SEGA Games Co., Ltd. “Chain Chronicle 3” x TV animation “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T” Collaboration even t starts today!

SEGA Games Inc.
“Chain Chronicle 3” x TV anime “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T”
Collaboration event starts today! よ う Let’s get SSR “Misaka Sister” through quests and missions limited to collaboration!
A collaboration commemorative Twitter campaign will be held where the gorgeous voice actor signature colored paper will hit!
A collaboration event of the popular multi-chain scenario RPG “Chain Chronicle 3” for smartphones and the popular TV anime “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T” will be held today from Thursday, January 23.
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In this collaboration event, there will be a collaboration festival where collaborative characters such as SSR “Mikoto Misaka”, SSR “Eat Bee Operation Prayer”, SSR “Kuroko Shirai”, SR “Nanamiko Saten”, SR “Hatsuharu Orikari”, etc. Held!
In addition, there will be quests where you can enjoy original collaboration scenarios, and by participating in various collaboration events that appear during the collaboration period, including this quest, you will reach the limit with SSR “ Misaka Sister ” as a friend Is possible!
In addition, you can get exclusive weapons for quests and missions exclusive to collaboration events.
In the battle, collaboration characters become 3D characters and make a big success! The collaboration characters are all collaboration originals with newly recorded voices.
On the collaboration special page, the introduction PV full of collaboration videos and the collaboration CM videos currently being broadcast are being released, so please watch them.
In addition, in commemoration of the collaboration, a campaign was launched in which the gorgeous voice actors signed Shikishi of the TV animation “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T” was launched. Do not miss this!
▼ TV anime “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T” x “Chain Chronicle 3” collaboration special page is here!
■ “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T” Collaboration Twitter Campaign! Period: January 23 (Thu) 11:00-February 4 (Tue) 10:59
During the period, follow the official Twitter of the CHENQRO (@PirikaChro) and retweet, and you will receive a luxury prize by lottery from those who participated!
Winners will be announced via DM from the official account of the Chainro account, so please be sure to keep your follow-up until the end of the campaign.
▼ Prizes
・ The role of “Mikoto Misaka” Rina Sato Signed Shikishi … 1 person ・ The role of “Kuroko Shirai” Satomi Arai’s autographed colored paper … 1 person
・ The role of “Misaka sister” Nozomi Sasaki’s autographed colored paper …… 1 person
・ The role of “Peeing operation prayer” The role of Anmi Asakura’s signature Shikishi …… 1 person
・ The role of “Nanamiko Saten” Kanae Ito’s signature Shikishi …… One person ・ The role of “Spring decoration” Aio Toyosaki signed Shikishi … 1 person -What is “A Certain Scientific Railgun T”-
A huge city spread in western Tokyo with a total population of 2.3 million. Because students account for about 80% of the population, the city called the “Gakuen City” was developing the power to twist the laws of the world and cause paranormal phenomena-superpowers. Students who have acquired a special class curriculum and gained abilities are evaluated on a six-point scale from “incompetent (level 0)” to “super abilities (level 5)” through regular physical
examinations (system scans) Have been.
At the top of the list, the seven most powerful people are called the strongest. One of them, Mikoto Misaka.
A 14-year-old girl who goes to the prestigious young lady school and Tokiwadai junior high school, she is a top-ranked person who can freely manipulate electricity and is a top performer and has a nickname of “Railgun” Middle school students.
A junior, Kuroko Shirai of Judgment Committee. Her colleague, Akari Haruki, who longs for a young lady, and her friend, Namiko Saten, who loves urban legends.
A once-a-year major event was approaching the peaceful, mediocre, and slightly unusual school city everyday life with such friends. “Oha Star Festival”. A huge athletic festival held over seven days, in which talented people fought hard at the school level. During the period, a part of the school city was open to the public, and everyone was uplifting before the lively event that was being broadcast to the whole world. Things that wriggle behind the glamorous stage are not noticed at all.
■ TV anime “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T” official site:
(C) 2018 Kazuma Kamaike / Motoru Fuyukawa / KADOKAWA / PROJECT-RAILGUN T -What is “Chain Chronicle 3”-
Real royal road RPG that can be enjoyed on smartphones.
An exhilarating tower defense battle with one-touch hits.
An overwhelming volume scenario that was also animated.
Encounter with more than 800 characters creates a different
“adventure” for each player.
-Overview of Chain Chronicle 3-
Name: Chain Chronicle 3
Genre: Multi-chain scenario RPG
App Store URL: Google Play URL: Price: Basic free (item charge)
Manufacturer: SEGA Games
Copyright notation: (C) SEGA
■ Official site:
■ Members site:
■ Official Twitter: @PirikaChro
[Image 2d5397-3117-433003-1.jpg
■ Company names and product names described are registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.

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