Oami Co., Ltd. “Wonder Festival 2020 Winter” AmiAmi Exhibits many figure makers at the largest booth in hist ory! “Amiko Reversible Tote Bag” will be distributed free of charge ♪

Oami Corporation
“Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter]” AmiAmi’s largest booth in history, many figure makers exhibited! “Amiko reversible tote bag” will be distributed free of charge ♪
AniGift, APEX, EVA GLOBAL, NUVIS, Ani Maru! , Alter, Flare, TOHO animation STORE, Lyunos, amiami, AmiAmi × AMAKUNI, Pleiades …… ………………………………………………………………………
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Oami Co., Ltd. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President, Natsuki Kanasaka), which operates the hobby shop AmiAmi, is a figure event to be held on Sunday, February 9, 2020 [Wonder Festival 2020 Winter (Venue: Makuhari Messe)] We will exhibit at
■ Attention point
AmiAmi is the largest booth ever in history! Many original figures of amiami original products, figure makers and brands are on display! Speech Translator “Startalk” AmiAmi Limited Set Design Released !! You can also try out the trial experience.
Large figures can be easily transported ♪ Cute and convenient “ Amiko reversible tote bag ” free distribution!!
On the way back from one festival, customers who visit AmiAmi Akihabara 2 stores will receive an “ Amiko can badge ” with “ Amiko Reversible Tote Bag ” ♪
The popular hobby industry character set event “Hobi Kos” is also held this time!
AmiAmi WF2020 Winter 1. “AmiAmi” has the largest booth ever! Many samples of figure makers and brands, including amiami original products, are on display!
“AmiAmi” will be exhibited at the Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter], a major event for modeling and figures that attracts the attention of the world. “AmiAmi” has the largest booth area ever. We will display the latest samples of many hobby makers and brands, including the latest samples of original figures of our own brand “amiami”. [Image 2

■ Manufacturers and brands to be displayed:
AniGift / APEX / EVA GLOBAL / NUVIS / Ani Maru! / Alter / Flare / TOHO animation STORE / Lyunos / amiami / AmiAmi x AMAKUNI / Pleiades (* In no particular order. There will be other exhibits.)
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★ In “amiami”, fans will also be able to see the latest figures and samples of familiar titles フ ィ ギ ュ ア!
AmiAmi WF2020 Winter 2 .: “Startalk” AmiAmi Limited Set Design Released !! “Startalk” is a speech translator currently scheduled for release in April 2020. The collaboration model of the popular character “Hatsune Miku” and the popular virtual talent “Kizuna Ai” will also be released, but the design used in the collaboration model “AmiAmi Limited Set” will be released for the first time at the AmiAmi booth. “Hatsune Miku Version” features newly drawn illustrations, and “Kizuna Ai Version” features a limited set original pose.
At the venue, in addition to the design exhibition, a trial experience using samples will be prepared. Please try it at the venue.
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Art by KEI (C) Crypton Future Media, INC. Www.piapro.net
(C) Kizuna AI
AmiAmi WF2020 Winter 3: Large figures can be carried easily ♪ Free distribution of cute “ Amiko Reversible Tote Bag ” which is convenient for everyday use!
[Image 5

[Image 6

At the AmiAmi booth, we will distribute “Amiko reversible tote bags” that carry large figures easily. The size is a large bag of “width 53cm x length 36cm x bottom width 15cm”.
The surface is designed using the “Amiko Illustration” of Dr. Ryo and Chaen Cha, but when you flip the reversible bag, it turns into a “simple” Amiko “design!
Please use Amiko reversible tote bag for everyday shopping etc. ♪ [Image 7

[Image 8

[Image 9

[Image 10

★ “Mika Chi Minase” who will take care of Amiko cosplay. We had you cooperate with bag introduction photography. (@chika_minase) ★ Large size 53cm x 36cm x 15cm width at bottom !!
* “Amiko Reversible Tote Bag” is a free distribution item. There are no acquisition conditions such as purchase benefits.
* We will distribute “up to one person” so that it can be used by as many people as possible. Thank you for your understanding.
* Quantity is limited. Please note that distribution will end as soon as it is gone.
AmiAmi WF2020 Winter 4:
Guests who come to the store with “Amiko bag” on the way back from one festival will receive “Amiko can badge” ♪
[Image 11

1. Please show the “Amiko Reversible Tote Bag” distributed at the venue to the staff at the AmiAmi store.
2. “Amiko can badge” will be given as a bonus!
3. When handing out the benefits, a part of the “tag” attached to the bag will be cut with scissors etc. as proof of receipt.
[Image 12

* All can badges are of the same design as the distribution of the AmiAmi booth at “One Festival 2018 [Summer]”.
* The same specifications as at the time, one random gift from 8 types. * As soon as there are no more benefits, it may end without waiting for the deadline. Please understand beforehand.
■ Period: February 9 (Sun)-February 29 (Sat) 2020
■ Implementation store:
・ AmiAmi Akihabara Radio Hall
・ AmiAmi Akihabara 2nd
【store information】
[Image 13

