WingArc1st Co., Ltd. “WingPark1st (WingArc1st BMX Freestyle Park)” opens, which is the “world’s first” BMX freestyle park that analyzes the movement of BMX riders.

Wing Arc 1st Co., Ltd.
“WingPark1st (WingArc1st BMX Freestyle Park)” opens, “the world’s first” BMX freestyle park that analyzes data of BMX rider movements -Applying the data utilization technology and know-how possessed by WingArc 1st-At the launch event commemorating the opening, Ryumu Nakamura demonstrated BMX performance and demonstrated data analysis- ………………………………………………………………………
WingArc 1st Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Jun Tanaka) will launch a BMX freestyle park “WingPark1st (WingArc1st BMX Freestyle Park)” in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 More open. To commemorate this, a presentation was held. [Image 1d53341-1-988894-0.png
WingArc 1st is a pioneer in the industry that provides software and services that support corporate data utilization. We support the business reform of more than 20,000 companies, and have the No. 1 (* 1) share in Japan in each market in reporting tools, data aggregation, analysis and visualization tools. In addition, we hope to apply this know-how to the sports field and contribute to the development of sports and the growth of athletes. We are continuously implementing initiatives to improve performance.
度 This time, WingArc 1st has opened “WingPark1st (WingArc1st BMX Freestyle Park)” to develop the sports industry and improve the performance of Nakamura players. This park is the world’s first BMX freestyle-only park that installs sensors and cameras that monitor BMX rider’s moving objects in the park and enables simple analysis of the data acquired at the park to enable performance analysis. .
* 1: Mick Keizai Kenkyusho Co., Ltd., “Competition Survey for Form Design and Operation Products, 2019 Edition” (Change in shipment amount by form operation product vendor)
■ Rinyu Nakamura riding at the “WingPark1st” Open Presentation 発 表 On Wednesday, January 22, 2020, we held a presentation to commemorate the opening at WingPark1st. On the day, Ryumu Nakamura appeared, demonstrating the riding performance of BMX and analysis using sensors and cameras that monitor moving objects.
Looking at the actual data analysis screen, Nakamura said, “The height and speed of the jump are displayed numerically, making them easy to understand.” He said, “The park is big and if you get used to it, you will feel like a foreign park. I’m looking forward to the upcoming tournament.”
[Image 2d53341-1-586345-4.png
■ About WingPark1st
● Opening background of “WingPark1st”
In recent years, the BMX competition population has increased as an urban sport, but there is still a problem that there are still few BMX training facilities nationwide. To help solve this problem, WingArc 1st, which has the philosophy of Data Empowerment that maximizes human performance, has decided to open the BMX Freestyle Park “WingPark 1st” and opened it.
[Image 3d53341-1-899202-3.jpg
● “The world’s first” BMX freestyle park that analyzes data of BMX rider movement
パ ー ク This park is the world’s first BMX freestyle-only park that utilizes the technology and know-how of wing arc’s 1st data
utilization. A sensor and camera that monitor the BMX rider’s moving body are placed in the park, and the data acquired at the park is visualized in a simple form, enabling performance analysis. Going forward, we will continue to implement environmental initiatives and support that can make use of data in sports.
● Concluded a sponsorship contract with Ryumu Nakamura. Support for improving competitive performance
In June 2018, WingArc 1st signed a sponsorship affiliation contract with BMX freestyle rider, Ryumu Nakamura, to provide continuous support for improving competitive performance. With the opening of this park, we will use the data not only for physical athletic performance during training but also for mental and conditioning aspects to support the activities of Ryumu Nakamura and other sports athletes. We will continue to support you.
■ Overview of “WingPark1st (WingArc1st BMX Freestyle Park)”
● Name: WingPark1st (WingArc1st BMX Freestyle Park) / Uji, Kyoto
● Site URL:
■ About Wing Arc 1st
・ Company name: Wing Ark 1st Co., Ltd.
・ Representative: Jun Tanaka, President
・ Founding: March 2004
・ Location: Roppongi Grand Tower, 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6235 ・ Business description: Form business, business intelligence business ・ Web Site:

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