something for children. And I painted the car, so I’d like to do a bigger plane next time! ” He spoke with a smile.
文 Interview, text = Naho May, photo = Daikokuya Ryan Shobo
■ Exhibition Overview
[Exhibition Name] Chocomoo EXHIBITION -OUR SECRET PARTY- Supported by WITH HARAJUKU
[Date] Thursday, August 20, 2020-Monday, September 28, 2020
[Place] WITH HARAJUKU HALL (1-14-30 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) * Under construction
[Exhibition Official Website] [Spot video]
* Please be sure to write “Video Editing: Yu Yu” when posting this video. [Inquiry] Sunrise Promotion Tokyo 0570-00-3337 (weekdays 12: 00-18: 00)

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