AmiAmi Akihabara Radio Hall
Address: 4F, ​​Akihabara Radio Hall, 1-15-16 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Access: 0 minutes on foot from JR Akihabara Station Denkigai Exit Business hours: 10:00 to 20:00 (Open all year round)
AmiAmi Akihabara 2nd
Address: 1-11-5 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Super Building 3F / 4F Access: 4 minutes on foot from JR Akihabara Station Denkigai Exit Business hours: 11: 00-21: 00 (Open all year round)
* Purchase hours are from 11:30 to 21:00. We accept purchase acceptance on 4F. https://www.amiami.jp/top/page/t/store.html
AmiAmi WF2020 Winter 5 .:
The popular hobby industry character gathering event “Hobi Kos” is held! [Image 14

“Hobi Kos” is an event project where hobby-related companies and group original characters gather.
The largest number of 12 hobby-related companies and organizations participated. The number of participating characters is “13
characters”, the largest ever. Illustrations of the 13 characters participating in this hobby costume will be posted on the wall of the “AmiAmi” booth.
■ Event name: “Hobi Kos”
■ List of supporting companies and organizations (in no particular order): Oami Co., Ltd. (AmiAmi), Qingdao Bunka Kyoiku Co., Ltd., God Hand Co., Ltd., Azone International Co., Ltd., Bell Fine Co., Ltd., Wonder Festival Executive Committee (Kaiyodo Co., Ltd.), Tomytec Co., Ltd. (Takara Co., Ltd.) Exhibited at Tommy Booth), Max Factory Co., Ltd. (Exhibited at WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU !! 31), PM Office A Co., Ltd., Gaia Notes Co., Ltd., AK-GARDEN Preparatory Party, Monthly Model Graphics
■ Hobby character cosplayers will hold a “Hobi Kos photo session”! [Image 15

It is the image of “Hobby Kos” last time.
[Image 16

It is a popular project that many people participate in the photo session every time.
From 15:00, at the “AmiAmi” booth, a “Hobby Kos photo session” will be held where cosplayers dressed in the costumes of Hobikos participating characters will gather together. (* The characters participating in the photo session are part of the Hobikos Participating Characters. Please note that the cosplays of all characters are not collected.) ☆ Participating cosplayer name / Twitter account ☆ (in no particular order) Minase Chika / @chika_minase
Mushroom / @kinoko_shion
Uta-chan / @chihara_ala
May Uh / @nawisicca
Koyomi / @ coyomi_43
Nayu Kurachi / @nayupettan
Tojo Sayako / @saya_paca
Sena / @senanana_cos
Masked 13 / @ the_masked13
* Participating cosplayers may change without notice due to various circumstances. Please understand beforehand.
★ Please send the photographed image to SNS at “# Hobikos”. May each official account RT?
■ Using newly drawn illustrations
“ Hobby Cos Acrylic Figure Collection 2020 winter ” released! [Image 17

This time, as a first attempt at Hobikos, a new illustration was drawn down by AmiAmi with all participating characters as Chibi characters. On the day of the event, we will release the first Hobikos goods, “Hobikos Acrylic Figure Collection 2020winter,” using 13 Chibi character illustrations.
Do you always feel like a hobby event venue if you decorate a cute “Hobi Kos” character?
■ Product name: “Hobby Kos Acrylic Figure Collection 2020winter”
■ Event sales price: 500 yen (tax included)
■ The number of kinds: All 13 kinds
* BOX with 13 pieces (event sales price: 6,500 yen (tax included)) will also be released at the same time
■ Sales event:
Held on Sunday, February 9, 2020 [Wonder Festival 2020 Winter] Sold at AmiAmi booth (No.2-04).
-Held on Sunday, February 9, 2020 [Wonder Festival 2020 Winter] This is an acrylic figure of a cute Chibi character with 13 characters participating in the event project “Hobi Kos” at the venue.
・ All illustrations are newly drawn by AmiAmi.
・ 13 character acrylic figures are randomly enclosed collection items. ・ 13 characters BOX released at the same time has all characters. ★ If you purchase a box of 13 at the venue, you will receive a “Hobi Kos Display Sheet (made of paper)” as a bonus.
[Image 18d25615-86-746746-11.jpg
Collect and decorate hobby cosplayers! If you pass a ball chain etc. through the hole at the top of the acrylic figure, you can enjoy hanging it in a bag etc. ♪

* A ball chain is not included with the product.
* This product may be sold at a later date on the mail order site AmiAmi. Please understand beforehand.
* Hobby Costs information will also be sent on Twitter “Amiko Account” and “AmiAmi Hobby News”.
■ AmiAmi Hobby News
■ Twitter Amiko Account
■ AmiAmi Shopping Site
(C) Oh-ami Inc./(C) AOSHIMA BUNKA KYOZAI Co, .Ltd. All rights reserved./(C)Project NIPAKO / (C) CCT / AZONE / (C) Rin-chan Executive Committee / (C) KAIYODO, Mizutama Keinojo, KIYOHIKO AZUMA / YOTUBA SUTAZIO 2019 (C) 2019 Wonder Festival Project Office All Rights Reserved./(C)TOMYTEC/(C)MAX FACTORY / (C) PMOA / PLUM / (C) 2020 Gaianotes inc.All Rights Reserved./(C)2020 AK-GARDEN All Rights Reserved./(C)bowieknife/ARTBOX

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