First hotel in Japan Fairtrade cotton towels made in Japan, introduced in all guest rooms using Hungarian mother white goose feather

Tachihi Hospitality Management Co., Ltd.
First hotel in Japan Fairtrade cotton towels made in Japan, Hungarian mother white goose feather futon introduced in all guest rooms High-end room Solano Suite will introduce King of Down “Eider Down” and “SORANO HOTEL” high-quality, environmentally-friendly amenity Scheduled to open in Tachikawa, Tokyo on May 12, 2020 (Tuesday) ………………………………………………………………………
SORANO HOTEL (Management: Tachihi Hospitality Management Co., Ltd., Representative Director: Masamichi Murayama), which is scheduled to open in Tachikawa, Tokyo on May 12, 2020 (Tuesday), is keen to aim for a new hotel that is not bound by the conventional framework. I am preparing to open a business. With the concept of being well-being and being healthy for both mind and body, we are studying the equipment and amenities to be introduced with high quality and emphasis on the environment, but this time it is the first Japanese-made fair trade at a hotel in Japan Cotton towels and feather futons made of Hungarian mother white goose of the highest quality in Japan are introduced in all guest rooms. All are the introduction of high-quality items that cannot be easily realized by others.
[The first hotel in Japan to use Japanese-made Fair Trade certified cotton towels in all guest rooms]
The room towels introduced by Solano Hotel are hotman’s “* 1 second towel”, which boasts outstanding water absorbency, and use Fairtrade certified cotton. It is made using a proprietary manufacturing method that maximizes the potential of cotton without using chemicals such as chemicals and water-absorbing agents.
High quality towels that are gentle on hair and skin, safe and secure, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
[Image 1

ManHotman is a professional manufacturer of well-established towels with a history of over 150 years in Ome, Tokyo. In support of Fair Trade’s activities aimed at improving the lives and independence of developing countries, the company manufactures and sells Japan-made Fair Trade cotton towels, which became Japan’s first international Fair Trade certified in 2014. The company can perform all production processes in-house and manage raw materials in a tightly controlled manner, thus meeting the strict international fair trade standards.マ ン Hotman’s Fair Trade products are made from high quality Fair Trade certified cotton grown in Senegal. Senegal cotton is a beautiful, white, glossy cotton that is hand-picked with little damage to the fiber and has strength suitable for towel products.
* For “1 second towel”: see [Feather futon made from Hungarian mother white goose]
Sorano Hotel will introduce feather futons made from Hungarian mother white goose (* down power 440dp) in all (80) rooms except the highest class Solano Suite (1 room). We deliver high-quality specifications to all rooms that are rarely found in ordinary hotels.
[Image 2

Feathers have a clear rank, and their quality and function depend on the type of waterfowl (goose or duck), breeding period, and climate of the breeding area. Among them, Hungarian mother white goose is said to be of the highest quality. Its distribution volume is declining worldwide, and its value is increasing.
The products of Fuji Shinko Co., Ltd., which we decided to introduce this time, guarantee complete quality assurance and traceability that products purchased directly in Hungary are washed at our own factory using rich Mt. Fuji water. . * The down power of the feather to be introduced is the highest quality according to the Japan Feather Product Cooperative standard of “Premium Gold Label” of 440dp or more. * Down power (dp) is the volume of the feathers in the duvet in terms of volume per gram. Naturally, the better the feathers, the larger the bulges and the higher the insulation.
[Highest feather futon, Icelandic Eiderdown]
SORANO HOTEL Introduced to the highest class room, “Sorano Suite” [Image 3d49159-6-299686-4.jpg

[Image 4d49159-6-129759-5.jpg
ダ Northern Iceland, on the rugged coastline, Ida Duck is covered with very good downs to maintain a high body temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius from severe cold. It has a very long barb and a small curl at the end, and it is intertwined to form a large fluffy down ball.
Aider Duck uses its feathers to protect your important eggs and chicks from the cold. At the time of spawning, the parent bird pulls down from its own chest with a beak and places it in the nest without gaps, making it a material for heat insulation and heat retention. The nests that the chicks no longer need to nest are collected directly by hand from the nests that are no longer needed.
In Iceland, about 3,000 kg of eiderdown is collected annually, depending on the weather. You need 60 to 80 nests to collect 1 kg of down.
Eiderdown is such a wonderful feather that you can fully enjoy the precious, wild strength and nature’s tenderness. SORANO HOTEL will introduce King of Down, its rarity value and exceptional quality Eiderdown in the highest class Solano Suite.
The concept of the hotel is “well-being”-a healthy mind and body It is scheduled to open on May 12, 2020 (Tuesday) in the new green block “GREEN SPRINGS” currently under development in Tachikawa, Tokyo. All 81 rooms are over 52 square meters in size, with balconies and park views. Its largest feature is its spacious, high-quality guest rooms, and the 11th floor on the top floor is equipped with an infinity pool with a total length of about 60m, and uses its own excavated hot spring water. In addition, there are facilities for well-being, such as indoor spa of warm bathing facilities, nano mist sauna with attractive sauna experience, and gym studio with new personal training “conditioning”.

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